Topknot's Functional Spear. Close Up Video Out In The Sun. 03/03/2013


such detail! 

Wow just wow!

What else can I add that has not already been said. 

Congrats on an amazing build!


Hi! I really like your work, I'm a big fan. I want to make a similar spear for myself. I would like to ask for help to implement the mechanism. Unfortunately, nothing is available on old links. The first member is rolled out of the rack. How does the final join the intermediate? Thank you very much for helping me! Hi! Congratulations on your work!



I think this will work for the planetary gear. I will be getting one as time and money allows. My initial build will be using the above item to drive a pully that will retract high tensile strength fishing line, which will be counterbalanced by some springs I managed to source that is all residing in some pvc pipes I will be hacking to pieces to get this all working.