Topknot's Functional Spear. Close Up Video Out In The Sun. 03/03/2013


Super slick man the new sculpt is totally sweet . I know all about getting tired of working on the same piece , you dread looking at it but still wanting to see it done . My feet are my enemy right now . LOL keep up the excellent work my friend.
So, I have actually been doing things. I got a couple more layers of the weathering on and I finished cabling it up.
Here is the video most of you have been waiting for. The hand grip is still not quite done but here is the full function.
It moves pretty quick although I was shooting for  a little faster movement. I am done tinkering this is as good as it gets---
for now.


Awesome Jeff! Simply amazing what you have done with this. I love watching you build just blows me away!

Here was my surprise ending. I ended up frying the led's on the other half of the grip,don't ask, but here is the half I didn't screw up. By the way blue led's go for $2.49 a piece at Radio Shack. I just found them on Ebay for $9 bucks for 100. 100! How the hell does that work. As soon as those arrive I will finish this .





There is a second switch that will go right next to the one you see. They will be linked together with a small
bar to hide them and so I can turn them on and off at the same time. Why you ask, because I decided to
install an on/off switch for the motor and I wanted an led to show when it was on or off. With out an on/off switch someone could
accidentally  push the toggle and out goes the spear possibly hurting someone. Because the motor
runs on a toggle and the power is cut to that toggle on either side by a limit switch I couldn't just place an led in the
line as it would turn  off as the spear reaches either end of the movement. So I use two switches linked together,
one to the spear and one to the led's. I slide the bar that turns of or off both switches. Why is everything so complicated?




I am amazed at the little technical things that you have done here. As BonzRus did with the bio-- its these things that set the builds  oceans apart for averything else.  I dont have a technical mind when it comes to these things , I am more organic if you will.  I have good ideas, just not sure how to implement them. Guess I need to hire you guys as consultants!!

Anyhow, cant wait to see the finial thing finished and running. Will be awesome im sure.  Great Job my friend.
Got the double switch done this afternoon.

First I had to make this little wire union so I could work on the grip off the spear

The switches mounted and the bar dremeled


And finally painted.


That's all I can do until my led's come in. I am once again at a stall. The absolute only thing left is installing
the led's on the other half of the grip and bolting it together. It's very very close now. 
Hey Spats it looks like it will weigh in at a whopping 7.5 pounds. It can't be made any lighter. I only have metal where I need it. If it had metal blades it would be darn close to being real. 


Wow man, that looks soooo nice!  Love the lights and the movement and the... hell, I like the whole thing!!!  As with all your builds, you have really outdone yourself!



That thing is rediculously awesome. You did what many of us were looking to do. If I get the time, I'm going to try and make one like it. Nicely stepped out for us.