"Topknots Gauntlet"

Here are a few pics of the 6 bladed gauntlet. Thought people might like to see it. Buy the way it is very fast in and out.
I will put some better pics up soon, as I took it apart to do the finish work on the blades. Buy the way, the whole thing weighs right at four pounds with batteries.






hmhm.....................OVER KILLLLLLLLLLL
but thats a good thing B)

Sounds to me like SOMEONE'S A BIT JEALOUS!!!

hehehe...J/K HOBBES!!! Although I think it's also slightly OVERKILL too!

But seriously... Where else can you get huge respect by figuring out how many possible ways there are for someone to poke a few more holes in those around 'em?!? ;)


LOL... who cares if it WORKS? Just leave the blades sticking out everywhere and let that thing just LOOK badass. And if it works, that's even better! Nice job.
It does work. When i get the blades back on I'll try to get a video up. Once the blades are on I will be doing an impression of it in alginate so I will have a plaster duplicate to sculpt the housing on.


Nice job, Alpha!
The housing on top is going to be humungous, ain't it? Nifty idea on the rear blades, comes in handy for dispatching those attacking from the rear---a rearward swing of the elbow I should think. Any chance you can shoot a video of this bad boy opening and closing for us to see?
Hey Carl thanks for the response. I'm going to leave the top edge of the middle blade showing as part of the housing, so the housing won't be very tall. The outside edge will be a little wider than usual to cover the dagger but I think it will all come together and look just right. We will see.


lol that would make an amusing fan vid... "Preator vs Predator"

Standard 2 blade gaunt comes out.... 2'nd pred follows.. waits a few seconds.. then releases another 4 blades... lol thats pretty sweet man ^^ More ways to rip people apart =D