Tracking Syringe."complted" 11/21/08

Discussion in 'Predator Props' started by ONE END, Sep 29, 2008.

  1. ONE END

    ONE END Blooded

    ..... Updated... Sale Thread

    Took the progression pics out accidentally when I went through my Photobucket account and cleaned it up... OOPS! should have read that warning better "if you delete these pics you may FUCK up any links you have to them".... Yeah I'm a smart one...

    Then I went through and deleted my post's because this thread looked lame with blank Photobucket labels... I'm not to excited to redo them so just took them out.

    So here's pics of what I made "concept art and actual prop used in AVPR move"
    "This is concept art not my work"
    This is the actual prop used in movie AVPR"

    And here's What I made...
    "First pull"










  2. Nagash

    Nagash Blooded

    Yes wso far so good. Its really smooth, looking great.
  3. wow you should have been doing this long ago nice man
  4. darkpred

    darkpred Blooded

    Absolultely fantastic, I would buy one of these. That sculpt looks amazing, detail is outstanding and looks really clean. Great work. :D
  5. nighthunter

    nighthunter Blooded

    fantastic Work ! Another Guy with Talent :D can´t wait to see it finish
  6. Paintninja

    Paintninja Blooded

    Wow! Great sculpt, looks fantastic! Excellent work!
    Can't wait to see to finished article! :D
  7. carlart

    carlart Hunter

    Looks really good.
  8. pdisc

    pdisc Elite Hunter

    Looking pretty cool if you ask me.....GREAT DETAIL
  9. Unblooded

    Unblooded Blooded

    HOLY CRAP MAN!!!!!!!!! that thing turned out KNOW im gonna have to get me one
  10. Well put. You turned out to have some really great talent. Im jelious
  11. delonghi

    delonghi Blooded

    very cool , nice work :D
  12. RoguePredator

    RoguePredator Blooded

    WOW. very Impressive!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. keefer

    keefer Hunter

    Lookin awesome!!!! SO wheres it at now?!?!?!?!
  14. ONEYE

    ONEYE Blooded

    Impressive. You are really talented. Cool to see!
  15. the elder

    the elder Blooded

    hello my friend

    very very great work
  16. the elder

    the elder Blooded

    the dread are superb

    thank you


  17. xdmray

    xdmray Elite Hunter

    really nice job on the detail of the controls, One End. Looks really clean. what's your plans for the vial?
  18. xdmray

    xdmray Elite Hunter

    damn, what happened?
  19. darkpred

    darkpred Blooded

    sorry to here this, but you are very talented! Sell some of your displays and start again, you can't waste your natural talent.
  20. Unblooded

    Unblooded Blooded

    Glad to see you started you know what to expect so maybe the new sculpt will be better than the last one...all things happen for a reason right???
  21. ahhhhhhhhhhh shit. that sux. I can get you some small testubes from the hospital they very in sizes but You would eant ones like 3 to 4 inces long. just let me know
  22. Unblooded

    Unblooded Blooded

    Unfortunately the work has screeched to a halt for the moment, need $$$ to get the rest of my Backer Rod (the 1/4 & 1/2"). I have been trying to get the design for my GFs armor done, but its proving harder than I thought. I hope to get over there on Monday so we can work on heat gunning the dreds I DO have done (40 of 88), & I'll probably pick up the bucket plastic from you so I can start drawing the patterns for my armor (well if we dont get it done while im there...LOL). Keep checking my threads for updates, cuz I am lock myself in my room this weekend & finish the GFs armor design...

    Mark II is lookin good so far...gonna be better than the original

  23. Blade Carbonics

    Blade Carbonics Blooded

    Great work, what the hell is it?
  24. its the thing pred jabes himself with when he gets hurt like medicine
  25. Dogmeat52x

    Dogmeat52x Unblooded

    Actually it's the Tracking Syringe that he slams into the liquid the Facehuggers are bein' transported in, in AVP2 and then puts the liquid into his own suit so he can track the paths of the facehuggers, throughout the rest of the film.
    Just my $.02 Hope I'm correct.

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