Trying It MacGuyver's Way


Hi all im new here to your great site it rocks and some fantastic works of art to be seen well for my first attempt i thought id try it MacGuyver's way and if i could get it even close to it i would be well happy well heres a few snaps of my MacGuyver's Bio started this afternoon






Thanks, im flattered that u decided to try out my method! :p

Looks to me like UR on the right path!
Just a tip on mesh 4 ya :) , i tried that same thing w/ that type of thick metal mesh (forming it into the basic ending bio's shape) but i learned it worked best to keep that thicker mesh no more than 1/4" to 1/2" at most, away from the outside of the helmet & only use it as little of it as possible (MESH NOTE: its purpose is only to give the foam something better to grip & attach to the outer shell of the helmet!).
Otherwise, it just became a pain when cutting & shaving away the cured foam to form the Bio shape. I found out the foam was much stronger than i thought it was gonna be once it had fully cured, so it was easier to just use the cured foam to create whatever shape of Bio i'd wanted it to become, rather than to keep cutting dozens of tiny sharp metal barbs off when shaping & sanding later. Trust me...i got more than enough tiny razor-like cuts all over my hands & fingers from that thick metal mesh!

U may also want to try using aluminum WIREFORM brand modelers meshing. Its way easier to bend & shape
( :) hint: I used this same type of mesh, but w/ the smallest gap holes for my lenses)

Ok, thats all 4 now! Looking forward to seeing how it progress' 4 ya!!! If u need any more help along the way, Im here 4 ya! :p


Hi all just an update to my foam bio well it seems to be taking shape and its not as dificult as i first thought but the good thing is if you mess it up just spray over and start again lol. Also am having great trouble trying to get Backer Rod over here in the U.K. read all the other topics and all leads to know ware well here are a few pics of my progress so far.





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