Trying Some Face-Off Techniques


Since my suit is going to be a one off suit, I dont want to go thru all the expense and time of making a mold and pouring it out of latex. I was watching Face Off a couple of weeks ago and saw this technique, and I think it will work fine for what I am planning--

The artist laid out a large slab of clay and sculpted the negative of what they wanted on it-- then they just painted layers of latex on it and when it was dry, they simply peeled it off of the clay and wrapped it around the torso of the model to create the suit.

Now I am going to get a bit more detailed and actually make a template of my torso , lay it on the clay and then sculpt the details in those boundaries.  When it is complete and I have it in either silicone or latex, I will just peel it off and attach it to my suit which I have on a mannequin. What is cool  is that you can stretch it a bit to tweak it.

I did a sample piece yesterday and it turned out pretty good-- (forgive the colors, I just used a magic marker to see the details)
It actually stretches nicely and looks pretty good as well.

anyhow, here are the pics of the sample piece





Elite Hunter
Clay dont even have to go as big as that ..if you try the wrapping technique, you will run into creasing problems. Dont go by what you see on face off ..they arent showing you a damn thing about fabrication ..they dont fabricate their own suits.. Trust me friends with more then a dozen past contestants ..Gage from season one works for me.

Use small patten pieces can use barge if you are going latex ( shinitsu caulking if you are using silicone) to adhere the sections to your body suit. then use cabo-patch between the areas of each piece. You can use a sculpting tool to continue the the patten in the patch ( the same will work by mixing cabosil with shinitsu for a silicone patch) smooth the latex cabo-patch with water...smooth the silicone patch with Naptha

i'll pm you my phone number if you have questions and want me to walk you through this ...i have done this technique on full creature suits