U.S. History Project for School


So, my history teacher comes up to me yesterday, and gives me the layout for our final project. Now, this being an art school (and I use that term loosely) he pretty much gave me free reign on what to do. You know - pictures, illustrations, paintings, etc. etc. The parameters were that it has to be a "history of something." Like, the history of war, movies, sci-fi, what-not. So this just opens up the flood gates. I start getting all kinds of crazy-ass ideas about what to do. Ofcourse I want it to be a series of graphite illustrations, and I got to thinking. What better way to kind of poke fun at myself and to make this project entertaining (95% of the work I get is not stuff I want to do), than to draw the Predator throughout human history. Although, I am limited to the history of the United States; but seeing as how we're really good at war, I figure the Predator would fit right in.

Now, my idea is to try and illustrate the Predator through our history. I've always been a fan of the idea that they've always been here - but remained invisible. I want to try and pull this off without just putting the Predator "in" the drawings, but to try and make each piece a bit dramatic: various poses and extreme lights and darks. Something I don't do too often.

We've got about six-weeks to work on the project, and I think that's more than enough time to try and pull this off. Now, I wanted to get some feedback from some of you guys/gals about this. Does it sound too fan-boyish for a school project? My teacher was very clear about just doing whatever, so long as it's associated with "history." I would imagine that most of my classmates almost expect me to do something related to the Predator. So I figured why not, and I'd rock out on it. I would put a lot of effort into authenticity, and accuracy of the many different uniforms.

One thing that I'm torn on, is that I don't know if I want to keep it strictly Anytime, or use other Predators from the various movies. What do you guys think?

I'll be uploading the finished pieces into the Gallery. I think that they're will be... maybe nine of them when I'm done. I would love to hear some of your ideas, too!


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I say, go for it, the "history of war, movies, sci-fi" when combined fits the Predator to a T

And use all of the Preds, Anytime, Urban Hunter, AVP guys, Wolf ;)

now you got me thinking on which of these guys would go in what part of our history....



I wish I had your art teacher when I was in school, Rob. My final project was a crappy Ash-tray made out of Clay ;) I got a C+ on it and was lucky to get that. I hope you do well man, I've seen the close-ups you've done and they're phoenominal so take your time & let those creative juices flow. I can't wait to see what kind of Illustrations you come up with.

Best of luck man.
I'd be careful here. Your interpretation is "as long as it's to do with history". Now, the Predator is not in our history as such, not as an actual being, thus placing him in a historically inspired setting would still be fantasy. My advice is ask the teacher. Wouldn't want to see you get fucked over semantics.

On the subject as such: Great. Awesome, fuckin' A, gorgeous. Very much looking forward to this if you're going with it. Fun part here is finding iconic scenes/settings/moments in (real) history that are instantaneously recognizable and playing it like the Predator was the decisive momentum.

Personally and very much with regards to my own chosen Predator, I'd like to see you do something with Vikings for one scenery; but a Predator in the Coliseum in ancient Rome also sounds appealing; btw, has anyone ever done a piece on Predators as ... samurai? Just thinking out loud here... ;)

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If you cant really have the predator have him cloaked in the background just faintly outlined so the teacher would really have to look to find it.


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don't laugh rob but i actually thought about a series of images of preds thoughtout history ...not just US history but world history...since they are drawn to conflict and heat

as for the US history having the preds witness,columbus arriving on the shores on plymoth or the spaniards meeting the mayans...

during the revolutionary war, the spanish american war, a pred at the alamo would be cherry ;) the civil war.

a pred standing on a hilltop overlooking hiroshima,

a pred semi cloaked behind neil armstrong would be cool..

just throwing some ideas out there,...it's a very interesting project.

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This is exactly the kind of thing I try to do when I get projects. I try to find ways to interpret what I have been told to do into a way that I can put my own interests into it. This is a really good idea. My first thoughts was maybe you could do the predators history, like incorporate the whole Mayan thing when they first found earth, like the flash back in AVP. Also, amybe even when their culture was just exapanding, when they began to explore new worlds, first time they encountered the xenos? That would be awesome. Then I read the other posts above, about putting the preda into our history. Like what kithunter said, having the preds witness to important points in our history, thats a cool idea. And tommynator1024 saying about a pred in the colluseum, haha, that would be great too!


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*sniff sniff* I think I smell Scott's suit coming into play here.

Scott's suit was BASED off Robs drawings.

Rob, anytime would be awesome, BUT i am leaning towards the LOST HUNTERS, I think it maybe just funboyism on my part, but id love to see them kicking ass.

i am sure it will be filled with awesomeness anyway. ;)


I know, I dug back into the forums past & saw it Lee ;) Kinda why I shared it. Another user made a good post that I agree with, Rob. Ask your teacher if it's ok first, I did something like that in School & it was about Who made a good & respectable role model, I picked Ozzy Osbourne & the teacher didn't mention it couldn't be a celebrity.


I'd be careful here. Your interpretation is "as long as it's to do with history". Now, the Predator is not in our history as such, not as an actual being, thus placing him in a historically inspired setting would still be fantasy. My advice is ask the teacher. Wouldn't want to see you get fucked over semantics.

Oh definately, I totally agree. I was thinking about the Predator as soon as he said "history" and "illustrations," but I hadn't planned on actually doing it. That is, until he gave me an example - a girl last quarter did the history of vampires. Yup... vampires. Got a good grade on it supposedly. Not my thing personally, but I am thinking about including a fictional alien hunter into my drawings; so I can't really talk. Heh.

I am going to ask if I can broaden my subject matter globally. Instead of just focusing on conflicts here in the States, I want to expand a bit towards WWI, WWII, etc. I don't know for sure if he'll gofor it; but I REALLY want to get started on this.

Although, I would like to include one or two of the Samurai's... so hopefully, he'll go for it. I'm either gonna email him, or talk about it next week in class. Fingers crossed at the knuckle. Been a while since I've been this excited about a project.



Seeing the lost hunters would be sweet, and maybe you could include some period trophies on the preds? I don't know how far back you're allowed to go...Columbus discovering the new world? Or those pesky colonists throwing a tea party? All the way back to Columbus would give you some nice scope to incorporate various 'historical' preds. ;)


Pretty good topic to do in school Rob, good luck.

Not to sound all "nutty", but there is a big mystery about Area 51. It could very well be Predator related right there. You could do an observation of events like Hez and Kit said...the founding of the nation to the revolutionary and civil wars all the way through the Hiroshima-from an observation point in the aspect that the Predator wanted to understand us, how we think and act.

There isn't that much difference between the US and a Predator. In the 20th century, The US is basically a war driven nation and the Predator is drawn by conflict.

Then shortly after WWII we had the space race. At this point, still observing in efforts to understand us. Then 1969 and the Roswell crash happened. You could pin it as the Predator crashed. Now we are studying them like they are studying us. We make efforts to understand their technology and the Predator themselves. From this point, the Predator still observes us...but not for basic observation of how we act, but how we act and what we do with their technology. Given the usage of how a country utilizes alien technology may lead a way to understand the nation better without direct confrontation.

Just my thoughts.

Good luck Rob, and have fun!


this is an epic project for school i hope i get somthing like that next year in my art class

as soon as i read it these sprang to mind

predator at the JFK assasination

predator at roswell new mexico

predator in the civil war

wild west predator

predator in ww2

just some idears if u dont use them (which you probably wont) i thing i might do a couple