UFC 71 UFC fans \m/


Dunno how many of you watch UFC or Pride fighting but im a huge fan. Anyone catch chuck Lidell's asswhooping by Rampage!!! ahaha I won 300 bucks on that fight :) Lidell needs to focus on something else besides his sloppy ass right hand if he expects to win more fights. But hell I like him alot better than Tito anyday. UFC needs to stop messing with Pride fighters heh. Rampage owns


I wanted to see him get beat for the second time...chuck that is.Rampage did put it down that night.
I like chuck too,but it's about time someone gave him some real competition. :)


I'm a big UFC fan. Been a fan since UFC 1, way back when.
Gutted Chuck lost to Rampage. This year truly has been the year of the upset victory.
We've had Matt Hughes lose, Cro Cop, Silvia and now Liddel to name but a few.

UFC 72 isn't as stacked as I would have liked, but it shoud be good. Hopefuly Rich Franklin can get a victory and my boy Forest Griffin whoops some ass in Ireland.