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supa troop

Are their any members living in the UK with full Pred costumes that would like to take part in a Fanfilm starting later this year.

if so get in touch.

we have a professional film maker on board so this wont be any Mickey Mouse cartoon film.

We have a script, Location and crew. we are just starting costumes for the other characters in the movie so all thats left is a couple of Live Preds

supa troop

I really dont want to go into to much detail here as i came up with a story line for another Pred Cross over Fanfilm the idea was stolen and i was pushed out of the equation :)


This is definately going ahead and we hope to start filming July/August time, its another cross over Fanfilm and should be very cool.

Rather than an actual Story, Begining, Middle and End we plan to do this along the same lines as Grayson, Worlds Finest which as you probably know are based around an extended Preview however with time constraints and funding this may well end up a Full blown story.

We have a Semi-pro film crew lined up and we are currently deciding on 3 locations.

The actual Time and Dates all depends on the film crew they are very busy doing a Roman Epic Fan film at the moment


I would certainly hope to have my Pred fully sorted come July/August time, as long as filming doesn't clash with DragonCon



I'm hoping to have my full AVP suit done but mid summer.

I'm the guy who sculpted the Celtic Bio as you will probably know.

(UKG Steve Hird)


Hi Im a Uk Member
I am still new But hopefully with help from some of you guys in the Uk Ill become a Costuming member

supa troop


sorry for the lack of details on this project (please read my top post) However

i have just been given some great news, i have secured some major funding for this project and the guys who will be filming this for me work freelance for the BBC and have access to all the Mod cons to turn this from a good fan film into a great fan film.

Im currently working on (subject to budget) some kind of expenses although i cannot promise anything my hope is just to be involved will be enough.

We currently have 2 locations in Mind One is Sheffield the Other Birmingham.

We are palnning on having 2 cameras filming at the same time from 2 different angles this is primarily to cut down on Location time and also maximise covering all angles.

Im not going to give away the story line so please dont ask but the hope is to have a 26 minute all action Film we have decided against the extended Preview idea and are going ahead with the full story idea.

the Storyboard is all but sorted the script is constantly being tweaked and we are yet to finalise on the location, filming hopefully will start mid year subject to the film crew's availabilty as they are still filming the Roman Fan film

as the weeks go by ill keep updating thanks for your patience