UPDATED: Introducing my FEMALE PREDATOR costume - Noora Nevalainen Cosplay

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  1. NooraNeva

    NooraNeva Unblooded

    UPDATED: New photos and costume parts!!

    Update 17.2.2016: Added two new photos with predator-like contact lenses~

    Update 24.5.2015: Created new armor parts for this build from Worbla. Leg armor + lower torso armor! Also had a huge wrestle with a xenomorph, photos below!


    Hi! Decided finally to join fellow Predatorians here. :)

    This is my first Predator build, designed and created by me (and with the help of my dad on some parts).
    The costume is all HANDMADE except the leggings and shoes I wear. I made the mask using upholstery foam, liquid latex and acrylic paints. Most of the leather parts are made by my dear dad, all leather is real second hand leather. Animal skull is a dog skull I found from a forest, and collar bones are ordinary chicken bones. So I basically scraped everything up from used materials, and bought only the necessity glues, liquid latexes and paints as new. No latex parts from moulds used!

    As a background tidbit, I'm a small 158 cm ( 5 ft 2 in) Predator, but with heels I get to be more intimidating~

    Feel free to check my Cosplay page for more photos at Noora Cosplay https://www.facebook.com/NooraNevalainenCosplay !

    Any thoughts and comments are welcome <3

    DSC_4089_mod.jpg DSC_4154.jpg DSC_4024.jpg






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  2. guannihkoute

    guannihkoute Unblooded

    That is AWESOME :D Can't really believe the mask is made of upholstery foam, it looks amazing!
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    BATIMAN Blooded

    WOW amazing :eek:

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  4. I've seen this build floating around the net. Always thought it was cool. Good work.
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  5. Maniak

    Maniak Blooded

    Wow this looks pretty cool...
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  6. spgfx

    spgfx Hunter

    Great build. I really like the leather. Armor is cool but this it something special with a totally different look. The mask is AMAZING - upholstery foam ?!!? What are the hands made from. Do you have any more pics ? Love to see some in process.
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  7. Lowdmekon

    Lowdmekon Hunter

    Great work, yeah deffo need more pics please
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  8. Rha Grioto

    Rha Grioto Young Blood

    Ive seen this all over FB for a long time. It is hands down my favourite female predator I've ever seen. Amazing work!!
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  9. sevenstar75

    sevenstar75 Hunter

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  10. kithunter

    kithunter Elite Hunter

    on a scale of one to 10...that is a SCREW THE SCALE build!!!...awesome
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  11. DMTDeadpool

    DMTDeadpool Blooded

    Very awesome build!
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  12. Art Andrews

    Art Andrews Community Owner

    REALLY AWESOME and great shots!
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  13. CoolleKotten

    CoolleKotten Hunter

    Been a fan of this suit on DeviantArt for a while now, nice to see you here too. :) Really like the leatherwork and the necklace/trophy.
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  14. NooraNeva

    NooraNeva Unblooded

    Thank you! :) I think upholstery foam is sooo multipurpose stuff, the things you can use it on are limitless..!
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  15. NooraNeva

    NooraNeva Unblooded

    Thank you! I still try to make it better after these years :'D
  16. NooraNeva

    NooraNeva Unblooded

    Thank you! <3 Hands are just fabric gloves that I painted on with acrylics. And glued the nails on. It's too bad I never took enough process photos of this! I'll add one that shows the mask in process.
  17. spgfx

    spgfx Hunter

    Amazing - you made the ultimate Fem Pred even better. Everything works so perfect together. It's so different from the norm. I LOVE IT.
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  18. Eng

    Eng Unblooded

    Nice work!!
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  19. Rodewaryer

    Rodewaryer Young Blood

    Uh...the leather, the leggings, the MASK, the dreads...everything looks exquisite. Kudos on a great suit and fun pictures!
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  20. Apex

    Apex Unblooded

    That is dope AF!! And I feel so nerdy saying this but it's kind of... Hot
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  21. Dilly986

    Dilly986 Unblooded

    It´s great but...I don´t think she needs that type of shoes, she needs feets like regular male predator to be exellent. Great work anyway... lot of work and love. Very nice! :)
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  22. spgfx

    spgfx Hunter

    I bet to differ. This female pred. has SO MUCH going for it. Number one is that it all fits from head to toe even the shoes fit. The details are amazing both in construction and execution. From the netting on one side, the snake skin body suit and the leather work.

    As you can tell I'm a hugh fan of this one. I can easily say THIS IS THE BEST FEMALE PRED I HAVE SEEN and Noora knows how to use it.

    You have to share the latest pic of you in the chair ! WOW.
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  23. HAL1138

    HAL1138 Blooded

    I never realized that head was made out upholstery foam!!!! I am floored at your skills.....BRAVO!!!!
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  24. Isubomo

    Isubomo Hunter

    B-E-A-Utiful! :D Master craft right there :)
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  25. Rodewaryer

    Rodewaryer Young Blood

    I hate to say it but someone made a good point, and NO, I am not a foot fetish type but why have I not seen a female suit with feet, they all have....shoes. This is in no way aimed at NooraNeva as I have already noted how awesome that suit is but women just don't seem to be able to let go of shoes....
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