UPDATED: Introducing my FEMALE PREDATOR costume - Noora Nevalainen Cosplay

Discussion in 'General Predator Discussion' started by NooraNeva, Mar 5, 2015.

  1. HAL1138

    HAL1138 Blooded

    Wrong Rodewaryer!!!!!!!........Baby Predator's a girl and she has preddy feet.... And I'm sure you've seen her! LOL
    But seriously..... I've seen other female builds that have the bare foot look. Guess you missed them. ;)

    Personally, I didn't even notice that much..... that shin armor caught all my attention..... wicked cool!!!
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  2. PredatrHuntr

    PredatrHuntr Veteran Hunter

    That's one beautiful looking female Pred suit!
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  3. Wreav

    Wreav Community Staff

  4. Rodewaryer

    Rodewaryer Young Blood

    I 'stand' corrected, I have been a victim of circumstance I suppose. Nice to see I was wrong...
  5. YautjaKShai

    YautjaKShai Hunter

    This is amazing!! WOW on every level!!
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  6. Mr Fett

    Mr Fett Elite Hunter

    Cool design. I dig it.
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  7. NooraNeva

    NooraNeva Unblooded

    Thank you for your comment! I would LOVE to make regular ''real predator'' feet but the biggest problem is my height. I'm really a short woman (158 cm /5 ft 2 inchs) and not having high heels would ruin the proportions of the costume; the head would get even bigger and well, thick short legs. So far I've felt cool having the extra 17 cm/ 6,7 inches by using those shoes. :)
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  8. NooraNeva

    NooraNeva Unblooded

    Thank you for your support! <3
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  9. NooraNeva

    NooraNeva Unblooded

    Haha, women really love high heels! Like I replied on the other comment, I resulted to use high heel shoes because of my short body. :) Without them I would be a miniature predator!
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  10. Wreav

    Wreav Community Staff

    Noora i'm glad you've returned please continue to inspire those strong women who can one day too become an amazing hunter/costumer ect like you :) With Predator feet, I was thinking that they did have heels with like a blade at the heel.. would love to see someone figure this out XD
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  11. NooraNeva

    NooraNeva Unblooded

    Thank you for your kind words! If I could make shoes (like a real shoemaker) I would definitely make a pair of those. Or a xenomorph-tail as the heel!
    I'm sorry I haven't been really active here, but I have never stopped being a northern huntress ;)
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  12. Wreav

    Wreav Community Staff

    "Stick around" - Arnold.
    Northern Huntress needed. In fact we welcome the masses of huntresses just hiding in their lairs.
    I have only recently emerged from my cave to attend a con in 3 days time.

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  13. Rodewaryer

    Rodewaryer Young Blood

    Well it would be very hard to get the effect you're looking for with Pred feet to be sure. However, (and there are exceptions) but most females dig the big guys, right? And most guys dig the small ladies. I find under-tallness (ahem) in the ladies synonymous with adorable. Since we have a bit of an issue being the actual height of the Pred's we are representing, everything being relative who's to say there isn't a significant size difference in the sexes? I'd hate to see a bird of prey or insect thing (dimorphic I think it is) going on where the female Pred's are actually bigger, oh hell no.
  14. Draggindrew

    Draggindrew Unblooded

    Very, Very Nice!!!!!(y)
  15. TigerClaw

    TigerClaw Unblooded

    Yeah, no joke. That is incredible work. I used a similar foam material for my Davy Jones hand tentacles and octopus head. Didn't use latex as a skin coat tho. Wasn't familiar with working with the material.

    An alternative "To any would be creative minds" is using 3M's Foam Fast 74 (Orange) Spray Adhesive. It coats the foam really good and provides a (reasonably) flexible skin ready for painting. It would be idea for this form of application as well as foam armor. Just keep in mind that the paint needs to be semi-flexible as well. If your not a pro you can get by with fabric based paints.

  16. TigerClaw

    TigerClaw Unblooded

    Almost forgot...

    Use a soldering iron as well to help smooth out the cut areas etc.. It takes practice, but going this route is affordable and "quite fun" for new creative minds...

  17. Spikepredatorv

    Spikepredatorv Unblooded

    Can I ask, how long did it take you to make your amazing, wonderfully awesome costume?
  18. Huntress

    Huntress Blooded

    What contact lenses are you using?

    NAVPRED Unblooded

    One of the best...period! Male or female!! Well done!! WOW!!!!
  20. Ritualhunter

    Ritualhunter Unblooded

    Got to say that looks completely amazing I love how it looks with the leather
  21. Pestvic

    Pestvic Blooded

    This is the third upholstery foam mask I've seen (mine being second) but yours blows my out of the park. What did you use for paint?
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  22. Shogun

    Shogun Blooded

    Rodewaryer VERY true ! but you must admit that this female Yautja is pretty sexy huh?.......and i am not a fetish type of male either...... I so do love my freedom into a relationship and love to respect the freedom of my companion.... :D
  23. Gigahorse

    Gigahorse Unblooded

    Astonishing build – just amazing!

    yeah we can't! ..I'm 5 foot so I just couldn't say no to a little boost when I made mine

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