UPDATED: Pepakura Files


BlackDog hey mist Black Yautja! PEPAKURA VIEWER 3 here is the place where you need to download the little software and then print it with a normal Printer..but only ONE thing .... you will need pepakura special paper in order to achieve a good pepakura result .... :D hope it helps you my friend
Shogun! cheers mate!...SO, I take it, you print these as "patterns" and you can put them together to make the item "form"?


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When i'm not too busy i'll have a look through some of my pep files and try to find some of the alien files.


Hey Jmen! Thanks for the link mate! however, I can't get anything to download on that site. I use the download link next tot the share and it takes me to a 60 Second countdown for the file. The 60 never counts down and no file. What am I missing ? thanks again for the link brother!
I can sent to email, no probl. But its work, i checked it.


Am I doing something wrong here?? All of the download links are saying "invalid link"?