Allright, hellou there iam newbie as u may know:)
Ive readed lot of posts and sites about costume making, about sculpting and molding, and i have a litlle mess right now in my mind from that.
So step by step please:

I want first to make bio helmet, so then.
I would need dummy of life size head.
To this head i would start to applyl clay. Its importent if it is clay or oil based clay?
Ok now iam lill confused, when ive added clay and shaped it to the shape of desired predator bio helmet, now please tell me what is next.
I have this clay bio helmet, next steps to complete bio helmet please?

I have some options like
I would buy mask from someone that is unpainted, i would add desired details, desired colors and so on until mask is finished.
Or another option is to make mask bymyself.
I would better stick for start with first option and i would bought some unpainted mask and i would work with this.
After i would make my details on the mask, what is next step?
I mean before coloring.
After coloring i need to add some permawet to make wet look of predator mask right?
AFter that is mask probably finished if i understand it clearly.

Allright, ive decided to buy muscle suit of some superhero.
It is good idea to put this muscle base to the spandex-lycra elastic jumpsuit?
If yes next step should be covering this predator muscle suit with latex to make skin effect?
How many layers of what i should add to this muscle suit before painting?
When this suit with muscles is painted, i should add that permawet stuff right?
Then it should be finished.

Allright, can give me some good ideas how to make hands with nails, with that predator looking surfrace, also same on feets.
Should i add muscle parts on hands too?

Ok, can i make resistable armor with this procedure?:
I have some base that would hold clay that i would shaping to the desired shape of armor.
Then when clay is dry, what kind of materials i should add to the dryed clay to complete armor before painting?
If there is any other option how to make resistable durable predator armor, i would appreciate to know that please.

I want and i need to start and i need to know how to do it, according to this step by step proccess i should not have any problem to make my predator costume
Also i think this could be usefull for any beginners because it would contains all informations for pred. costume in one topic.


Ok! You say you have the clay Bio all sculpted and you want to know what to do next. Well here's what I do. Other members here go about it in a different way but the principal is the same.

1- Get some tubes of clear silicone, the type used in kitchens and bathrooms. Apply a thin layer of silicone all over your clay sculpt you get into all the detail and rid of all the air bubbles. Then leave to cure. You can speed this process up by having a spray bottle filled with water and spraying a mist over the silicone once it's applied. Then once it's cured. (time varies) Go mad. Squeeze the silicone onto your sculpt thickly and smooth over, no more than 5mm thick or it will take ages to cure even with misting. Once again leave to cure, preferably over night. Then repeat, until you have built up your silicone mold to a thickness of 20mm and once again leave to cure. This process will take 2 to 3 days.

2- Next you need to apply a plaster jacket. I use dental plaster for this which works fine others use ultra-cal. Even plaster of paris works well if you reinforce it using plaster bandage (the stuff used when you break an arm or leg) basically whatever you can get hold of. The plaster jacket needs to be quite thick and strong so apply it thickly 40mm or so and leave to dry out fully before stage 3.

3- Ok now you can remove the clay. Do this carefully, especially if the clay has started to dry out. Once you have removed all the clay get rid of any residue left on the silicone with water and a soft cloth and again leave to dry. Once dry dust the inside of the mold with baby powder or talcum powder (just a light covering to act as a release agent) And you are ready for stage 4

4- You have options here, and again it's a case of what you can get. Some people use Fibreglass. Some use casting resin, and some people use a combination of both. Personally I use Bitrex 2 part casting resin which is specifically designed for slush casting. It's a 1:1 mix ratio and cures in 10 mins with a release time of 20 mins. I have no idea if you can get this where you are. If you choose to use Fibreglass BE CAREFUL!! The stuff is nasty so take the right safey precautions. Casting is a seperate tutorial in itself so I'll leave my explanation there.

Good luck and I hope this has helped.
Cheers :rolleyes: