USPS "Lost" Packages or stolen?

Discussion in 'Off-Topic Talk' started by Uratz, Mar 5, 2011.

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    OK Here's what happened

    xdmray and I decided to trade items with each other.
    xdmray Mailed his package first.... I mailed mine later and xdmray received it.
    To date I still havent gotten mine.

    USPS Tracking info says...


    So How does one lose a BIG BOX package?

    While it is no fault to the sender or receiver I can only blame the irresponsible postal workers (no offense to anyone on the Lair who works from them)
    I still think someone saw whats inside and decided to take it home. We know based on the fact that the item was collected and the package tracking was recorded.
    It did not go to the next stage which is to be processed by another facility to send the packages out which means it was STOLEN "Lost"

    Daman you should file a complaint and demand your money back. You lost something
    and they should refund your shipping fee at least since technically they didn't do *.

    I feel very sorry for Daman who have to make another item of his expense when the USPS should be paying for the damages. This is an injustice!

    IN the meantime I will place a Lost Ad and if anyone see the helmet call the number below. For your convienience I've made tear away tags.


  2. NeoKazama

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    Sometimes that happens bro, if the usps tracking still says that the package has been accepted at the post office or has been at the same state/city or in your case customs, is because in some cases the people handling the packages do not scan them, so you dont get apdated of where it is.
    When did he sent the package to you ?
    What kinda of mail service did he use to send it, priority mail, parcel? parcel takes a sweet sweet sweet time to arrive.

    I hope you get your good soon buddy.
  3. Marcel

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    Ive had that same message even up to the day they deliver, no internet updates at all still says the same when delivered . Some items they have taken 3 weeks to get to me so I if it is around that time I wouldnt panic yet bro
  4. Darth Pinhead

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    Yeah, had the same issues but the package has finally arrived, so don't give up hope just yet. In fact, I would almost wager that since you made this post, it will be delivered today,
  5. xdmray

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    well it's been a month. i mailed it on Feb 3rd. it has never taken this long to ship to china. the USPS people tell me once it leaves the states there's no real way to track, because other countries use dif tracking number etc... it was insured so i will be stopping by the post office today.

    if it's on that * island, we're never gonna see it. that * polar bear probably ate it.
  6. Darth Pinhead

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    It's being recast, as we type...
  7. A Hunters Moon

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    I had something similar happen to me. We had two large packages coming to us. They contained five large plastic moving boxes each. Usps tracking confirmed they were delivered to us but we never saw them. We waited, we contacted usps, they never showed up. I could have sworn I had seen a couple packages on a neighbors front steps days before but didn't think much of it. Just in case I dropped by but saw nothing outside of the home. I knocked on the door to ask if they had seen them but she was taking her time to answer. I darted my eyes around the room and I'll be damned if they hadn't completely torn the packages apart to see what was inside. Setting in a far corner of their living room were ten brand new plastic moving boxes. They never had any intention of telling us they had them. This was made pretty clear when I said in shock, "That's it, right there!" she just froze. I pushed my way in and took them back.

    You just never know when someone close to you is being an *. Double check your neighbors and friends. Do some foot work because usps had not intention of helping us.
  8. Estelle

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    I agree with the others in that there’s a good possibility that your package is in transit and just isn’t being either scanned or no one is bothering to post updates on its progress to you.

    I went through something quite similar with ‘Fuzzy Hunter’. A few weeks had gone by after the seller had received full payment and I started to check the tracking number the seller provided via online.

    I got the message from USPS that “…. the originating post was preparing to ship the parcel”. I waited another week before trying once more…the same message.

    I decided to check with the ‘origination post’ which is in Spain and their site clearly shows- with dates and times - that ‘Fuzzy Hunter’ had been sent to America. So Once more I contact USPS and they say the same thing… “…. the originating post was preparing to ship the parcel”.

    I contact the seller and together we ‘investigate’ and find that ‘Fuzzy Hunter’ was being held by US customs for reasons of Air security. Why the USPS didn’t know this or didn’t bother to tell me IDK.

    But anyway, a few more weeks pass. I check the USPS site and get the same ‘…origination post’ B.S.

    So one day I’m outside and the Mail carrier pulls up with a big box..It’s Fuzzy Hunter! I say to her “This is my package from Spain right !?” …She says “I have no idea were it’s from.” I’m like wtf! It’s you freaking job to know..No wonder people have such hard time shipping and receiving with USPS!
  9. ThreeStarsLoki

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    Don't give up yet. You may still get it. I worked as a CSR for Victoria's Secret Direct for a long time and can tell you first hand sometimes the tracking information is shoddy, especially with the USPS. UPS was usually on the ball and a lot more helpful and knowledgeable when it came to being responsible for their inventory. Postal service, not so much.

    A Hunter's Moon - That SUX!! Wtf is wrong with people. You should have casually mentioned on the way out the door that going through other people's mail is considered a federal offense. Did a lot of "lost"/"stolen" package claims too. Some of them the special handling team and UPS investigation would catch red-handed. Not everyone gets away with it. Good to know you were able to reclaim what was rightfully yours. * neighbors. Take them off your Christmas cookie list. Hmph.
  10. Uratz

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    Wow. Thanks for all the advice. The problem is I used 2 tracking system thats WITHIN China, which are EMS and the Local Postal service.
    Both confirmed that they have never received any package with that info. I'm hoping that USPS is just taking their sweet * time.

    Another thing is Daman had the good intention of sending it via First Class which should arrive in 10 Days. I've shipped to 4 continents using EMS
    and so far had no problems or any delays either except when someone doesn't receive the package then it bounces back.

    I'll keep waiting..... Sigh!
  11. Elkman

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    I've found that one way to avoid neighbors "intercepting" my packages is to have them delivered to my office. I don't always trust my local postal delivery people, because they tend to screw up and deliver stuff to the wrong address. I've received mail for the two houses on either side of me, a house one block north of me, a house one block east of me, and even one letter for a completely different address. If I get something delivered to my work address, it's very unlikely that it'll be delivered to the "neighbors" or that someone else will pick it up.

    As far as USPS versus UPS, my brother worked at UPS once, and he told me horror stories about how packages are mishandled or dropped, and how they sort through packages really quickly so they can make their quotas. He also told me that they had to be really careful with packages from an animal husbandry lab because if they dropped a package of bull *, the place would smell really bad for several days.
  12. munson

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    I had a similar issue happen to me. I sent xdmray a mask and he sent me a half mask. I received the half mask from him in the allotted time it stated, and I tracked it to my house. When I sent him a mask, it got all the way to Colorado Springs and turned around and was shipped back to me. I was curious as to what's going on and I contacted the usps [well, my mother is a supervisor so I asked her] and she stated that they probably read it wrong and read the "Sender" address and shipped it back to me. The caught the problem in their Philadelphia branch and sent it back to xdmray. It unfortunately took a long time but did get there.

    Was the Nolan Helmet insured?
  13. Uratz

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    Well luckily i live in an apartment complex and its only 2 room floor and my next door neighbor is an Old lady who hates my guts for spray painting and poisoning her from time to time with fumes.
    Occasionally she's nice enough to hold some of my packages.
  14. lflank

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    Years ago I had a neighbor who sometimes liked to help himself to my packages when I wasn't home. Since I was doing reptile rescue at the time and always had a dozen or so snakes and lizards in the house, I occasionally ordered large quantities of frozen mice and rats as reptile food. One day one of my shipments was "intercepted". My light-fingered neighbor must have lost his lunch upon seeing a box full of rodentcicles, because the box showed up, opened, on my porch the next morning, and my packages stopped disappearing.

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