Usurper Wolf & Custom Paint Up W/ W.i.p. Bodysuit,armour And Weapons

Discussion in 'Predator Costumes' started by mikeincan, May 30, 2011.

  1. mikeincan

    mikeincan Blooded

    what do you guys think? does the body suit need to be painted? i have armour that will be going over top a good portion of it. here are some pics and vid of my double barrel plasma-caster. points? critiques?





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  2. TehEl1te

    TehEl1te Blooded

    BUUUUUUUUUUUFF. Yeah I certainly would paint it :)
  3. mikeincan

    mikeincan Blooded

    yeah it looks good to me as is, but i know if i paint it, the colours will not stick out as much as the mask thanks again lee (usurper) for the great job, and of course brandon from flex design for the suit awesome. after talking to neokazama he said the samething and well he would be one to know for sure how well the colours would look since he does do an amazing job on the other suits i have seen on here.
  4. Tutank

    Tutank Blooded

    Can you put latex over it than paint it?
  5. mikeincan

    mikeincan Blooded

    That is what I am thinking I have a full set if skins I have been trying to sell but noone seems to want them so if that is the case I was thinking of cutting it up using it for texture in places that will be visible. But I want to save the suit so in case I want to do something else for Halloween do not want to start gluing things onto the suit.
  6. NeoKazama

    NeoKazama Hunter

    Mike, thanks for the kind words.

    About the suit, Tweikarikna (Spencer) used the same type of skin suit that you have, I believe MeanGene83 (Gene) painted for the NYCC '10 he could probably give you an idea on how good are this suit for painting. I don't think he coverred on latex but just paint it over it. Again give him a shout, im sure he will be able to help you.

    This is a pic of Spencer's suit or should I say DJjalles suit.

    Hope you don't mind DJjalles that im posting a pic of you.
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  7. TweiKarikna

    TweiKarikna Blooded

    Wooo that is my ole bad boy. What we did was coat it in latex, we only did a coat. I would do at least 2 coats of latex if your going to paint it. The reason being is, the paint will bleed through just the one lair. Also you have to use some type of cover coat because if you dont or dont use adhesive in your painting the paint will flake off in the areas where it wears off. (Under the arms and between the legs.)

    Its a catch 22 because you want to be flexible in this suit, but you also want a good latex base to go with it too. We used acrylics, but if you have access to inks use those instead.

    Those body suits are the most form fitting things ever. Im using one on my next bat costume. Only down side is the bathroom aspect of that thing, once your locked in it thats it your in it to win it. I won mulstiple contests because how real it looked though. When you breath you see your chest expand in and out and that sells it. Or dont coat it and paint it and see how you like it. that way you can always coat it if you want.
  8. mikeincan

    mikeincan Blooded

    I think I will be going the way I was thinking but didn't want to do it and that is use a set if skins I have been trying to sell use the texture from that paintit it the way I want, that way I can put it anywhere I want on the body suit.And I asked for mine to be made with a zipper in front for the number one calls.:)
  9. Uratz

    Uratz Hunter

    Whats the skin you're trying to sell? Got any pics? I see your using the Flexfoamed muscle suit. how much you paid for it?
  10. mikeincan

    mikeincan Blooded

  11. BradLake

    BradLake Blooded

    wich size is the one youve shown on the picture? lean, standard, super??
  12. mikeincan

    mikeincan Blooded

    Standard with a few modifications he did not have the super or the custom one when I ordered mine but he will make mods to the suit which everyone you pick
  13. mikeincan

    mikeincan Blooded

    added pics and a short vid of my plasma caster. let me know what you guys think.
  14. SilentxXxHunter

    SilentxXxHunter Blooded

    Thats pretty simple and cool.
  15. mikeincan

    mikeincan Blooded

    my hez tracker bio w/ beserker teeth the mouth piece is in the process of being painted now, hope it turns out ok.


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  16. munson

    munson Hunter

    That is an amazing concept and I really really like it! I thinl it would look good with the jawbone without the tusks too. Again...awesome concept.
  17. afedorniak

    afedorniak Blooded

    love the plasma castor vid .where did you get the motor for the gum from?
  18. Double H

    Double H Elite Hunter

    That bio mash up is mad and awesome. Awesome suit as well my friend
  19. mikeincan

    mikeincan Blooded

    here is the bio painted up and the mask finally dreaded up and with the beads thanks to bio hunter for the dreads and bambooie for the beads and of course uratz for the narin style animal beads, and once again lee for the flexiable quills. hope you guys like what i did. sorry have not been paying attention on here the motors came from


    hez bio front.JPG

    hez bio side.JPG


    mask dread.JPG

    mask quills.JPG
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  20. mikeincan

    mikeincan Blooded

    the double barrell plasma caster is in the process of having all the foam bits attached, here is a pick of what it looks like right now.
    plasma caster.JPG

    plasma caster (2).JPG

    plasma caster (3).JPG

    plasma caster (4).JPG
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  21. mikeincan

    mikeincan Blooded

    [sub][sub]can't decide on what kind of gauntlet blade(s) i should use, should i go with the chopper type just one big one and is stationary or should i go with the standard 2 bladed type. and i can possibly make them move back and forth, any ideas?[/sub][/sub]
  22. carss66

    carss66 Hunter

    chopper would be my it is a custom pred go for something different.
  23. mikeincan

    mikeincan Blooded

    Been leaning towards that direction was even thinking of making it extend and retract as it sits on top of the gaunt
  24. mikeincan

    mikeincan Blooded

    here is a pic and vid of uratz gaunt modified by elkman to add a bomb timer.

    gaunt pic.JPG

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  25. chingonaz0

    chingonaz0 Blooded

    THAT! is freaking AWESOME man!
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