Very Nice... want one?


Hey guys,
I got my Fem Pred suit (head and torso) in from BB this week, and this thing is AWESOME... He is adding to the suit piece by piece, so a complete suit is not to far behind. Bob said that if any of the Lair members want one of his items, to drop him a line and he will be glad to provide. He has all several heads, torso and mixed items avail. Anyone who doesn't have his eMail can PM me and I'll pass it along.


yeah bob does awsome work. i tied to contact him several times about his gort bio that he was gonna sell me for less than i ended up buying it from a friend of his off ebay. well unfortunatly he never got back to me and i ended getting a piece of crap casting of it from his bud. but his sculpts speak for them selfs.