Wanting to get started


Hey guys,

I joined the forum at the weekend there, I've been looking through all the suggested reading on the site and it's been great but I'm conscious that there are a lot of options when it comes to making a Predator suit. My personal goal is to have a P1 outfit without a mask and with working mandables.

Scott Marshall's name came up a lot when I looked around and I have to say his stuff really is first class. I send him a message via Facebook but haven't had a response yet. I'd imagine he gets a lot of these requests for making a suit or at least parts of them.

So looking around I can see there are some P1 raw Scott Mashall masks on Ebay etc some with closed mouth and some with open. Before I do anything I have some questions and I hope you good people can assist me with them.

1) Who is Scott Marshall and am I correct in saying that he creates Predator (p1) outfits with masks?
2) Does a mask that is closed / open affect if you can have working mandables on it?
3) Where is the best place to buy a mask from outside of say ebay?
4) Is there anyone else aside from Scott that does that sort of work i.e. making outifts?

I do want to make my own but there are a couple of things that I'd like to get right and have done professionally those are the mask and the body suit (muscle tone).

Any and all advice/guidance is appreciated.

Many thanks