Warpaint's Artwork


Hey folks,

I went back and re-worked this one a bit yesterday. The scaling on the guards just seemed off and I wasn't happy with the Queen's posing and rhythm. I need to refine a lot further before I transfer this to a larger size paper, then I can start to detail and lay down inks.

Not sure if I am still going to keep the throne as prominent as before, I had xeno skulls and a heavy tribal motif adorning the original throne design (think P2 ship trophies); I really dig were it is going now with the new positioning and composition (hence needing more real estate to show the whole scene). I still have a good bit of work ahead, but I wanted to share this journey with you all. Thank you for keeping me motivated and inspired. ;)




Just saw your stuff for the first time. Very cool man. And I'm actually doing a Native American concept for my own pred build.


So, I got an Ipad for Christmas and now I have the ability to make digital art. This is huge for what I want to do. Anwyway, I have been playing with Adobe SketchBook Pro and a cheap stylus trying to get a feel for it all. I was never much of a painter, so the learning curve here is pretty intimidating. I ordered a legit stylus for more technical illustration and design, so once that gets here in a few days, I will be running wide open tyring to get strong on the skillset.

This is just practice for the finished piece - still a long way to go. Any tips or hints on painting digitally are more than welcome.


- Mike


Elite Hunter
Oh my! I agree, the digital art thing is a bit intimidating. While it makes for fast work, it kind of takes away from traditional styles.

I do like where this is going though. Keep it up!