DUDES AND DUDETTES!i got to meet zakk wylde of Black Label Society today at,of all places,at The cheescake factory today!my coworker got a call from his buddy at noon saying that he'd just seen zakk and crew(all members of bls)at the cheesecake just hanging out and having luch casually.they were supposed to be at a local guitar center(the day before)doing a promo for the zakk gibson epiphone,but cancelled w/no reason and no further notice-so i wasnt worried that i missed something that i had no idea about.but today my coworker got the call and told me to hike it up there to get my gibson custom shop zakk wylde signed!so i ran home and headed up there.i got at the front desk and asked if zakk was here.they thought i was talking bout a waiter.i said no,the guy w/a long goateee.he said-oh yeah,hes 2 rows down there.i was flipping out silently.could i really get to meet the legendary zakk all by himself w/noone around pushing to b a fanboy?i arrived perfectly as they were finishing lunch.he was like-whats up bro?i was like-he called me bro?he got up and said it was nice to meet me.i waited,what seemed a lifetime,for him to pay his tab.i asked,w/les paul in hand,if he would sign my guitar.the guitar that ive wanted since i basically started playing guitar.the guitar i thought id never get autographed,let alone meet the man himself!so he opened the case and was really impressed by the care and the low serial no.we chatted 4 bout 10 mins or so while they hunted 4 a sharpie.he gladly sighned it and we(him and i)casually walked out the front door.he paused a sec and said-hold on...here,heres a few picks.take care bro.and hugged me and took off.i know this is a pred forum but i had to share because i know there r a lot of peeps on here that r mad fans of bls and zakk wylde.




Man that's killer bro! Thats like the cherry on top of the icing.Having the man himself sign your signature guitar.
I got to see him when he was still with Ozzy Ozbourne...great show too. Never had that happen to me,but thats cool news
to hear.


I hat you! Him and Dime are the two guys i would love to met and have met. I had to chances to hang with Pantera but they fell through. Myself being from Texas I have a friend from Dallas that knows those guys but, the timing was never right. Zakk rules, RIP Dime.

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Zakk is a cool down to earth type of guy and easy to talk too, I opened up for him back in 99. That Sig will up the value of that guitar now.