Weapon Wall Process/ Lair. Pg13 Alien Marking Finger 19/02/12


carss66 said:
sorry,what i mean is you are looking down on the top of the head,and you look straight at the face so looks like he's been run over with a steamroller lol.just saw your pred signature pic,and the left one looks like what you are going for mate. 
Hey Lee, I think what he is referring to is perspective - as in if you were looking straight on at a Pred face, the dome and crown would have a slight vanishing point as the distance (depth) increases away from the viewer.

Usurper said:
Thanks Guys.

Chris and anyone.

ANY help is awesome,  so please point things out to make it more stoned carved looking.
I think any design or forms carved into rock or the like would have very sweeping and deliberate carving to it. Very specific, strong curves and edges that flow together. IMHO, I would loose the pupils/eyeballs first, and try to "block" the main shapes and features into simpler, defined "carvings". Sort of a stencil design perhaps?


eaglewood said:
I thought it was a Pred Turd at first glance LOL
trying to think of something to say to that, 2 things stopping me, first i may get banned and second i think lee got in there with his comment just nicely.

Lee shame to see you scraped the plaque.