Well that sucked!



I was out in the garage happily painting along on my elder bio when much to my shock I lost controle of the bio. I had the airbrush in one hand and the bio in the other when I lost controle of the bio and started doing that one handed jugle to keep the bio but my left hand that had the airbrush refused to let go of the airbrush and let it fall to the ground so that I could use that hand to help grab onto the bio. I dont know if that was a good thing as the bio actually cost more than the airbrush but all I could think was "dont drop the brush it will ruin the needle" and "damn, think of something quick so you dont drop the bio". Well the bio lost. I could have been worse, the damage is all fixable. It now has a large chip in the rear that I can glue back in and a huge crack along the crown to the back but I can epoxy that. There also a small chip out of one of the side pieces and I cant find the missing part but I will look again tomorrow when its light and easier to look. And thing were going so well today before this.





Much sympathy for ya.

If it had happened to me, I would be swearing up a storm, using all of the derrivatives of the word f**k known to man.

I'd be inconsolable for a few minutes and then move on and fix it.


The Mortal Immortal

I know how you feel. I have had a bio fall of the wall and break into piece. I was not a happy camper, but a little glue and some puddy and it was fixed. I also had my Ruffkintoy gaunts just chip apart. When I put them together the bottom part just split into to pieces. Again a little glue and so paint and they were as good as new. So I know how you feel to spend all that time and money into something and something like that happens.

Moose Matson

Well you can always look at it another way. Your Elder Pred has been in some battles. Theres your Battle Damage!


Wow, free Battle Damage, we charge extra for that around here! Look slike an easy fix though, coulda been worse, you coulda dropped it into a pile of cat hair and lint while it was still tacky. Imagine the work ahead of you then. I am sure you will repair it up all nice like in no time!


Wow, free Battle Damage, we charge extra for that around here!
now that was freakin funny mike...

not funny is the damage caused to the bio... it doesn't look too bad... with some crazy glue and duct tape ...your good to go.

i once dropped a bio on it's crown.... not all the kings horses or all the kings men.