What are you lookin for in a Predator, and a Pred Movie?

Discussion in 'General Predator Discussion' started by LunaticNic, May 17, 2017.

  1. LunaticNic

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    With the rather disappointing set pictures we've gotten from "The Predator", I wanted to start a thread to discuss what We the Fans want in a movie, and the Predator(s) in it.

    So let me start with what I'm personally expecting/looking for.
    Personally I'd like to see the movie explore another time than the current, but certainly don't want the Predator(s) there to fight alongside humans against some greater enemy. Time wise I'd either like to see it going back in human history (similar to Predator Dark Ages) or set further in the future. I'd love to see a Predator hunt some Colonial Marines (or similar soldiers). I believe the motion-tracker would provide a neat dynamic to aid them while the Predator is cloaked, increasing the difficulty of the Hunt. However on the other side I also want to see the Predators technology evolve a bit. It wouldn't make sense to me for humans to advance in technology after a few hundred years, but the Predator is still hunting with the same old wristblades and Plasma caster. Absolutely not saying to do away with them, but to improve them, or to give similar, but obviously better, alternate equipment and weaponry. With the futuristic scenario I'd like to see it happen on an Alien Planet (perhaps being colonized) that might harbor a few of the things that the skulls on City Hunters Trophy wall belonged to. And in the spirit of hunting larger Game I'd also say more powerful weaponry would be sanctioned. Similarly as we wouldn't hunt an Elephant with a .22 caliber pistol.

    Regarding the Predator, I'd like to see some new Armor, however certainly not in the direction of the AvP (or "The Predator") style chest plate covering the whole chest. Regarding the Predators build, I'd say in my opinion Berserkers direction would do it, Wolf seemed a bit to skinny for me. And then regarding the face I'd say the template should be P1, P2, and Wolf, that can always be customized with different colors, and throwing a few scales and spikes here and there.

    So, what are YOU looking for in a movie and the Pred in it?
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  2. Jmen

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    hmm, interesting thoughts you say. Usually in movies (marvel\dc\pred\comics) i dont like to see pictures, spoilers, critics or some other info, wich made by some strange people. i like to see picture few times to understand all the information, see more details and repeat some moments. any way new predator movie is very danger move, because P1, P2 is an iconic movies of this universe (now im not talking about alien) and for most of fans it is very important to see that same level of everything in the new movie. as for me i vant to see more details of pred planet, more history of this creatures. armor, weapon and technology is not so important in this case, but bio masks. If they will make some ugly masks, or they will do them with "too much design" it will be a disaster. P1-P2-Wolf bio masks are perfect classic, but we need to understand need of some new blood in style and desing. Any way - im waiting this movie and hope some of predators will ride a motorcycle! :D:D:D
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  3. LunaticNic

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    I'd like to see more as well, but I'm afraid they would humanize the Predators more. I'm looking for more of a movie Monster not an anti hero. If a compromise must be made 75% Monster 25% anti hero lol
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    TRI LASER Hunter

    I really don't want to see anymore Alien/predator crossovers. I see what you mean about the predators vs the Colonial Marines, but its been done before in the games. Really want to see an all out war set in the future on different planets. Predators against other tough alien races. Ok you can throw some humans in there for good measure i suppose :p
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  5. Wreav

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    What I would want in a movie
    Intro - 1 minute flash back clip to Predators encountering humans in different time periods from feudal china to nazi germany, ww2 etc flash backs of humans encountering predators in the trenches with a clip of the person terrified before being killed. Different Predators from different time and how the armor,design and uniqueness has expanded through the ages. That would be the perfect intro.

    I like the character aspect and how the character approaches things... i also like the action and the possibility of seeing things from a different perspective
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  6. LunaticNic

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    That's something I also might want to see, though I mostly would like to see what a Predator would look like ready for war. As I would Imagine they would use different armor and weaponry for war vs for hunting.
  7. LunaticNic

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    That would be pretty awesome, showing off their evolution alongside ours in weaponry and technology.
  8. Wreav

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    I would want the Predators (clan members) to realize something that as time progressed so has their brutal ways. War changes hunters... etc that would be cool.
  9. Wreav

    Wreav Community Staff

    Wars created the worst of hunters badblood etc so the honourable factions created the jungle hunter code and so on... developing around that.
  10. Isubomo

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    Yautja Prime. Different 'races' of Predators, their evolution, their culture, how that plays on their weapons, armour, etc.. and much, much more.

    Doesn’t matter which time frame, as Predators have been shown through out media to either have a)Long life spans or b)can time travel through space. To be honest, I don't want to see anymore Predator X kills/hunts human X and other humans along the way. I want fight/battle scenes with larger, (not necessarily) deadlier than the xenomorph alien species, or towards other Predator clans. I believe Yautja are intelligent beings, they have individuality and cohesion at the same time, not only as 'monsters', but beings with a whole planet of culture, traditions. Bring that on.

    I love the P1, P2 templates, they will always be favourites, and will always hold a special place in our hearts. But I want to see different faces, different bios, different skin tones, different armours, different weapons, different ways to hunt, and so on.. They're not the Clone Army from Star Wars, and even then, every clone commander tried to 'look different'.

    I also agree with Jmen about the motorcycles. I'm excited and hopeful for this movie, cause, it looks different.
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  11. LunaticNic

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    I agree, I'd also like to see them hunt other things (again especially a few things found on p2s trophy wall) ... I'd also like to see "different faces" however when I say "template" I'm talking general shapes of the head and face. While coloration and patterns should be explored more, I don't see the need for more changes to the face. Humans also only have a certain amount of variation in our facial structures, and between P1, P2 and Wolf there's enough of a mix there in my opinion (plus like I said by adding different textures like horns and scales in different areas they would most certainly not look like a clone army).


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