what do you want to see in a predator movie

jw what do you guys want to see

like what setting

what type of characters (marines army etc)

whate ever you want

sorta like a make up your own story thread
everyones thoughts welcome
I want to see the same thing I want to see in EVERY Predator movie: Predators opening up a can of Whoop A$$! Though I don't like crossovers (except AVP of course), a really done Batman vs. Predator movie, or any opponent with actual fighting skills, really capitilizing and demonstrating the predators true hunting prowess. i thought the Dead End movie showed how this could be done....


I was actually hoping for a movie based on a Predator home planet set in the future, where a shipload of humans crash land (the movie has to have humans unfortunately) in the middle of warring clans and they discover a human based character similar to Machiko among them. That would be some awesome shizzle :)



I was actually hoping for a movie based on a Predator home planet set in the future, where a shipload of humans crash land (the movie has to have humans unfortunately) in the middle of warring clans and they discover a human based character similar to Machiko among them. That would be some awesome shizzle :)

that's sorta the idea i was thinking too!this time humans are on the predators planet.hopefully it will be full of different preds this time and they don't die in the first ten minutes of the flick!better armor,weapons,skin color,etc...


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I'd hate to see their homeplanet. Not because it's not interesting, but I think it kills most of the mystery of the predators. Now, if they were Star Wars characters I'd be interested, but them being these standalone, stonecold killers makes me want them to hide in the dark of our imagination.

I'd love to do more subtle angles and stylish visuals allong with a characterdriven storyline. No direct links to the previous two films though.
how about predators arriving on lv-426 for a hunt,and discovering a team of us coloniel marines on the planet.
the marines are guarding a colony of humans who work for weyland industries.
weyland industires have sucsessfully "hatched" alien specimens.(sucsess finally !!!)
the predators begin to hunt the marines,and so the marines unleash their new biological weapons on the predators.......


the marines believe that the newly trained "safe" alien specimens will help to protect them,and other human survivors........
.....unfortunately,the aliens ar at war with both predators,and humans,..........now the marines must fight for their lives to escape the planet,and the war between aliens & predators...........

(thats my idea for a story...)
further:when the hunting parties spacecraft is shown in flight whilst carrying the hunters to lv-426,there needs to be a scene showing 2 predators piloting the craft.
these 2 pilots need to have armor/helmets resembling the "space-jockey" off the original alien movie.
later,when the hunting partie arrive on lv-426,they need to visit the site of the derelict spacship seen on alien,to pay their respects to the fallen predators who previously piloted the "space jockey" craft.
nice tie in yeah ??!!...............

(this would tie in many of the alien/pred loose ends and make a great story perhaps ?)
my story idea would give the filmakers an opportunity to have a hero marine character,a coward marine character,a judas marine character,a newbie marine character,a few survivor humans from the colony of humans on lv-426,
an evil company character from weyland industries etc........
in their attempts to sucsessfully hatch alien specimens,the evil company could be shown to inflict suffering on unsuspecting human hosts (mucho horror element)
the new predator hunting partie could be sporting new & improved weapons & gadgets,and perhaps a hero predator that stands alone from the rest ?
the hero could sucsessfully fight alongside the humans (whilst retaining his status a a creature of honor)

waddya reckon guys ??........

lv-426 would make an eerie hunting ground for the predators (who would actually "hunt" humans to begin with ie:stealth,and silence)
and of course,lv-426 would make an excellent battleground for the "final fight"
since the nuclear explosion (at the end of "aliens") the planet has remained barren..............



Would like to see some thing in the future. Like something around the time line of Alien 2 or 3. Also I liked how the buildings looked ect in the alien movies. Well I just liked how the suroundings looked in the alien movies. This is where both Aliens and predator characters should meet up, in these type of settings.

What type of characters (marines, cyborg marines, Predators, aliens):

I would like to see more like future space marines like in Aliens.



I would definitley like to see more hand-to-hand combat between Predators and Aliens.

Plus, Angelina Jolie playing the character of Machiko if they ever introduce her in a storyline.

I was actually hoping for a movie based on a Predator home planet set in the future, where a shipload of humans crash land (the movie has to have humans unfortunately) in the middle of warring clans and they discover a human based character similar to Machiko among them. That would be some awesome shizzle :)

That would be bad ass! Or a story along the lines of the Concrete Jungle game on PS2. I LOVE the cinimatic's in that game.


What do I want to see in a Predator movie? Well, lots of things, but I think that the title should be "What DON'T you want to see in a Predator movie?"

My first choice is easy... Aliens. Here's a ******* thought... the first movie tanked, and was labeled one of the most illegally downloaded movies ever. Wonder why? Apparently a lot of people wanted to see them go head to head, but didn't want to pay for it due to the fact that Hollywoods execution of said confrontation would blow goats. And it did. BOTH characters were cheapened, and cartooned into an hour and a half of horse ****. Enough said. No Aliens. Yeah, the Alien skull in the Predator 2 trophy case was cute, but that's where it should've ended. The two creatures DO NOT revolve around each other. I am more than sure there are worse creatures out there for the Predators to hunt. Goddamnit knock it off.

No returning characters like Dutch or Harrigan. Cut the ******* chord and grow a pair already. Dutch had his time, and so did Harrigan. If neither one has killed themselves already, than they're probably raging alcoholics too afraid to leave their apartments!! Does the new Predator movie have to take place now, or even in the future? Why not place the creature back in the past. I mean they live forever and a ****, so why not? Create new characters and new situations/environments. I've seen a lot of talk of how the Predator has intertwined itself secretly within our history... so why not show it? Perhaps something that takes place in one of the early dynasties in China, or in Europe, Russia, Africa, Feudal Japan... anywhere!!!

Limit Alien references to minimal to zero. We get it. Predators hunt Aliens. Whoopidy ****. I don't need to see every Predator from now until whenever with some bit of an Alien hanging off of him. And knock that marking **** off, too. That was fun and whacky in the comic books, but as I'm sure most of you have experienced - NOT ALL COMIC BOOKS TRANSLATE ONTO THE BIG SCREEN. I don't want to see every "new" Predator with some stupid stylized "T" on his forehead.

What I want to see is the Mythos of the creature brought back. No explainations about his home planet, or what his wife and kids look like. I want to see the Predator do **** without explanation. HOW DID HE DO THAT? Who cares, he's an alien. It doesn't need to be explained. He should be even more of a mystery and not so goddamn AVP predictable. Shove that honor code ********.

Yeah, I'm done.



^Whats the point of rehashing an old idea if new hints about the Predator are not revealed? How will the audience be hooked on things they already know about and have already seen? :)

That is why P2 is still a favorite among most. It expanded very slightly on the Predators, while still keeping them a tad "mysterious" as you put it. A P3 movie would have to continue to expand lightly in keeping the interest aflame for the casual moviegoer.

As for me, I would love to see a movie adaptation of "Bad Blood". You get a mix of all types of Predators, and all types of Humans, while still keeping things hush-hush but still revealing a tiny bit more to keep people hooked.
do you guys think they should have a full suit of armor but have it differ from one another unlike AVP
liek have a different style for each one


Hmm. I would love to see an adaption of BadBlood as well; a crazed Pred just bringing havoc. But as far as the Predator homeworld that would be cool as well, but what if their homeworld is Earth? ( Just my opinon)

Bamma,said he would like to see an entirely different suit of armor, thats cool. I could envision them in a body suit that provides both heat and protection for them. The old bland armor and fish nets must go. I know that this may seem a bit out-landish. :)

And finally, please dont cut me to pieces for this...genetic experimentation on a human and torture.


You know those indian movies that come out every now and then. I always wanted to see a movie like that But with predators. A clan trying to take out another but on there home planet. I also would like to see a movie based back on the medieval times. Have a small clan of predators show up in that time. Have them try to take out the best of the best of the knights and kings.

One armored warrior trying to take out another. That would be awesome to see.



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I really don't see how some fans would actually pay for a transparant plot like having them on LV-426 or even their homeplanet.

I envision eventual sequels as standalones, mainly changing setting and slightly change the main character in time.

AVP COULD work out, if done well. I really liked Briggs version of it, to me it always had a really confined feeling, much like the novel of Jurassic Park. Yet it mostly, when written by fans, gets stuck in a post-Aliens setting, without any new material. It's always just like Aliens but with Predators thrown in aswell, and only marines in between them...