What is Everyone Working On?


Just wanted to say HI to everyone. And just ask the question what is everyone working on?

Any new projects in or outside of predator props?

I just wanna catch up on anything i missed while on vacation...

I am still working on my P2 armor...





looking good gene. im working on absolutly nothing. i got my body suit from mander around halloween and most all my parts for my new suit. and i havent done squat to it. if i dont get motivated to do it soon i may scrap the project all togehter.


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Not working on anything. Got 2 bio's (P1 and P2), need to paint them both and they will mainly function as display items. Besides, my cashflow is mainly salary -> bill's and the 100 euro I don't spend I need for food, travel and so on and so forth. It's not really wealthy at this time...

Hope to score a styrofoam 1/4th mannequin this weekend and start some random sculpting to get used to the material again...


Along with the Jensen/Pirkle Xeno Dagger and Uber Cannon, I've got a couple of non-Pred projects going.

One is an ongoing series of Latex Necronomicon book covers.

The second is a replica of Sarris's dagger from Galaxy Quest. It actually looks like it would make a good weapon for a hunter. At 17" long, it's got the goods to do the job!!







Damn good to see ya still kickin Gene-0! Nothing for me right now, i've gotten out of pred stuff and sold all my stuff save the atlantean helmet, seems no one wants it, lol. Right now, i've got a few paint projects on pred heads pending and maybe a few in the future Other than that, just trying to keep my head above water with money issues. Well, hope to see yas around here more often mate.




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sculpting another pred mask at present, as in started yesterday.

i have my suit to try finish, also 2 painting commissions.

then the boring mudane house and reality stuff hehe

not in that order tho


I am hastily trying to finish the Chopper V2 sculpt and my Spawn bust at the same time. I also remembered that I need to install some zippers into Meangenes P2 shin armor sitting here on my shelf. So yeah, thats what I have been up to.


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i'm working on him. my last headpiece

he has some issues to be tweaked out....but he will be done for halloween 2007 with all the bells and whistles


Shai tan

I have a few things I wanna start, like the matching Giger`d bone scabbard for our Dagger. But I wanna wait till I have a Dagger inhand 1st. Got a few items left I wanna complete.


Not working on anything Predator related yet, but may soon.

At the moment I'm working on three different Vader helmets, A Firefly Mal Reynolds pistol and two sculptures that may turn into model kits.


Pred related:

Also another predator 1 "jamie P1" And another celtic...

Will be posting pictures of these soon.

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1 full celtic suit,3 monsterroom heads,1 pete mander AVP head,1 db P1 head,4 sets of P2 hands,3 predator resin busts,1 monsterroom alien suit,few sets of AVP blades,1 shuriken full scale....have i left anything out?oh yeah,this is all thanx to being single w/no children that i can accomplish all this.


I am working on my third suit this summer....I hope after the first 2 I get this one just like I want it...got all my supplies just got to get started and will soon show some pics!


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costume-wise, just tinkering around with some ideas...finally gonna get to painting Mike's chopper that he sent me alooooong time ago. Been busy with my film stuff mostly. Just worked on a G-Star raw commercial. have a PSA in two weeks, a hip hop video after that and then a short after that...Oh and I'm still in post production on this one:


all in all, pretty busy these days.....but having fun doing it!