What Is Your Opinion Of The Eu?


I am just curious as to what the general opinion of the EU is on this forum? Personally I love some of it, but dislike others.

I have read AVP Prey and absolutly love what they did with their culture, but have yet to read the rest of the original trilogy.

I also like the idea that the Predator's blood can prolong the life of a human, as shown in Predator Xenogenesis, Predator Concrete Jungle (Video game), and AVP Eternal.

I like the dual genders that the Predators have as stated in AVP Prey, as opposed to just one gender that can morph into the other when needed.

I like that they can cloak in all frequencies of light, not just the visible spectrum. Batman vs Predator 3, Predator vs Robot Fighter, and I believe one other comic showed them cloaking in other spectrums once they realized that the enemy could see infrared too.

I am not a fan of most of what took place in Predator Homeworld though. That comic showed them as to primitive/one with nature.

I am also not a fan of the comic "Predator Invaders from the Fourth Dimension" where 3D glasses could see through the Predator's cloak.

Also I did not like it when the humans studied the Predator technology in AVP/Predator Xenogenesis and seemingly improved upon it for their own use.

I am absolutly not a fan of the idea that they did not invent their technology, but stole it from some other race and then made them into slaves. That really makes them to not good enought to invent their own stuff, but almost too barbaric to be a space traveling race.


Personally, I think the EU is total **** - I think it's because of the EU we got garbage like AvP the movie and its filthy offspring. 'Predators', I guess it's considered a reboot? Really it's an EU movie. Point is none of this total and worthless **** would have been around if not for the EU.

Don't get me wrong, I like the design of the AvP predators, even with all the bulk and I like Wolf. Those are the only redeeming things about what is otherwise garbage.

By the way, while I do admit to liking the designs of the AvP predators, seeing those same predators with their masks off is like being ready to get it on with a hot girl and then when she takes her pants off there's a big floppy dick complete with a hairy scrotum...the ass hole isn't even decent enough to shave for you. Now you've got me started, the people that did the creature costumes for AvP should be ashamed, I'd honest to God be embarassed if I were that company.

The masks (face mask the actor wears, not the predator mask) look like deformed, rubber bulldog faces. What's that thing called? When some one dies and they have to rebuild their faces for an open casket funeral? The faces look like wax/plastic? That's what that looks like, like a bull dog's face got all jacked up and they had an open casket funeral for the bull dog and that's what Scar Predator's face looked like.

Wolf Predator was freaking great man, except why wouldn't they put netting on his legs? It causes the appearance of a person not wearing any pants, just walking around in a shirt, but no pants or underwear on. That's stupid.

Predators, man, don't.......oh my goodness, good lord I don't think there are even words any more. The people who worked on that movie, belong to working on a Predator film the same way the Ultimate Warrior from WWF belongs in a tutu. FOX, seriously man, what the F**K were you guys thinking, other than, 'gee, this could make us some more money, it says Predator so people will buy it!'

The whole 'Yautja' thing, F'ing stupid as hell. In PREDATOR, you have no idea what the hell this thing is, much less what it's called.

This is why the FIRST movie was the most effective and the best by far, you didn't even get a good look at the Predator until midway through the second half of the movie, yet it was still about him just as much as Dutch and crew. His presence was there without him being seen, it's symbolism and in a more direct way is related his cloaking technology, it just works on so many levels.

Predator 2, the ending, they said SO MUCH with SO LITTLE, we saw the Lost Hunters for...what, 3 minutes? Only slightly longer than it takes for me to finish, so we didn't see them for long at all. Yet, their presence, and the shot of Danny Boy's (that's what I'm calling P2 now) trophy case said so much with so little. They're intergalactic hunters, we get it. Thanks for a job well done P2 crew, no sarcasm.

Don't need to know what the Predator's favorite music is, who the cute Predator girl is that he has a crush on, what color his **** is, whether or not he's got the flyest ride in the intergalactic hood. Say a lot with a little. Don't give us all these intimate details, it's not a f***ing match.com profile.

If you want to make more money off Predator can you at least give us a good movie? You'll still make just as much revenue, if not more. Can you hire SWS to design the Predator? What's your problem, FOX? GIVE ME MONEY. I'M POOR. ****.


**** it, man. **** it.


I'm not going to post the whole quote from BENSIN, but that's a home run right there buddy. I can't find a thing to disagree with!