What Predator Memorabilia Do You Guys Have ?

Discussion in 'General Predator Discussion' started by Reaper, Mar 13, 2010.

  1. Reaper

    Reaper Blooded

    Hiya ppl just wondering what Predator memorabilia you guys have , i only have a replica of wolfs mask
  2. Guan Thwei

    Guan Thwei Elite Hunter

    I have the following

    Kenner 4" action figures
    Kenner 10"
    Kenner 20th Anniversary Aliens vs Predator Edition 10" figures
    Kenner 1995 AVP figure Set
    Micromachine Predator Bio playset with all the little figures
    7" McFarlane Predator 2 (Regular & Battle Damage)
    7" McFarlane Stealth Celtic Predator
    10" McFarlane Aliens vs Predator w/ egg diorama
    12" McFarlane P1 both Stealth and regular verions
    12" McFarlaneAVP Stealth Scar
    7" NECA Berserker, Un-masked Classic, Falconer, & SDCC Exclusive Stealth Berserker (Thanks Reyals )

    Stealth Predator 2 Chimasuta mini-bust

    Die-Cast Metal
    Action Masters Predator figure

    Predator 2
    PREDATORS (English and German {Thanks Crazy Hunter })

    P1 Bio w/ dreads
    Scar Clan Symbol


    Cell Phone Accessory
    AVP Scar ;

    Way too many 2 list :)

    The Winston Effect
    AVP the Creature Effects of ADI
    AVP-R Inside the Monster Shop
    Aliens vs Predator: Panel-to-Panel (Comic book art)
    Aliens vs Predator: Prey
    Aliens vs Predator: Hunters Planet

    Predator (Special Edition)
    Predator 2 (Special Edition)
    AVP (Unrated)
    AVP-R (Special Edition Unrated)
    PREDATORS Blu-Ray Special Edition

    AVP (PC)
    AVP 2 (PC)
    Aliens vs Predator: Extiction (Playstation 2)
    Predator: Concrete Jungle (Playstation 2)
    AVP (Playstation 3 & PC)

    AVP Spear
    AVP Shuriken

    AVP Blood Gel Pack

    Tri-Laser Module
    Ruffintoy Wolf Cannon
    Beads (Gauntlets)
    635nm Laser Diodes
    Push button switches (Gauntlet)
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  3. panik33

    panik33 Blooded

    all AVP dvds

    wolf fig


    AVP game on 360

    and a full pred costume lol if that counts as memorabilia lol
  4. Reaper

    Reaper Blooded

    ....wow you guys have been busy and thats awesome i need to get more predator stuff just can't afford it yet , wait i have P1 And P2 Blu-Ray and AVP and AVPR plus 4 Predator books plus AVP Game (PS3) and the replica of wolfs mask as i mentioned in my first post , lol forgot bout the others i put wen i started the topic over time i'm hopin to get other Predator masks
  5. Ice

    Ice Hunter

    To many Prop Helmets
    4 Full size Masks
    2 Smart disks
    3 other weapons predator related
    5 full size movie posters
    DOnt know how many resin kits
    Comics to many
    Figures the whole set of Kenner preds and other figures medicom etc
    to much else to list.. lol
  6. tusky

    tusky Hunter

    I have a couple of things

    P1 special editon
    P2 single disk
    AVP 2 disk
    AVP-R single disk

    AVP Teaser
    AVP Release
    AVP-R Release
    AVP-R DVD release poster

    Predator movie novelisation
    AVP: Prey
    AVP-R: Inside the monster shop (signed)

    AVP :prey Original trade paperback

    P1 Billenkin?
    P2 Billenkin
    AVP Billenkin (Predator only)

    AVP-R Wolf closed mouth NECA

    That's about it :)
  7. Stormbringer

    Stormbringer Unblooded

    Here's what's in my collection...

    DVD'S = Predator (Collectors Edition)
    = Predator 2 (Collectors Edition)
    = AVP (Unrated Edition)
    = AVPR (Unrated Edition)

    POSTERS = Predator 2 (Reproduction - 24 x 36 - Style A)
    = Predator 2 (Original Australian Daybill Version - 13 x 30)

    FIGURES = Sideshow Collectables Predator 1 Diorama (Exclusive Edition)
    = Sideshow Collectables Predator 2 Diorama (Exclusive Edition)
    = Sideshow Collectables Predator 2 12" Elder :)
    = Sideshow Collectables Predator 2 12" (Normal Version)
    = Sideshow Collectables AVPR Wolf 12" (Normal Version)

    BIO'S = Sideshow Collectables 1:1 Celtic Bio
    = "Bone" 1:1 Bio (Recast)
    = "Gort" 1:1 Bio (Made by inkmonster)
    = P2 "Hero" 1:1 Bio (Hez)
    = P2 1:1 Bio (unknown version... but has tri-lazer)

    WEAPON'S = Master Replica's P2 Spear
    = Sideshow Collectables AVPR Dagger
    = Sideshow Collectables AVPR Shurican

    OTHERS = 1:1 "Predator King" Bust (Made by are good friend MILK)

  8. dboyslade

    dboyslade Blooded


    Alien vs Predator
    Batman vs Predator
    Predator 2 Movie version
    Predator Big Game


    AVP Movie
    Predator 2 movie
    Aliens vs Predator: Hunter’s Planet
    Aliens vs Predator: Prey
    AVP-R: Inside the monster shop (signed)
    AVP: The Creature Effects of ADI (signed)
    Animate Group Presents Hobby Model Special Aliens vs Predator


    Predator 2


    AVP Teaser
    Predator 2


    AVP Scar (MIB)
    AVP Celtic (MIB)
    AVP Elder (MIB)
    Predator 2 (MIB)

    1995 AVP figure Set
    1995 Predator 10” Figure

    Hot Toys
    Lost Predator
    Elder Predator 2
    2 Predator 1 (MIB)
    Predator 2 (MIB)
    Predator 2 Battle Damage Version
    AVP She Predator MACHIKO
    Ancient Predator Elder


    Predator Defeated Bust 6” from PALISADES
    The Predator on Horse Statue
    Master Replica Predalien Hybrid Chestburster


    ICONS Predator Environment Helmet
    Predator Environment Helmet Version 2 ICON
    Master Replica Predator 2 Spear
    Celtic Bio
    P1 Bio


    PSP: AVP-R
    PS2: Predator – Concrete Jungle
    PS2: Aliens vs. Predator: Extinction
    PC: AVP & AVP 2


    Aliens vs Predator CAPCOM
  9. Reaper

    Reaper Blooded

    .....Holy Sh*t that is a very impressive collection
  10. Guan Thwei

    Guan Thwei Elite Hunter

    I wish I can join the Hot Toy community only because I think they are way too expensive maybe down the road I can trade with someone for parts or something. I feel kind of left out I have no Hot toys stuff or sideshow. Oh well :)
  11. Reaper

    Reaper Blooded

    Some of them are very expensive but it's to be expected i mean it is Predator after all
  12. Guan Thwei

    Guan Thwei Elite Hunter

    I think it is more the company then the film license they have part of. I'm not really bugging about it, however I think it would be nice to have a few of them for my collection and join the bandwagon so to speak.
  13. Reaper

    Reaper Blooded

    true it's more likely the company and i know what you mean i wanna get more
  14. rhythmnstealth

    rhythmnstealth Blooded

    I took time to list some of the things i can remember, i few things i dont know the official name of but i have spent around 6 years building up my collection and i promised myself i'd never stop.


    -Japanese AVP-R Cinema Promo
    -UK Teaser AVP
    -UK Official AVP
    -AVP-R DVD Store Standee
    -AVP-R Movie promo


    -Predator 1+2 special ed x 2 (first 2 i bought dont play so well due to high usage haha)
    -Predator 1 definative ed (wanted metal case)
    -AVP Special ed (metal case yay!)
    -AVP-R Special ed
    -Xbox AVP Extinction
    -Xbox Concrete Jungle
    -Xbox360 AVP


    Hot Toys/Sideshow Toys

    -Predator 1 (sideshow special ed)
    -Lost Predator
    -She Predator
    -AVP Eldar
    -AVP Chopper + cosbaby
    -AVP Celtic + cosbaby
    -AVP Scar + cosbaby
    -AVP Ancient (Special Ed) + cosbaby
    -AVP-R Wolf + cosbaby
    -AVP-R Wolf (Cleaner Ed)
    -Predator 2
    -Predator 2 Eldar
    -AVP Sewer Fight Diorama
    -AVP Eldar On Throne
    -Predator On Alien Horse
    -Predator 1 Bust
    -Predator 1 Diorama
    -Predator 2 Diorama
    -Dutch x 3 (1 for me, other 2 for sale when theyre rare enough)
    -Billy Sole x 2 (as above)
    -Predalien (is it allowed here?) + cosbaby


    -Predator 12"
    -AVP Predator 12"
    -AVP 7"scar
    -AVP 7"eldar
    -AVP 7"celtic
    -AVP full 7"playset
    -Horrorclix Predators Set
    -Predator 2 Halcyon kit
    -Predator with Arnie against tree (no idea of name but its huge)
    -Predator 1 Wall Relief
    -Pred 2 mini wall relief
    -14"Scrap metal Predator
    -2x Billiken Predators


    SS Wolf
    SS Scar (refuse to buy another SS after this)
    Predator 1
    Predator 1 battle damaged
    Predator 2
    Predator 2 again
    Screen Scene Replicas Gort (signed by artist cast No.2)
    P2 Smartdisc
    P2 Moviereplicas Spear

    Other Stuff

    3x AVP collectable plates
    6x Predator/AVP T Shirts
    1X Predator/AVP Tattoo on right arm (worth the pain!)

    Other than that, not much really... haha
  15. Reaper

    Reaper Blooded

    lol not much , very impressive collection mate i need to start building my collection i've only got Wolfs mask from AVPR plus P1&2 on bluray plus AVP/AVPR on DVD and about four Predator books lol so you know i'm very very behind doubt i'll ever get such an impressive collection as all you guys but i can try :)
  16. Emperor Chaos

    Emperor Chaos Blooded

    I have the following


    The Winston Effect
    AVP the Creature Effects of ADI
    AVP-R inside the Monster Shop


    Alien vs. Predator Omnibus
    Predator omnibus
    Alien omnibus


    Predator Blu-ray
    Predator 2 Blu-ray
    Predator (Special Edition)
    Predator 2 (Special Edition)
    AVP (Unrated)
    AVP-R (Special Edition Unrated)
    Limited edition Predator and alien DVD box set w/ figures, Best buy exclusive


    Predator 2

    COOKIE JARS from X-Plus

    Alien & Predator


    Limited edition Predator and alien DVD box set w/ figures, Best buy exclusive
    24" Alien NECA
    10" McFarlane Aliens
    Kenner 4" action figures
    Kenner 10"
    Kenner 20th Anniversary Aliens vs. Predator Edition 10" figures
    Kenner 1995 AVP figure Set


    3" Celtic standing on alien

    Hot Toys

    AVP Elder
    Elder Predator 2
    Wolf cleaner version

    Die-Cast Metal

    Action Masters Predator figure & Queen Alien



    AVP Capcom Naginata with alien head
    AVP closed Shuriken
    AVPR DNA Tracking siring
    S.E.C Shoulder Cannon
    S.E.C wrist blades gauntlet
    S.E.C computer gauntlet


    S.E.C backpack w/ sound & built in camelpak
    S.E.C Capcom P1 left and right Shoulder armor
    S.E.C shin & knee armor
    S.E.C P1 thigh armor
    S.E.C Capcom P1 belt buckle
    S.E.C cod armor
    S.E.C feet armor
    S.E.C Capcom P1 left bicep armor
    S.E.C left chest armor
    S.E.C P1 neck ring

    Predator Environment Helmet

    Wolf bio Sideshow
    Celtic Bio Sideshow
    P1 Bio Icon
    War-Cry Bio myself S.E.C
    Bad blood War-Cry Bio myself S.E.C

    Skin, Head, Dreads & Dread rings

    S.E.C top
    S.E.C bottom
    P2 Feet mod with 5" rise Anarchic boot soles
    Really old Bambooie Dreads
    DB Gen2 P1 faceless mask
    S.E.C P1 Dread rings with S.E.C beads


    PSP: AVP-R
    Aliens vs. Predator: Extinction (Playstation 2)
    Predator: Concrete Jungle (Playstation 2)
    AVP (Playstation 3)


    Aliens vs. Predator CAPCOM
  17. rhythmnstealth

    rhythmnstealth Blooded

    It's quite extensive yeah, you have to walk sideways through my room so you dont knock anything over. I did not mention any of the Aliens/Robocop/Terminator stuff. I am, however, quite proud to own 2 x 1:1 scale Pulse Rifles. One's a semi-functional kit and one is an official replica from some 90's discontinued company.

    Im trying to build a custom HT Big Red but getting parts is not easy right now. Roll on NECA's new stuff. I hope they do a HT Blaine with Ol' Painless! I'll end up putting up yet more shelves! :)
  18. Usurper

    Usurper Veteran Hunter

    More than i need, but less than i want.
  19. machunter

    machunter Unblooded

    My collection isnt that extensive but i am lucky enough to have an autographed AVP:R poster and an autographed copy of AVP:R Inside the Monster Shop. Both are signed by Tom Woodruff Jr from Amalgamated Dynamics Inc. He is from my home town and I work at a local movie theatre and he came in to see a movie. I recognized him right away and told him I was a huge fan. While he was watching his movie, I had my roommate bring down my AVP:R poster and got him to sign it after his movie. He was very cool and we had about a 10 minute conversation about movies and special effects. A couple weeks later he sent a signed copy of Inside the Monster Shop to the thearte for me. He is a great guy, and it was a pleasure to meet him.
  20. Reaper

    Reaper Blooded

    lol holy shit so not only do you have a fuck load of Predator Stuff you have Aliens Robocop And Terminator stuff bloody hell must of cost you a fortune but then again it'd be worth it

    wow that must of been awesome , it was fuckin cool of the guy to send you that
  21. Predian

    Predian Hunter

    I couldn't agree more. Met him in Wembley during the AVP promotions and had a nice long chat.
  22. Reaper

    Reaper Blooded

    nice , he does seem like a pretty cool guy . He seems like a down to earth type of guy
  23. rhythmnstealth

    rhythmnstealth Blooded

    Yeah, it has been an expensive ride. I worked out that the sports car i have wanted for a while cost roughly the same as the amount i have spent on my stuff. I know which one i'd rather have though. Money well spent
  24. Reaper

    Reaper Blooded

    bloody hell mate that is quite expensive but like you said money well spent ! , hopefully after a few years i'll have big collection of Predator stuff ;)
  25. rhythmnstealth

    rhythmnstealth Blooded

    Well start small and get yourself some of the macfarlane/neca figures. Best advice i can give is to get in there early, as soon as something is released then buy it if you can afford to because 12 months down the line you can bet they're all gone and twice the original price.

    Look in model shops for rare items like hot toys things too. The shops rarely take into account the going price for figures and sell them at RRP. I wanted a HT battle damaged ED-209. Cheapest one i found online was around £300. Local model shop near me £179.99. Winner winner chicken dinner!

    There's a really rare james bond figure in there thats 1/4 its going price, i just dont find Sean Connery that appealing! haha

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