what type glue


Hye everyone, I'm using a lycra spandex top, and have the pvc muscle torso from xtremedesighn fx. What glue or what would be the best way tp attach the muscle torso to the lycra. Thanks...Dragon Con here I come.


I'd use latex to adhere the parts to the spandex. Latex sticks really well to itself when it is newly cured. Coat your spandex where parts will be attached and then go over the seam with a bit more latex to seal it securely to the undersuit.


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Same here DangerDavey. I coat the areas of the lycra suit with latex, that I will be attaching the part edges to. As well, to get the parts to stay down tight to the lycra suit, I use just plain ol hotglue, hotglu gun. Then latex coating the edges is pretty easy.
Thanks for this good info. I hope I can find good latex here in Rotterdam and the Dap Welwood. I also work with a spandex undersuit. Can you use the same latex to glue other fabrics like fakeleather on spandex? :p

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You can use latex on almost anything. It takes a lot longer to dry and have it stick to the suit then Dap Weldwood. Dap also only cost 5.00 for a can.