Where can I buy some decent dreds?


Looking for a place or someone who sells dreds ready to go. Im looking to put some on my paintball mask just for isht and giggles to see how it would look so taking the time to make my own would just be tedious and not cost effective for me. Ive read about the different ways to make them and it seems that the foam dreds are the best, but are expensive and time consuming to make. And someone said that it may be cheaper to by them than to make them. Im willing to pay for the high quality work and the high quality dreds. I just want somthing that looks good.



yeup...bambooie has the cleanest i've ever bought.monsterroom also has great looking dreads as well,i've got both sets.


yes joe (bambooie) makes awsome dreads nice and smooth. i have several sets from him, his molds are shot and he wont be up and running again until feburary. but when he is im shure the quality will be just as good if not better having completely new molds.

Aquis Hydro

I've yet to begin construction of my own Predator suit, but I had an idea about using long candle molds and filling them with that white silicon-rubber filler (The kind used to fill gaps between bathroom wall-tiles). Any idea if it'll work??

Note; You paint them black after removing them from the molds. Unless you want white dreds...
That kind of silicone is not the best sort for this kind of thing, it's a condesation cure silicone and depending on how thick you go will take forever to cure fully. Adding a few drops of acylic paint seems to get it to kick faster, but unless reinforced can be quite weak. If you are going to make your own like this and mold them you can do a simple slush cast in latex to form a skin and then use cold foam as the filler. It'll produce a stronger product. If you want to go the really cheap route, you can do what I did for a stunt suit, I made simple foam tubes from thin upholstery foam and tapered them at the end and coated with latex. It produced something that passes very well for dreads and if you fill with batting and ad a marble inside the tip swing very well indeed.


The cheapest....backer rod. Get it at Home Depot in the paint department. Skim it with latex and paint. Looks....ok.


Oi, I'm glad I found this poic b4 I posted my own.

I'm lookin for quality dredds too, only thing is, I'm more interested in knowing what they're made of and how to make them like P1 & 2.

I have a good mask (postin' pics after this.) and the dredds are...ok. The guy that made them used theatrical foam material, and this weird resin to make tips for the dredds, and the same material for the rings.

Only problem is the foam he used wasen't sturdy, and they started tearing under the weight of the tips. (And some of the rings.) I took the tips off and removed a few rings, now they're semi-better. Only problems now is:

A: The dredds are stiff and look stupid when I tilt my head.
and B: My mask slides off my face when I lunge, and if I move my head fast enough it moves out of place.

I'm putting straps to help keep it on my face, but I want to make my own dredds for my mask. Anyone help?