Where to buy skin safe latex, or how necessary is it?


Hi All;
I've been given a few recommendations on getting latex. I've been told to get RD-407 from Monster Makers by a couple people, and found a few US vendors on Ebay that have it. I've also been told that I should get skin safe latex for the first few layers of my suit. I've found out that RD-407 is not skin safe.

This is my very first time working with latex. I have no experience, no "training" and no help besides the experienced folks here and on FB.

I am planning to create the look of "skin" over a lycra bodysuit/dancing leotard that I have. I ONLY will be applying the latex coating to the exposed areas around the armor, and not completely under the armor, so I will not be attempting to wear a boiling hot full latex suit.

I can get RD 407 in the US. The ONLY latex I've found that actually says SKIN SAFE on it is from the UK. Since I'm trying to ideally avoid spending a fortune on shipping fees (because apparently, it freezes, so I'll need fast shipping), I would love to find skin safe latex in the US, or alternatively, use the RD-407 instead if that is OK??

I was thinking I would apply 1-2 layers of skin safe, and then use another 1-3 layers of RD-407? I'm not sure how thick a "layer" actually is, or how many layers I need? I assume a total of 4-5 layers will make a skin appearance while still being flexible enough on the lycra undersuit to allow me to get in and out of it without shrinking (too much).

So... what is the best option? Will my skin rot off or something if I don't use skin safe?? I don't have sensitive skin, but I have determined that I will need to actually be WEARING the body suit when I apply the latex. Which is going to be a fiasco until itself, I'm sure.

Any insight appreciated! I'm hoping to move into the latex phase in 2-3 weeks.


Also, with the latex - I've been told to use pros-aide as an adhesive. I have figured out that you should apply pros-aide directly to the latex before painting, but do you ALSO mix it in WITH the paint??


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Hi, let me help you there.
Type in safe skin latex on ebay it should bring up some results. The latex I use has skin safe on the label... oh UK. Go to uhh... forgot the name!!! smooth on! send them a message and see what they have to say :) they have a range of latex products.
Pros-aide I would recommend bloodline by tim gore. His adhesive is very good.
There are a variety of ways to apply adhesives you can go the route of applying pros-aide at the start and then using tim gores adhesive into the mix of your liquid acrylics (it's flexible) and then spraying it on. It works. And then using a varnish at the end.
That's the route I follow. It may sound extra but you always need the bonding agent in there. Unless you are painting the mandibles :)