wheres predatorob


hey nice new site!

anyone know if predatorob has checked his pm's?

i pm'd him about a week ago but have heard nothing from him??


Sorry about that, man. I am horrible at returning PM's because I'm not used to getting them. I also changed my name, too.

I would be more than happy to draw some stuff up for you, but I do have a few things that're on the "Need to finish" list. I'm also not the speediest of workers. So if you were lookin' to get something right quick, that's not me. Heh. If you're cool with all that let me know, and we'll work somethin' out for ya.

Once again, sorry for lacking in the reply department.

Take it easy!

Robillicus. :)


lol thats ok mate-an about the taking time buisness thats cool!!

your work is amazing an im willing to wait!

do the peices id like done sound ok?

-let me know mate cheers!