Who is the Predatoriums top Hunter?

Who is your Favorite?

  • Jungle Hunter (Predator 1)

  • City Hunter (Predator 2)

  • Elder (Predator 2)

  • Elder (AvP)

  • Scar (AvP)

  • Celtic (AvP)

  • Chopper (AvP)

  • Wolf (AvP R)

  • Berserker (Predators)

  • Falconer (Predators)

  • Tracker (Predators)

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I remember when me and my friends watched AVP, and the great when Scar took off his bio to reveal these really model-esque photogenic eyes and we all found it quite funny. On second thoughts you're right, they are very clearly intelligent creatures, maybe it's not as unnatural as I once thought :p

Scar was a very charismatic predator. The way he was swinging his dreads around all the time was meant to catch the attention of female movie goers, I forgot where I read it. But if you look back at the movie, it was totally true. He was a cutie pie, those big brown eyes get me every time! See? My point exactly, I just can't stand lex. She ruined the whole movie for me....but that could be jealousy talking, I would have murked that queen for scar. He would be alive if it was me:cry:


All of the Predators in P1,P2,AVP,AVP2 are the good guys.
P1 = goes to kill high trained killers who kill anyone that stands in their way. For example the Guerilla group in the jungle they apprehended the soldier and shot him in the head. So the Predator is like, it's hunting time justice must be served. Hottest summers... can refer to the intense heat of hell.
P2 = Kills drug cartel members. CIA members who seek advancement in technology. Detectives who kill dozens of individuals every year. Civilians who possess guns and have the potential to kill. (He is a potential saviour figure who places justice at the for front of his principle. He is also looking to hunt anyone who can harm another.) He doesn't fire at the child.
Scar, Chopper, Celtic = Those henchmen for Weyland basically invaded their territory while they were digging to get their weapons. Weyland comes to the area armed and so on if you notice the individuals they killed are always security services who possess weapons or the potential to harm.
Wolf = Accidentally kills a civilian, he then takes a minute to pause and the 'boyfriend' shoots several rounds of shot gun bullets at him (because of his mistake he takes all of the bullets) and falls several stories down a lift shaft. He was sent to save and contain the increased contamination of the Aliens. And by using the explosive to kill the aliens and wipe out what ever remains shows comparison to Issac Netero who blew himself up in order to stop the Ant King (so for the greater good as it was the Predators fault the Pred alien existed)

Wreav got his knowledge game on point.....


I have to chose ONE?!!!! What a cruel question....... Between P1 and Wolf for me.......I guess.

For the forum........mmmmmmm........... tough one again...... Too much AWESOME to limit to just one individual.

But I suppose I may find myself bias and say Baby Predator. She works it like a BOSS.:p


damn that's a hard one..i think im going to have to go with wolf on this one, due to his BA design. P1 in a very close second. got to give respects to the OG ;)