Who Owns Vader????



Does anyone own one of these Vader outfits, and if so are they any good, i.e are they worth the money? I want one to basically nail a friends costume party, and subsequently frighten small children whilst on the ski slopes ( yes, Im a very good skiier lol) So any comments on the licensed suit??



They are complete tat, I saw one of these up close when they first came out, the pleather suit got really tired very quickly during the day and began to tear. The helmet isn't bad but to get it up to any decent standards for trooping in it needs a ton of work plus new billets and tusks. On the whole though you get what you pay for, for halloween okay, but for trooping in no way.


I agree 100% with Maverick118

It's not that bad as just a Holloween costume but other than that its not the quality you would want to have in a Cannon Vader Costume.

About the only thing salvageable from the costume is the Helmet.. and even that needs ALOT of work to make it look good. the Helmt that I use to Troop in is the Rubies one from that costume with some major mods done to it.
If you are realy looking into making a Vader suit check out the 501st Sith Lord Detachment

FYI here is a pic of my suit

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I use to the sell the deluxe model Rubie suit in my store. They are a fare suit, better then some. I will not own one for my self cause Star Wars and Star Track are for looser. LOL JK I still will not own a Star Wars suit not a fan of all the more drama that brings in.

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well if you mean star wars are for loosers, i guess im pretty happy beieng a looser :) and then boy are there many loosers in the world if its as you describe the star wars fans LOL