Why are the new preds such pansies?

Am I the only one who actually liked AVP?
I dont think you are I know people on both sides of the fence. personal I liked alot of the ideas just not that perds die so fast. I for one also liked the pred in RR he was atleast bad ass which has been missing from some of the other perd movie I feel.

any way I wish we had seem more or the preds and less of the humans in the newest movie. but I alway feel that way.


P1 will always be my favorite, no matter what. But I think P2 had a higher kill count, plus he took like 6-7 close range shotgun shells (2 or 3 in the chest), and got his hand cut off, yet still he fought. That's badass. But he also gets some cool points taken away for actually spouting one-liners.

Bottom line: Classic preds > new preds


acrually no i liked both of them to be honest but its just my opinion
I liked it. I posted my gripes in a topic explaining pros and cons of AVP and AVP-r.

AVP could have been better had they not killed 2 preds immediatly, made it rated R, had a better team work on the scars face, and not have the queen alien run like a damn t-rex.

Pretty minor gripes except the rated R part. If Celtic survived we could have gotten another action scene and then he could have died. More action and same result. Either way Celtic and Scar were bad ass.


i think theres a fairly simple solution to these problems... Create our own film the way we see it should be, i mean from what we have seen with AVP and Predators the guys making it have little to no idea of how the predator universe works. The idea of AVP was not half bad imo, but it could have been presented alot better. The point im trying to it is we on here as a community can do alot better when it comes to a film and to be honest with what iv seen on here costumes and props to. Simple fix, the idea that is, actually creating a film thats another matter lol.
Just my input. :D
That's a pretty good idea sgtspaz. It'd be a nice way to come together as a community. Then again, it could turn into a real mess. I dunno.


[quote name='A Hunter's Moon' post='221335' date='Jul 23 2010, 03:20 PM']That's a pretty good idea sgtspaz. It'd be a nice way to come together as a community. Then again, it could turn into a real mess. I dunno.[/quote]

I thought it would be, but then again your right it might all wrong.


Oh, and it could have been worse. Isabelle could have been cast as an angsty woman trying to decide between the affections of a pale-faced Brody, who is never seen in the sunlight because he'd sparkle all the time, and a shirtless Noland, who gets furry and starts howling at the full moon. Then there'd be two hours of dialogue and angst, followed by about four minutes of actual action.

Sorry. I just like to rip on Twilight. I'll leave you with the image of a shirtless Laurence Fishburne howling at the moon.
Haha! I am with you man! Would someone please draw a Predator killing those two? Thank you!!!


Am I the only one who actually liked AVP?
You're not, I like it too. It's the second one I have a problem with (AVP-R) lame actors that you don't give a $#!T what happens to them, but you can cope with that if you change perspective to acknowledge Wolf as the main character, anything else is just a filling. But a main character should survive... If the movie hasn't been so dark, and Wolf had survived completing his mission, to me, it would have beed the best movie. I hope the producers/makers regret killing Wolf for the rest of their lives.


IMO P1 and P2 hold true to the name of Hunters/Predators.
A: They Stalked their prey (we do it, tigers do it, lions do it etc.)
B: They attacked when they new they could get a clean kill (we do it, lions do it etc.)
C: They didn't kill the sick or the weak (unarmed, pregnant or sick), most other Predators/hunters take advantage of that.
Right! They should stick to that. The Predator was introduced as a Hunter, leave it like that.
Most of the creatures hunted by the predators are animals. Humans may be the only "intelligent" life form they hunt. Physically, we're no match for them but we can plot ambush and set traps just like them. That should be their challenge, a creature inferior in strengh (often underestimated) but able to fight back with equal strategy.

Hunters don't play mind trick or emotions on their prey. That is more fit for psyco-maniac-killers.

I welcome truce between predators and humans when common goal adds to the equation or if it's convenient at that moment. They are an intelligent species, able to be reason with to a certain level. They are very, very, very technologically advaced, but primitive at the same time. Tribe like, which means they most prove worthy to earn respect. If they value respect, they should hate betrayal; and they do, I read a comic about that. So turning on the one who just helped him, whether he likes it or not, would be betrayal and unworthy.

Take for example the movie Apocalipto. The leader vs the skinny crazy one. There you can see the difference between the hunter and the maniac killer. I don't like the idea of a Predator behaving like the crazy one, it would make him a bad blood.

Some posted about an Elder hunting 3 badbloods, etc., now that is more like it, it'd be a dream come true.

Continuing with the Apocalipto reference, the leader vs the main character. Would you think the main character could defeat the leader in physical combat? no way! That brute was a true bad ass, but ended up killed in a way that could be consider stupid, after seeing how great he was at the begining of the movie. Very similar to the way P1 was wounded by Arnold. Two great warriors killed by inferior adversaries... big mistake mixed with bad luck. As they said in P2: "**** happens" So no matter how great you are, when you're dealing with an equally intelligent opponent, anything can happen.

I like to think these new predators were still in training or "defective". It's the only way I can abide what happen.

Honestly they shouldn't make a sequel. I would prefer something different. It is like the never ending story unless they can escape from that planet, but really, how would they do that? They can't be rescued by humans, so what then, wait for another predator to be tied up and then rescue him so he send them home, come on!

Now for a twist ending, how about the crazy "doctor" played dead (before you know he's the maniac), then let Royce and Isabelle take care of the predator, then paralize before killing Isabelle and and Royce (you find out he's a crazy maniac), and when he's maniacally laughing, his eyes become wide open at the same time he stops laughing, then you can see he's been impaled by an Elder who toss it to the ground disgusted and then fed the dogs with him as he looks up to see the parachuetes descending. Bet that would leave people with their jaws hanging.


I totally agree with your entire post. One little item is that South China Sea is a novel. 340 something pages, and an incredible read. I recommend it!!

speaking of south China sea..you know when gustat is inside of preddy's ship and sees all the artifacts preddy had gathered over the years form his hunts? And there among all that stuff was a sock..Was that one of Maxim's socks? It seems out of place in the ship, but the book made mention of maxim and socks...I have always been curious about that.


LOL! it just ocurred to me how very frustrated the Predators must be. Think about it:

1st hunt - Earth Jungle = failed; remarks: try somewhere else.

2nd hunt - Earth City = failed; remarks: ditch their territory, let's bring them "over here".

3rd hunt - Predator Planet Preserve = also failed; remarks; now what?????????

It's like playing Trouble, Headache and Frustration.


But really, are there any official explanation about these new predators? Where they indeed suposed to be Super Preds? 'cause I don't get it; three "seasoned" hunters, IN THEIR TURF... they should know all the tricks in the book.
I'm not good at making points or debating so I'll just say in my opinion, I thought PREDATORS and the first AVP weren't the best but they were decent with just a few flaws. And I dond like AVPR at all.


It's not the Preds fault. It's the story writers. The story was crap. Baddest Preds yet? Yeah right...
When you think about the kills each Pred in the history of the franchise you realize the buildup for these new Preds failed. I don't know who RR and the team was trying to fool.


i really think that falconers death was lame, i mean, one guy armed with a sword. kinda cheap imo. i was okay with trackers death although it was to soon in the movie or didnt get enough screen time but hey its a predator flick.


i really think that falconers death was lame, i mean, one guy armed with a sword. kinda cheap imo. i was okay with trackers death although it was to soon in the movie or didnt get enough screen time but hey its a predator flick.
I agree. Tracker's death was legit. Nikolai got him good. Seems like something that could actually happen. Falconer's death on the other hand...? No so much. You have a proclaimed super predator vs a yakuza with a samurai sword. Granted he's a specialist with that sword, but none-the-less he's still an inferior human. The Predators themselves were the biggest let down of the entire movie.


The problem with the new movies, in my opinion, is the audience it's aimed at. P1 was more of an action movie than a sci-fi, purely because until right at the end you don't really get to see the Pred without the cloak or bio on. For AVP, AVP:R and PS, they're trying to Sci-Fi them up too much.

A team of hunters always has to be bested during the movie, until it's a 1 on 1 fight at the end. Hollywood can't deal with doing anything differently, because the uneducated masses complain that it's weird. They want the humans to win because, hey, we're all human and that's US on the screen. I'd rather watch the Predators win, because they're awesome.

As for AVP and AVP:R, They're good, but VERY Hollywood. I can understand why they included him, but having one character there to explain the backstory and then die is just plain insulting. They could have revealed more in the extra media, like comic books or novels, instead of dumping the whole story on us in one lump, leaving nothing to the imagination.

AVP:R just needed better lighting. Had it not been shot in the damn dark all the time, it would have been so much better. Though, they probably chose to shoot it at night because otherwise it would have gotten a higher age rating and wouldn't have made as much money. The ending to AVP:R SUCKS. The Pred should have disposed of the predalien and made a race-against-time style run to his ship before the nuke hit, surely his arm computer could have warned him of the incoming jet armed with a friggin' nuke.

My biggest problem with Predators is that the big ones have NEVER been mentioned before, the standard predators were always seen as the biggest and baddest hunters of them all, so why make bigger ones? It doesn't make sense to suddenly add new ones in. If the black predators are now the big bad ultimate hunters, how the HELL did the classic preds make it that far? Surely the big ones would have hunted them to extinction and stopped them from developing the technology.

Meh, just my opinion, really.

Also, Hi! I'm new here, I posted in the intro thread a few days ago.