will fiberglass resin harden without the hardener

Discussion in 'Predator Props' started by panik33, Aug 12, 2010.

  1. panik33

    panik33 Blooded

    well guys
    i got some fiberglass resin to cover some pepakura models i have
    and i didn't buy any hardener will it still dry and go hard
    or do i have to go back to the shops agan?

  2. hez

    hez Hunter

    It didn't come with any hardener? Well no, it won't harden. It might eventually go dry and crusty, but that depends on the resin, and it would be super brittle in that state anyway.
  3. panik33

    panik33 Blooded

    no it didnt sadly
    oh well ill just have to go back tomorra
    i cant believe i had compleatly forgoten about it

    thanks mate
  4. Elkman

    Elkman Blooded

    I had an experience once where I tried to make a shell out of fiberglass resin, correctly mixed with the hardener, but it still didn't set properly. Instead, I just got a bunch of goopy resin that I had to wad up and throw away. I don't know if the MEKP catalyst degraded over time, or if I just didn't mix things correctly, but that's the point when I gave up on fiberglass resin and used Sintra instead.

    I doubt that you're going to be able to get the resin to harden up after the fact, even if you somehow mix the catalyst onto the goopy resin currently on the pepakura bio. From my limited understanding of polymerization (like from that Wikipedia link), it seems unlikely that trying to apply catalyst after the fact would result in all of the resin getting cross-linked and forming a solid structure. I think you'll have to reprint your pepakura model and do the paper folding again.
  5. panik33

    panik33 Blooded

    thanks elkman bro but i havent applied the resin yet thank god i dident even open it its just wen i read the back i found out u need to mix it with hardener then it all came back into mind
  6. panik33

    panik33 Blooded

    also another thing it says on the back add 2-3 com of hardener to each 10ml of resin

    so if i used 100mls of resin id need to ad 20-30cm of hardener that doesn't make sence
  7. Elkman

    Elkman Blooded

    Oh, in that case, you should be OK. Yeah, get the catalyst that's recommended for the resin you're using, and everything should be fine.

    As far as how much to get, typically you need to add just a few drops for most quantities of resin. If you're using something like Castin' Craft, for example, then you'd need a 1/2 ounce container of catalyst for a pint or quart of resin. (Don't you love imperial measurements?) Or are you talking about something like Bondo, where the catalyst is in a tube that's sort of paste-like? Either way, whenever you get to the shop, they can tell you how much you'll need.
  8. hez

    hez Hunter

    The bondo resin hardener is a liquid. It's supposed to be 12 drops to each fl. oz. of resin. I'm sure it will mention specifics on the hardener.
  9. panik33

    panik33 Blooded

    I think this one comes in a toothpaste kinda tube not sure I'm gona go buy some tomorra anyway
  10. MEANGENE83

    MEANGENE83 Hunter

    12 drops per fluid ounce is pretty accurate!

    I made some castings from my molds with fiberglass the other day, I am a bit generous in the mixture, I drop in 15 drops or more into a Fluid Ounce. Thats just becuase I am worried it won't cure.

    Also look into getting some THIXATROPIC compound. It makes the resin thicker which makes it easier to apply to different structures.

    Another recomendation, I would always use the MATTE fiberglass material. It comes in a roll but you can tear it all apart and breakdown the fibers. The CLOTH is a pain in the ass for certain things.

    Maybe get both and experiment.
  11. panik33

    panik33 Blooded

    thanks guys i did my first bit of resining today i understand now about what it meant about 2-3 cm so i should be good from now on

    a big thanks to everyone who helped
  12. djgs

    djgs Blooded

    i resined my foam armour today, too be fair the first half i added too much hardner

    it went hard in about 2 min....oooops

    any way next time i added half the amount and it was spot-on
  13. panik33

    panik33 Blooded

    so does the resin work with the foam then i tryed it and it didnt work very well but it wasnt a propper application
  14. djgs

    djgs Blooded

    well i used it to harden the armour i made using vinmac's tutorials

    the armour i had made i had already painted and coated in PVA glua

    i will do another coat of resin tomorrow to the inside of the armour but it looks ok so far, i was worried that the resin would chew into & melt the foam

    i dont know whether to use fibreglass resin matting on the inside on the armour to strengthen it more, as it seems ok so far and another god coat on the inside should make it pretty strong.....
  15. panik33

    panik33 Blooded

    yeah the mat will make it rock hard mate i think im gona do the same with mine

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