Will not be posting any more on the aliens suit


Your Suits looking cool.
Alien suits look cool but they can be a pain.

Look forward to seeing the finished beast.


You certainly have an eye for detail, Scott. I'm glad you finally decided to post pictures of your WIP suit. I can't wait to see how this will turn out. Keep us updated, and keep the pics comin'!!! I know this will be one of the most badassed Alien suits we've seen. Bust it!!
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That looks like it will be very nice when you're done. I like the black bug look better myself, but brown is cool.


I like the new head. I too think it'd be cool to see a comparison shot of the "Aliens" head next to the "Alien" head. I have to say that the Alien head is my favorite. The human skull "face-plate" really creeps me out and really adds to the horror of the character.

Get rid of those buck teeth and you're in business! Kill da wabbit, kill da wabbit!!!



While I like both heads...its just hard to beat the original for being outright creepy with the human skull in front. Thanks for posting that comparison Scott.


man...that looks crazy!the alien with human skull like the one in the 4th movie.nice prop and sounds like you got a great deal!
lets see that bad boy all done up.


Hey Mortal. Nice heads you have there. I am very interested in the resin Aliens head casting. I have been looking for one of those - would you be able to point me in the right direction? My email is fett03 AT ameritech.net. Thanks! ]


Hey everyone!

I finally joined up!

Ive been watching this thread closely! Im going to get myself one of these Alien kits by Jay! They are awsome!
My friend owns one and did a great job building it!

I am interested in the "ALIEN" style head too $99 is a good price! Any information would be great too?

Good to be abck!

BuGz :)