Wolf Figures?

Well, i have a question and figured here was the place to ask.

Know the neca predators series how you get the top quality fully poseable ones like this?

Then you get this hard to pose and to be fair, quite poor quality little wolf one.

Basicly what i want to know is in the vast vacinity of existince, is there a wolf made to the same quality of the top image?

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At one point I thought neca had plans for an updated Wolf figure but I haven't seen anything on it recently.  They've gone back to give others new joints and articulation so it may just be a matter of time.  I'm afraid whats out there is it for the time being though.


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Currently the only Wolf Predator offered by Neca, is the original line of the several Wolf Pred variations i.e. clear, closed mouth, open mouth, battle damaged etc.  All the same model with a different head or paint scheme.  The current figure series is on series 11 or 12 with 13 and 14 already announced and on the horizon.  Neca has said that they plan to do figures based on the first AvP film in 2015.  They may move on to redo AvPR after that.  So, maybe in the future we will get new AvPR figures from Neca but for now you are stuck with the funky stanced Wolf.  You could always do a head and gear swap onto a newer figure perhaps. 


Not unless you go the Hot Toys route I'm afraid. Nicely detailed although you'll probably have to sell a kidney to afford one of them unfortunately!
Sideshow have some awesome Wolf statue's and the likes too. 

Shouldn't this be under figures?

Haha, that sounds like a long wait. Making my own would be interesting though... Great now you tempted me XD

But that looks interesting (expensive, but interesting) To what scale is that figure?

Thanks for your help guys ;)