Wolverine X1 Leather Street Jacket


Something for the X-fans out there. :)

For now I only posted this 3/4 back pic because I goofed the collar. I'm currently changing it and once it's ready I'll post more.

Dont be alarmed by the shiny nature of the skin. It's mostly the camera flash and it's also the prototype.
I just wanted to chime in and show where we're at with it so far.

The screen used one is heavily weathered. Once mine is beat up a bit, it should look pretty close to the real one. Making replicas of weathered items always raises questions on accuracy, but we have to all start somewhere and see if the process of aging it will give us what we want in the end.

Also, it will be approx 2 inches longer on the torso. Ya' like my butt? :)


Just remember...weathering is everything for this to look like what you've all seen on screen. Right now it looks so 'new' that it's a far distance from the movie look...but some distressing, aging and weathering should do the trick just fine. Oh, and tearing off one of the arm stips will help too.....

More to come. I'm almost ready with it. :p


Mortal Immortal

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Looks great to me, seen the movies but don't remember what they wore. So are you going to tie it to a back of a car and drag it down a gravel road? hehe


Yeah I'm curious, how would you weather something like this? The only methods I could imagine would probably destroy it lol! Anyhow, it looks great and I recognized it immediately.


I want that jacket.... But can't wait to see what you do with it. I like your Butt tooo. :)