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Discussion in 'Off-Topic Talk' started by Wreav, Jul 30, 2016.

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    Recently I've realised that with all the commissions and all of the time I have on my hands and well I realised I'll need some professional teaching... so I went into a store 'WARHAMMER' and I went to look at paints... made friends with a fellow artist with years under his belt. And we just talked and eventually I ended up buying hundreds and hundreds of pounds worth of items. I would love to learn how to paint miniatures as I keep getting painting commissions and so on. I might show them down the line but many of these collectors like things to be private (i love to show my work)
    (Notice the huge receipt)

    Note i'll be selling many of my old molds as I want to pursue bigger better items within my own collection. I strike for absolute perfection. It has become somewhat of an obsession of mine when ever I look at something hence why if anyone wants any of my old molds that you know I have please let me know. Some are off bounds but a majority are for sale. Just give me an offer. Ps if you want a suit I can get that sorted no problemo takes about 8-14 days to get one fully complete.

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    I used to do a lot of Warhammer figures many moons ago, I especially liked their range of paint and inks. Some of the detail that others put into theirs was crazy.
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    I bought more. Thought I would because I like things that keep me busy.

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    IMG_4309.JPG IMG_4308.JPG IMG_4305.JPG IMG_4304.JPG IMG_4303.JPG IMG_4302.JPG IMG_4299.JPG IMG_4296.JPG

    30% Complete. Lots more work to do. This is what I did today.








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    Great work Wreav. I love their paints, how have you found them?
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    They are very interesting I made my own custom ones too! I think they are great value for money too. I hope they bring out the £250 box near christmas I would definitely buy. I have never painted something that small but using these paints gives me confidence in my ability to do so much more. Hence why I bought so many and that's just from 3 days shopping. I'll be sure to buy some more. :)
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    The washes they have are great and they have some really good metallic's as well.

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