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Discussion in 'Predator Props' started by pelletta, Nov 15, 2015.

  1. pelletta

    pelletta Hunter

    Hi all, I have developed the electronic boards of the wrist computer for a friend and I decided to build my own bracelet. This is my very first project where I don't make only the electronic boards so I hope to get good results.
    First of all I had to recreate my circuits in 3d and was not easy because I had to measure each component with a caliper to get the right dimensions.
    That was a really important step because it lets me to model the external parts with good precision.
    I don't have experience with clay or other techniques so I opted to build it in 3d. It may sounds insane but I'm going to buy a 3d printer this week and give it a try.
    Updates coming soon
  2. LunaticNic

    LunaticNic Hunter

    Sounds exciting! Hope to see wip pics!
  3. pelletta

    pelletta Hunter

    First pictures, the source image:


    and my version:


    I will make electronics at first, 3d parts are still not definitive.
    You can suggest improvements if something is wrong or could be better
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  4. MikaPred2

    MikaPred2 Young Blood

    A definite start. which printer are you considering?
  5. pelletta

    pelletta Hunter

    I was considering the prusa hephestos, but I have seen the manufacturer BQ is going to sell a new version, the hephestos 2.
    I will take a decision when its price will be known to the customers.
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  6. LunaticNic

    LunaticNic Hunter

    Looks great!
  7. pelletta

    pelletta Hunter

    Last week I had problems with my laminator so I had to rebuild its control circuit board.
    Finally I am ready to begin.
    The picture below shows the boards without components.
    Next step: soldering - as soon as components will be delivered

  8. Pyromaniac

    Pyromaniac Blooded

    The circuit boards look pretty cool by themselves. Can't wait to see the finished project :)
  9. pelletta

    pelletta Hunter

    Added solder mask to the boards, to avoid copper oxidation

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  10. Scar

    Scar Unblooded

    Fantastic work! This device looks astonishing! :)
  11. pelletta

    pelletta Hunter

    Thank you all, I hope to begin soldering today.
    Unfortunately I am still waiting for the delivery of some components and I cannot start
  12. pelletta

    pelletta Hunter

  13. pelletta

    pelletta Hunter


    Next step: calibration and testing
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  14. Vader ehl

    Vader ehl Blooded

    Looking great
  15. afedorniak

    afedorniak Blooded

  16. pelletta

    pelletta Hunter

    This video shows how my circuits work, I hope you like it.
    As you can see there are two power connectors but I used only a battery pack.
    When I will assemble the boards with the plastic parts if sound will be too low I can use a separate higher voltage battery for the onboard audio amplifier to get a louder sound

  17. Pyromaniac

    Pyromaniac Blooded

    That is absolutely amazing! Great work!
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  18. seeker347

    seeker347 Unblooded

    that is soo awesome man build me one so I can put into my suit as well lol good work looks great
  19. Mortal Immortal

    Mortal Immortal Elite Hunter

    looks amazing
  20. pelletta

    pelletta Hunter

    Thank you, I'm very happy to see you like my works.
    I have begun the printing of the first part to see if I have a good alignment with the boards.

    After four hour I got a low resolution model and it was fine so I printed the definitive part.
    It takes about eleven hours!
    If you don't believe me, watch the display at the beginning, it says speed 80%, 50% completed, 5:53 time elapsed.

  21. pelletta

    pelletta Hunter

  22. spgfx

    spgfx Hunter

    If I did not know that Yautja were fictitious, I would think that you had some Yautja tech the you reverse engineered. They are fictitious are they ?
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  23. pelletta

    pelletta Hunter

    Remember my friend, people think they are fictitious but also my grandmother's teeth are fictitious too. If she can eat...
    A word is enough to the wise ;)
  24. predtrooper

    predtrooper Blooded

    Thats some amazing piece of electrical work. I envy people who can do this, it takes me three attempts to put my phone battery in the correct way !
  25. pelletta

    pelletta Hunter

    Another printing day


    Printed lens hide leds when they are not lit

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