Wrist computer project


I have had some resin parts and I know how they look like. I think 3d printed objects are more durable than resin parts. An example:

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If you wear it for a public event you have to be sure it won't give you any kind of problem.
That's a why I decided to use 3d printing.
Another reason is that I should make different molds because it's composed by various parts and I don't have much experience in this sector.
I am still "unblooded" member so I don't know if I can talk about pricing.
Just to give you an idea, the price will be in that range if I make everything at home because I don't have to pay other people... just materials, time and taxes.
The only disappointing thing is that people must wait a little if I have to satisfy many requests at once
I'm not sure which price range your referring too, but keep in mind that most people wont be supporting a 5 gallon bucket of water from the device. LOL



Another idea is you could just make the circuit boards and install them as most of us have gauntlets already. Is that a possibility?


The making of a custom circuit board for everyone would be quite insane.
The most time consuming process in circuit development is routing copper traces behind the boards. Changing the component placement means that it's better to design a new circuit board from scratch. Moreover I should have a very accurate reference to place components, the space available, and so on


That's what I was unsure about. I don't know how hard it is to move that stuff around......I guess pretty hard. Lol


what about making 2 or 3 fully working ones for the moment to see if they go and take it from there, at least the customer will get the item quickly and not wait while you build it?


I don't know how hard it is to move that stuff around......I guess pretty hard
You can set its strength with a screwdriver. However it's not so hard to move.
In this is test I'm trying to open it with the needle of my welding flux syringe



Really interesting thread, Peletta. Didn't realize 3d printed objects are that strong...wow..

I understand where you're coming from, but Tigerclaw was just suggesting an alternative/cheaper way to mass produce your awesome awesome wrist computer. You did say that one of the 'problems' of going 3d printing is the huge amount of time going into just the printing itself. By casting and making it into resin, you could churn out more, and faster. :)

People just want your Wrist computers asap! ;D :D


It may seems obvious, but the answer is: where there is enough space :)
I have bought a lot of different speakers and I have tried to insert them inside it but I have had only bad results.
Small speakers were an easy solution but then it was difficult to hear their sound


You've done an amazing job with this, it's essentially perfect! Now all you need to do is fit some explosives for a realistic end to the countdown :D