Wrist computer project


A new challenge from the plasma cannon controller board.
I have to fight against Mr Kalman to reduce the noise from the sensor readings.
This is a piece of the Kalman filter I'm trying to use

This may seems scary but it is nothing compared to his theory.
I have to solve many headaches but the wrist computer is ok


Absolutely fantastic work on this! I have only worked with servos a little bit, unfortunately not successfully though.
I'm excited to see what this is like when it's done!


I purchased 1 of these boards. Its simply amazing and a must have for any Predator costume. Did some modifications to my existing gauntlet to add this on and im very pleased with the results. Pelletta was a awesome person to do business with and he shipped it to me in Texas and it arrived in no time


Holy crap man this is some serious shit! I cannot, I repeat, I cannot believe the engineering and absolute perfection that has went into bringing these things to market! This is supposed to be a hobby right???...lol Dude, I am completely speechless! This is better than peanut butter and Nutella on a chocolate tortilla! Better than a mini super carne aside burrito with whole black beans from Iguanas!
WOW! i'll even say it backwards, WOW! Those are impressive. Im working on a celtic for myself and an AVP ancient for my wife. How much for one of those to zip 73110? When ever our kids break remote control toys, i "harvest" them before they hit the trash. I took a 4x4 low geared toy jeep and flipped the axle vertical to make a side to side motion for my first plasma caster and i put a strobe in it for the flash.


[Цитата="pelletta, должность: 311345, член: 6184"]Спасибо, я очень рад вас видеть, как мои работы.
У меня началось печатание первой части, чтобы увидеть, если у меня хорошее согласование с доски.


Через четыре часа я получил с низким разрешением и это было прекрасно, поэтому я напечатал окончательную часть.
Она занимает около одиннадцати часов!
Если Вы не верите мне, смотреть на дисплее в начале, он говорит, скорость 80%, 50% завершен, 5:53 времени.

can the 3D model to fold?


Thank you, I'm very happy to see you like my works.
I have begun the printing of the first part to see if I have a good alignment with the boards.

After four hour I got a low resolution model and it was fine so I printed the definitive part.
It takes about eleven hours!
If you don't believe me, watch the display at the beginning, it says speed 80%, 50% completed, 5:53 time elapsed.

can the 3D model to fold?


Hello my name is Javier, I'm looking for the electronic circuit to the pump bracelet, I can not find it any place would Predator wrist computer - YouTube, if you could do me the favor of having some imformacion I would be very useful, since already many thanks