Yautja Inspired Gear


So I've been designing and making some things partially inspired by Yaujta technology but more functionally built for my personal use. I have very little engineering or machining knowledge or ability, so I experiment and work within my skill sets and occasionally learn new ones. I do know a bit about leather craft, so I brought some of that to bear in my creations, and then picked up working with kydex and paracord as well.

The things I've made can be seen here: http://www.thehunterslair.com/gallery/album/467-arthyrons-gear/

1. A project I began when I was snowed in a few years back, took 3 solid days of work. It began as a simple cover/case for my Kindle, but freakishly developed from there in to a bulletproof (NIJ IIIA), collapsible buckler.

2. A sheath for my Dirk, which was my first foray in to working with kydex.

3. A drop-leg satchel to carry all the crap that I want to have with me all the time. It carries assorted tools, assorted electronics cables and adapters, a first aid kit, a survival kit, a mess kit, a sewing kit, several battery packs, and lots of other useful items. It's also internally armored against impact and cutting via high-density plastic plates.

4. A Yautja-inspired collapsible staff which I've since torn apart and am rebuilding because I found a way to be able to separate the two halfs and put them back together in a strong, solid mechanism using quick-release couplings. It's fashioned from two discontinued 31" ASP batons. The new version which separates will be ~6 feet when fully extended and attached. I'm also working on another heavy-duty version made from 36" riot batons which will actually be spring operated and will also separate using the same mechanism.

5. A set of claws/knuckles made from paracord and a self-defense device made to be worn in your shoelaces.

6. My first attempt at making a whip, combining the features of a Russian Nagaika (above) which is a mostly impact-based weapon and a snakewhip (below), which is a traditional style whip without a solid handle. The result is featured in the middle, with a simulated lion tooth for a pommel. It has both the weighted steel ball bearing tip as well as the "fall" and "popper" of a traditional snake whip. It also features a wrist strap and can be worn around the neck.

I have a few other Yautja-inspired projects in mind:

1. A backpack/shoulder bag with a shoulder mount for my tablet, a flashlight, and/or a projector with lots of battery packs and USB-based ports and peripherals.

2. A bio-helmet inspired mask/helmet, maybe with air-filtration capabilities, a HUD (depending on how feasible or expensive tech like Google Glass and Sony's Attach end up being), camera, that sort of thing.

Anyone else have any gear they've made/use/carry inspired by the Yautja or ideas/recommendations for future projects? I saw a thread about a multi-tool here: http://www.thehunterslair.com/topic/28231-quakevirus-predator-designs-predator-blade-botttle-opener-status-update/?hl=%2Bbottle+%2Bopener#entry344527 , would have liked to have seen these put in to production, I definitely would have bought several!


Just finished a revamped version of my Yaujta-inspired collapsible staff. This version can actually separate and recombine while still maintaining its structure and solidity.