Yautja Race, Stories, and Beyond

I really like this thread. Good job! You expanded Nolan's theory of what's going on between the Nobles and Rogues! I wish they would do a new Pred movie with the Nobles and Rogues in an all out war with the humans caught in the middle!

-Berserk Wolf
That would be so EPIC! They could also make a movie about their first hunt with the xenomorphs and see heaps of predaliens.


Tracing Roots
day 19

i cant believe it! humans dont trust me! that is somewhat understandable and at the same time stupid!

after i had defeated the two hunters, i was walking around and i hear gun shots in my direction! i start running for a group of trees bunched together and the gunshots continue. i tried to dash towards trees, getting closer and closer to my attacker to stop him or her... i was about 7 meters away when i saw a small green grenade thrown in my direction. once i realized what it was, i stormed out of there as it exploded and knocked down the attacker who was reloading. she was a tall asian in U.S. military attire.

"what's up," i calmly said. "you know, i think you got the wrong girl."

the asian got up and asked me, "what the **** am i doing in a jungle?"

"long story, but you cant just go shooting at everyone you see just 'cause you're confused," i replied. i could tell she didnt trust me. "and to tell you the truth, currently being hunted by strange but intelligent creatures, lets just say."

"we saw them already," she said. i saw a few people coming from all around. they were all like me in some way, chosen by the Rogue hunters to be the hunted. "we have been here for about an hour and we already lost 10 people to those invisible things."

"what!? ten!?" i said in shock. "wow, you know who the enemy is and your attacking me?"

"i think i see you holding two weapons that belong to them," replied the asian. "and you even look as if you know whats going on here, as if you have something to do with it."

"well i do know whats going on. if you havent checked, you're on a different planet." everyone looked in awe and disbelief. "and right now, it's pretty much open season for the creatures that have attacked you."

"so, you're saying we are being hunted by some sort of group of advanced aliens!?" asked one of the people.

"pretty much. i survived one hunt and collected these weapons for my use. you should too. guns wont do enough unless you know their weak spots. they see through infared and can trace heat signatures, and yes, they are ugly as ****! i dont even think i've seen all they are capable of yet."

"so you're just gonna play leader on this one," the asian asked.

i replied, "how can i? i don't even know where to go. they usually come in three, but seeing that there were about 20 of you to start with, i think they are changing their rules of play. this is now a game of chess where we are nothing but pawns and knights. they have pure bishops, rooks and queens."


"i dont know, but i think i'll go solo. people around me die anyway...but i must tell you that thes hunters are divided into two types. the ones that want to hunt you are bigger than the other type. the other type arent too bat, but are still bad. i'm on their side, but do what you have to do." after that, i walked away. "if you wish to die before me, be my guest."

i wasnt surprised to know that no one followed me.


Tracing Roots

suddenly, Biepor and Skek appeared out of invisibility right in front of me. i think the group of humans saw us as we were only about 50 feet apart.

"what the hell!?" i said. "where the hell did you go!?"

"we went to find Rogue yautja camp," said Biepor. "and we find it. 15 rogue."

"thats very scary but next time, warn me when your gonna leave me like that!" i said. " but i think there were 17 to start with. i already killed two, though they didnt seem as hard to kill as the other ones from before."

"tust Skek, they get better," said Skek.

"hmm...so what now?" i asked.

"we spit up. you seem able kill Rogue good nuff. rogue yautja know our camp is. we mus make sure rogue dont find Noble kamp."

"okay. fine," i said.

"Skek is to giv you wrist control," said skek, he handed me some sort of left arm wrist armor. i believe that was what they used for setting bombs and whatnot. i think it gave them invisibility as well and more... "i cant go over details now, this button rite here make invisibol," he said pointing at a middle button. i pulled up my sleeve and as i put the wrist control on, it seemed to have rectangular segments that separated a little bit so i could fit it in. and then it went back to normal. "now we go."

with that, the two Nobles disappeared. i pressed the invisibility button on my wrist control, and the feeling of going invisible was somewhat tingling! i looked at my hands and saw only a partial outline! boy, this was cool. i looked back to the other humans. they looked puzzled. i couldnt take another second standing there, so i ran off in search of whatever i happen to bump into...


In the Archives-media section

there is a rumor that a clan of Yautja have managed to tame Serpents. and yes, TAME Serpents! we all have thought that serpents were impossible to tame. the facts are that they live only to propogate as much as possible. however, there are some facts stated in the forbidden section in the archives. supposedly, according to those who claimed to have "entered the forbidden section," the Serpents we know are just a viral form of a race of Serpents unknown to us. the Yautja who tamed the Serpents today say that they know a trick that can somewhat remove the corrupt mental condition of a Serpent so they can be more passive.

most Yautja would argue against these claims. however, there are some who believe in this, most notably the Rogues. its not to say that it's predictable that Rogues would believe in this, but we do know that the ones who "tamed" the Serpents are Rogues. the Yautja Warrior Force is doing tests of their own. but their results are currently classified to the general Yautja public...


Tracing Roots

i had attempted to walk all the way to the camp of the Rogues. and i walked for hours. my legs were killing me and it was night time...on this planet at least... i had to climb a tree again, and that was ****. i had shut my eyes for a while, thinking of what to do. so i took out my notebook, flash light, and pencil to start jotting down what i had experienced a little earlier. i had only about 2-3 paragraphs down before i heard something. it was some sort of growl. more like a monsterous Rogue growl. i took my precious little time to put my stuff back into my bag and took out my disk. i looked around the trees looking for what i assumed was another Rogue. FSSSH! right next to me was a spear! a ******* spear! it had hit the tree i was on. i looked in the direction from where it was thrown.

"MISSED BITCH!" i yelled out. i could see some form of movement. it jumped from tree to tree closer and closer towards me. "****! bad idea!"

it jumped out at me. i was lucky to get a slash at it. it landed on the ground. i figured staying where i was wasnt going to get that Rogue down there dead in any way, so i quickly climbed down. the creature that fell got up. it was a Rogue all right, but it was big! especially it's cranium. this Rogue had no mask, it barely had armor. the only armor she had was on her right forearm, waist, and chest. and the chest was just...out! so i made a quick conclusion that this Rogue was a female! and i tell you this, of all the Yautja i have ever seen to date, this one should've kept her mask on at, like, all the ******* time! that's how bad her face looked! she had more teeth than a shark! and she was pissed!

"a little plastic surgery would do." i said being cocky. in a sudden roar, she attempted to slash me with her double wrist blades and i quickly dodged. just as i had thought, her massive size cut off her speed. she was slow enough that i was able to slash her arm in addition. the ugly Rogue retaliated by knocking me far off the ground. i landed in pain. i think she broke a rib or two. i didnt want to gross myself out with those thoughts. she stormed at me and i was forced to evade by rolling to my left. i had to ignore my agony and get up before the moster behind me slashed more than my back. it would be a common judgement that she could deal that much damage. i ran around the trees but the Yautja outran me and slashed my back. i attemted to twirl around and slash her with my disk, but she quickly deflected my attack with ther wrist blades, and she roared again. that's the only vocal communication she knows, i guess; roaring in fury. this would be a good moment to use some mud, dont you think?

i activated my camoglauge system and quickly escaped the monster's eye. i assumed that she would stop to look around, but i was proven wrong. she looked around, however she was literally looking! she didnt stop running around searching for me. she roared loudly, i guess she was pissed. i tried to find a way to get on her tail, but it was hard! this paranoid bitch was always moving around to damn much! when i assumed i had a clear shot at her. i activated my spear and jabbed it at her back. i had to struggle to get the tip all the way through. what is Rogue flesh made of anyway!? i couldnt risk waiting any second for anything. i took out my disk once more,went to her front side and slashed her neck in any way i could. it was difficult because this thick neck dress-thing was covering, so i had to continue to slash and slash until she went down for good. and finally, she went down.

i literally got my hands dirty with this heavy mass of Yautja! her blood had gushed on me and my hands were the bloodiest. i think i'm getting used to hunting Rogues. i just have to prepare for the worst. i dont really think it's much of judging my enemy's fighting habits. i just have to figure out the best way to kill them. i also have to judge the calibur of an enemy so i can figure out how to not be killed. and when it comes to these alien hunters, i have to think fast for everything. i can never hesitate.

i climbed back to my tree writing about all that had happened since the last day i had wrote...


one of the greatest predator questions of all time: what are females like??? at least what do YOU think they are like???


Ah, the greatest question that has been left up to the fans, for the most part.

I have a long explanation for this but haven't organized my thoughts as of yet so the short and sweet version:

Females are the dominant gender, they are larger, smarter and possibly more aggressive and pretty much are in charge of running the politics of the homeworld. They are picky and have their males go out and get trophies, more trophies means hardier males, hardier males means better genes. These females, though, may share a male and can make a harem. I believe this because hunts are very dangerous and probably leave very few males alive.

So, dominant yet willing to be in a harem. ;)


Ah, the greatest question that has been left up to the fans, for the most part.

I have a long explanation for this but haven't organized my thoughts as of yet so the short and sweet version:

Females are the dominant gender, they are larger, smarter and possibly more aggressive and pretty much are in charge of running the politics of the homeworld. They are picky and have their males go out and get trophies, more trophies means hardier males, hardier males means better genes. These females, though, may share a male and can make a harem. I believe this because hunts are very dangerous and probably leave very few males alive.

So, dominant yet willing to be in a harem. ;)
lol...the fact that females are larger is mostly true according to cannon. in my opinion. yautja size, strength, and intelligence all depend greatly on ethnicity. i can imagine some females to be the same size as males, in certain ethnic groups. but for the most part, yeah, they are bigger and meaner...i wonder if they have breasts like humans do. because yautjas do have a humanoid basing...


Tracing roots
day 21
the next day after i had killed the female Rogue Yautja, i had tried to make use of some of her armor. the most i could use was her shoulder armor and the blades from her full wrist blade thingy. i had to figure out how i'm actually going to stay safe. i'm on my own, unprepared for any traps that the Rogues might have for me where the **** did Skek and Biepor run off to? i wonder what how they are. i wonder how the clan is... i wonder how Ichau is. the other humans dont seem to like me that much. who knows if they'll want to kill me. and food, i hate those things that Ichau made me eat before! well whatever...its better than dying...
i walked around looking too see if there's anything i need to see. as i was walking around, i heard battle. i heard gunshots from a distance. i also heard roars and screams of pain. "again," i said to myself. Biepor said there were 15(in this case 14) Rogue Yautja. the battle seemed like there were plenty enough to take down the group of humans...provided, the humans were ill-trained in combat. they may have been dying, but i wasnt really concerned that much. my goal was to take care of myself and keep the Rogues from finding the Noble camp...then again, it wouldnt be so bad to help them out every now and then. so i chose to run where i heard the gunshots and whatnot. 3-5 minutes of running across bumpy grounds, fallen trees, and bushes was hell, but i got there, and they were still fighting. i was surprised that the humans held off that long. one of the survivors noticed me and said, "you again!"
i maneuvered around and sought out to get the nearest Rogue i could find. they all were invisible though. hid behind a tree(at least, i thought i was hiding) and looked out to scan the area. it was difficult to spot the Rogues, but i did see some movement in places. but i didnt want to attack directly. i used my disk and threw it at an invisible form. it hit the Rogue, but it didnt seem to damage him enough. the disk went back to me, a feature i had never seen before. i wanted to try to catch it, but i was kind of scared... i held out my hand and waited for the disk to come to it. it was scary but it actually came to my hand without cutting it in half. it was almost as if the disk new how to return at the right time. wierd. i ran to the next tree to avoid being in the same area. i spotted the same Rogue i wounded earlier. some of the humans were shooting at him, weakening him. i quickly ran toward the Rogue, took out my spear, and jabbed it right in his skull. that bitch went down quietly.i ran around to search for more Rogues.
BOOM! right behind me! i ran to another tree to make time. i looked around to try to see whoever hit me. i couldnt see anyone or anything at all. again! BOOM! this time it was way too close! the blast came from the trees. a rogue was hunting from above! everyone saw it and started shooting where they saw the Rogue hunter. they all were pretty much locked on that guy. they kept on firing and stayed on their target. i could hear the monsterous groans of agony coming from the creature above. death was inevitable for this one. i saw his now visible body fall to the ground with a huge thud.
i think the hunters took notice of their fallen comrad. i saw their transparent bodies flee away to regroup. i didnt buy it. i scanned the area as much as i could on ground. i saw something. a hunter. invisible, so i didnt know who it could've been. it couldve been Skek or Biepor for all i know. it fled as well. i was curious to know why that being lingered.
"hey you!" yelled one of the people. he walked up to me. "what's your game? huh?"
"what the **** are you talking abo-"
"you know what i'm talking about!" everyone just looked at the scene. "first you leave with info on the aliens with no intention of helping us out. now you help us out! what game are you trying to play?!"
"now that you mention it, i'm trying to play both sides."
"you said there were two kinds of hunters," said another person. "how do we know you're not just playing games with us. you could be on the bad side for all we know.
"ive killed some of them," i replied.
"probably just to pose as something your not!" said the first guy. "even if you somehow werent on their side, you could still be just fighting for your own survival, ready to switch up on others."
"kind of," i replied being truthful. the guy in front of me punched me in the face hard! ouch! but i took it like...i dont know...whatever the case, i took it. but i still though that was kind of mean.
"we are human beings!" yelled the guy. "we stick together! we will protect our own, because we are a unity! none of us here will abandon the group for selfish reasons, despite our backgrounds!" some of the people nodded in agreement.
"and you think the hunters didnt know this?" this caused a pause. "the hunters know us. they know our behavior...well at least in this kind of situation... for all we know, they've probably hunted our species for generations. they already know what you are mentally going to do. it's normal for humans to unite. that's what they are counting on, for you to be united. that makes the hunt all the more easier...they will use this against you, to slow you down, to make you prey. that is the way these aliens hunt." they all listened closely because of my collective knowledge of the Rogues. i know this because of Ichau, the clan, and just simple experience.
"now, i'm sure plenty of you have something to live for as humans, back at home...i...i dont...not anymore...that's why i chose to survive...go on my own...i help every once and a while, but i cant make connections...throughout my whole life, nearly everytime i had a human companion, they died. human death would never fail to surround me. in this hunting planet, you must abandon your comrads if it kills you to be with them...if any of you care about your lives, then know that you must place yourself before anyone else here. even humans would consider that."
"we will stay united," said the guy that punched me. "we will show you and all hunters here that we are strong with unity, even if we die one by one, our faith passes on to the next person, making us stronger!" with that, the survivors cheered in pride. never had i heard such words. i never had faith in anything in my life. faith, it seemed, slowed me down as i grew up. i think it's because i had no goal to achieve that would last, no one to depend on that would stay alive long enough, and no normal life to live that would last either. but now, things have changed.
"if faith keeps you strong," i replied. "then at least take advantage of the hunters. make use of that they posess. that's how i have some of the stuff i got from them..."
"hmm, those weapons they have might come in handy..."
"yep..." i said. "look, i'm gonna go. i dont want to be the cause of more deaths among your group. but stay keen. i think the hunters will advance in their tactics." i left. i had a few goodbyes. i turned my camoflauge sytem on again. i searched for the strange figure that i saw staring at me a little earlier. it didnt even flee in the same direction as the other hunters. who and what was that being that i saw? i had yet to find out...i just hope it isnt one like me...


i am developing a new character for the story. he is a human Yautja hybrid. he used to be of Ichaukopaka's clan. more details of him later


Tracing Roots
day 23

have i ever mentioned how advanced the Yautja race is? even the individual alone can come up with conveniences for a good hunt. that's how advanced they are, but i guess their honor regulates that a bit. the Rogue Yautjas, however, dont have honor, it seems.

the day was coming to a close, and i had to go somewhere to hide. after a few hours of painfull walking and searching, i found another cave. it wasnt as big as the one i was in before, but not to small where i can't fit. it was convenient in my opinion. but the cave alone wouldnt hide me. i dropped my stuff there and went to get some mud to cover myself in, invisibly of course. i found a pile of mud and started to cover myself in it. strangely after trying, my camouflage turned off or something. that was strange. i re-activated it and continued, but everytime i put mud on me(and boy was it cold), my camoflauge stopped working.

"ain't that some ****..."i said to myself. i guess i cant be touched by certain substances or something. i left that thought alone and continued my mud coating. while i did that, i began to feel paranoid. i became sensitive to all the noises. every whistle of air, the cracks and thuds of the jungle. every sound from the animals.

i finished and walked steadily, feeling like i was being watched quietly. i looked constantly all around. i gradually walked towards the small cave, cautiously though. i feared that there was a stalker around. i just couldnt track it with my eyes. i quickly turned around and, just above, was my stalker. an invisible Yautja was right above me. i readied my disk, but he had fled. he jumped across the trees and eventually fell from my sight. that was odd. that clearly wasnt Skek or Biepor. and i definitely wasnt one of the Rogue hunters, so who was that? my life has become full of surprises as of late.

just when i was about to go to the cave, i saw a parachute. it appeared to have one of those food boxes! yes! :D i rushed for it and i felt my stomache growl all of a sudden. i was hungry for some Earth food. i have always wondered how the Rogues could come up with some food such as a well made sandwich. but i dont care! walking several yards from the box, i was about to head closer, but i noticed the ground between me and the box. it looked like something partially transparent was on it, no alot of things. they were invisible. in my head: [wait a second, this looks fishy to me. i think the Rogues are just trying to lure us.] i took a few steps back, picked up a big rock, and threw it on the ground near the food box. and just surely, i saw a metal trap come up into the air and drop back down. "nicely done, Rogues, nicely done," i said out loud, which may have been a bad idea. that's very sneaky of them :ninja: but genius as well. my brain told me not to advance towards the box, but my stomach said otherwise and won my approval.

i took several rocks and triggered traps to clear the path to the box. i advanced cautiously toward it. and then i opened it and saw more sandwiches. what's with these Rogues and sandwiches? but ****! i left my backpack in the cave! i know it's a terrible idea to come back for the food, so i just stayed for this one. you probably wouldnt believe this, but i removed my longsleeve shirt to hoard as many sandiwiches in it as possible! but unfortunately, before i was dropped down in this jungle, i wasnt wearing a t-shirt under it. so yeah, whatever monster that's out there would have to deal with my navy blue bra!

and oh did i forget that there would be weapons under. when i finished my hoarding(hahaha), i saw the weapon of military dreams, the 10PR! for those of you who dont know, the 10PR is a pulse rifle with sharp piercing bullets for ammo. it is sleaker and a bit lighter than the regular pulse rifle. and also, the 10PR is mobile, it can be taken into 3 separate parts! and of couse, the Weyland Yutani corporation funded in it like they always to when it comes to elite weapons like the 10PR. and to my fortune(maybe) i saw a thing of 12 grenades that come along with it. that's a lot for me to carry...

i got back to my new cave home in due time. it was getting dark after i got all that i needed. i do wonder why the Rogues of all things drop those boxes. maybe it's to keep us alive and good enough for a challenge. i guess the more dangerous we are, the more valuable our skulls...or something like that...there were other weapons for my use, but i didnt think to take them. the only thing extra that i took was a pistol and ammo for it and the 10PR. i still gotta make the bullets count for something. i emptied my shirt and put it back on to keep my dignity, and started eating. i believe i collected about 20 or so sandwiches(somehow...) and ate about 5 of them. dont think of me as a fatass. i've been starving for the longest and had to resort to eating indigenous animal things and their meat is disgusting! but anyways, what happened on day...i forget. i'm starting to lose track of what the days are. dont get confused if i forget...i'm just gonna have to list it by entry number...but on the day i'm currently writing about, i was gonna write about all that had happened, but the batteries in my flashlight went out, so lights our for me... i had to wait till day 21(2 days ago) to continue. so i just slept till then.

on day 21 i am wide awake and ate another sandwich. i started writing again, and just when i finished the part after i had that small argument with the other humans, a button on my wrist armor glowed red. i didnt understand what it was, but i wanted to know, so i pressed it.

"Ma...Marella?" said a human voice. what the hell? did someone somehow have some kind of transmission signal or some ****? that was completely odd.

"who the hell is this?" i asked anxiously.

"oh praise to the glorious that you are fortunate to survive." i still didnt know who it was...i must say that i was getting kind of frightened.

"tell me who you are!" i yelled in fear. i didnt want to cry like a litltle girl though. i can't ever cry...i will not!

"it's me! Skek!" said the human voice.

"what the ****?"

"sorry to message you on short notice."

"you sure as hell dont sound like Skek!" i said. "i dont buy it. who are you?"

"i swear to you! i'm Skek, i've invented a communication system that's convenient for us to converse!"

"are you sure? what's the name of the leader of your clan?" i looked for enough proof as possible.

"Ok'Ji of course!"

"and the slayer of the serpents?"

"well, there are 3 in our clan who specialize in serpent game, but the one you might be thinking about is Hekau." i can't believe what i was hearing. the voice! it sounded so human! i dont understand how Skek did that!

"how did you-" i mumbled

"like i said, Marella, i have invented a communication system that's convenient for us to converse. i was able to trace your online systems on Earth to collect language information and apply it to my helmet. now, Biepor and I can translate."

"but...wait a minute." i was trying to discover why when the reason was right in front of me.

"speaking languages other than our own is difficult. of course, some of us Hunters know how to speak English, but it's a pain trying to iterate human words."

"i'm sorry about that, so i guess that's the main reason you gave me this wrist device then," i replied.

"precisely," said a different human voice. i assumed it to be Biepor.

"wow, but Skek! you are a genius! this system is amazing!"

"flatter me not, Marella. Yautja have potential to create great things. but hunter's have no desire for major advancement like the Rogues. we only desire the glory, honor, and thrill of the hunt!"

"well then, have you killed any Rogues yet?" i asked them.

"yes," said Skek. "but at this time, i must rest, i have an arm injury that's currently healing."

"how many?" i asked.

"just 2. biepor killed 1. and you, Marella?"

"i killed a few...i dont know why, but these Rogues seem ill-trained. they werent as formidable as the first three i encountered when i was dropped down to this planet."

"certainly," said Biepor. "the Rogues know we Noble Yautja are here. they are desperate. and there is no question that they are going to send the rest down in time."

"well that's unfortunate for the humans. i think we can stand our own."

"i doubt that," said Skek. i pondered on things for a minute. something didnt make too much sense...infact it didnt make sense at all!

"are you okay, Marella?" asked Biepor.

"Skek, Biepor," i said. "why are you here. i dont mean you two. i meant the whole clan. why is the clan even here at all?" for me, this was a serious question. there is absolutely no reason why the clan should be on this planet if its run by Rogues. its surprising that any of them are still alive, depending on how long they've been here. based off of all that i've seen, the clan should be dead by now, no doubt about it. so i wanted to know what their purpose was to linger.

"we've been tracking someone down," said Skek. "he was once of this clan, he has dishonored us."

"so, you want to kill him?" i asked curiously. it almost sounded so.

"with honor, of course. we want to capture him and give him a proper execution."

"interesting," i said. "what did this Hunter do to dishonor your clan?"

"he was a good Hunter, one of our best. but there came a hunt that nearly killed him and he thought to flee from death, along with dignity. one should never flee from his own game. knowing what the penalty was, he fled from us. the clan chased him. and that eventually brought us here, on this Game Planet. we thought it was owned by Noble Yautja, but we were wrong. Ichaukopaka tracked him down, but was captured by the Rogue Hunters. and that's where you came in."

"wow, that's amazing." i told Skek.

"do you have any feeling in your mind that you may have seen this dishonored Hunter, maybe stalking you, watching your every move?" i know i did. i know damn well. this dishonored hunter they speak of, he was definitely here based off of what they were saying to me.

"yes, i believe i have seen him. i saw it was yesterday where i believe him to have stalked me."

"then he is still alive," said Biepor. "i know the Rogues will want his head. we must find him before they do. Marella, the next time you see him, just flee. we do not want your life at risk. this Hunter discrace may have such a mind to kill you or us."

"i understand, but is that the only actual reason why we three are in this jungle."

"no, we also want to have the pride of killing as many Rogues as possible. they are a discrace to the Yautja blood."

"well then, i am more than happy to help you on that."

"a thousand suns of gratitude to you, Marella," Skek replied gratefully. "and how do you do with the humans? do you help them?"

"yes, but the humans dont concern me. i am only concerned with the new life i attempt to live with the clan."

"that is very odd of you," said Biepor. "you seem inhuman in some manner. not that i'm against it. i'm just concerned for your nature."

"i have seen 2 of my comrads have their spines ripped out by the Rogues, they also ripped out any remaining care for humans. i lived a bad life on Earth anyways, getting paid for killing and what not. but with your clan, i hope to start a new life, where i hope it wont matter."

"in order to fit in the clan," said Biepor. "you dont just have to collect trophies, you need to have honor and respect amongst Yautja. you also need to be strong against them. dont think your soft flesh is thick enough."

"dont worry, if a human has the potential to kill a Rogue, then i think i can figure something out...if i live to that day."

"well good luck then," Biepor replied. "and hunt well, or be hunted."

"same to you," i replied cheerfully. the red button turned off. that was alot of info on the mission/hunt. so, i cant deal with the dishonored Hunter they told me about. that sounds kind of unlucky. i thought i was on a roll, collecting a Rogue skull, partially becoming part of Ok'Ji's clan, killing a few more Rogues, and now i cant continue that streak. that sucks on so many levels. if respect in the clan will be an issue for me, then why not let me handle the dishonored guy? if i can kill a Rogue, then i shouldnt have any trouble catching a Noble! then again, the Rogues i'm fighting are kind of bad at combat. they came when they werent fit for hunting. that's sad on their part. but who gives a ****? i hate them. so their mommies are gonna have to hold back tears once i'm done with their children, cuz they're next!

i spent that whole day in the cave, and i'm not too proud of that...only because i was too lazy to write anything else...