Yautja vs dinosaurs!?

Who would win yautjas or dinosaurs??

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Just some more theory in how far deep does the PREDATOR species go back into our history... we know on film there kind has been coming to our planet for centuries but maybe for billions of years. Perhaps before the dawn of dinosaurs.. LOL it seems funny enough to some but maybe a possibility to others. Would this be possible, PREDATOR TRIBES going against the dinosaurs that walked our planet for fair game and perhaps trophy kills??
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What do you guys think.. any discussion on this topic??
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Ever wonder what the earliest PREDATOR looked like whether they had the same technology they do now, obviously the most primitive beings (caveman) had weapons I'm sure. But the most BASIC predator WEAPONS I'm guessing would be hand crafted spears, (not like p2) light armor as for there bio not sure they knew they needed one just YET. Still I would like to see just a glimpse into there evolution.. wouldn't you guys want too see that??
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What if there fossils were some how discovered just like the dinosaurs and the earliest caveman what then.. I'm sure our U.S. government would keep this under wraps and label this theory as a hoax!! I'm sure of this, but if such a species existed possibility of alien life they were on our planet 10 billion years ago would surprise a lot of nonbelievers!
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Ok guys, I have some proof into whether or not PREDATORS killed dinosaurs for trophy kills!! Here is a picture I found leading into this CRAZY theory of mine. In prehistoric times I believe TRIBES hunted in packs in order to kill these dinosaurs and hung them for other yautja to see of their tribes hunting skills. I doubt any of them single handedly killed a t-rex all by himself, but then again who knows lol. Any body seen that movie 10,000 bc?? I sometimes think it be cool if PREDATORS were in it :)

does anybody have any thoughts on THIS discovery?? Maybe the next question is when did PREDATORS started to use their plasma casters or there technology for an atom bomb held within their gauntlet!? I would think.. when humans built the hydrogen bomb, PREDATORS were like damn we gotta to amp it up! LOL, Anyways what do you guys think?
As I look more dept into how yautja civilization came to be, I wanted to get a more primitive idea as to what they're weaponry would look like.. if they were to hunt on planet earth 10 billion years ago. I'm guessing there most BASIC weapon would be there bladed gauntlet!! A humble yet effective way to hunt is to pierce the skin of there prey.. I came across this picture of the bone hunters bladed gauntlet.
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Now I'm no scientific scientist in this theory about what came first in the periods of dinosaurs that evolved soon after. But I'm guessing the saber tooth tiger, would be a noble prey to hunt and collect for food, clothing and weapons. Perhaps the PREDATORS used the SABERS long fangs as a bladed weapon for there gauntlet.. the use of smaller dino fangs would not have been long enough to kill anything in there SAVAGE hunts.
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after killing one of these cats the one yautja that killed the saber took its fangs most likely as a vital weapon on there next hunt. Eventually this weapon would evolve to what it is today..
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What do you guys think of my theory, agree or disagree?? It would seem possible :)
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Well I'm guessing if PREDATORS did hunt on our planet when dinosaurs were around they would look something like this picture. Almost no armor what's so ever, and no plasma caster let alone a self destructing gauntlet!! But maybe my biggest mystery in this topic is how did they get HERE if they hadn't thought of this technology yet??
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there ship must of been made of some kind of METAL in order to travel light speeds away.. to get get to our planet let alone other planets. And still they had come up with there most BASIC weaponry used in every PREDATOR movie recorded.

perhaps the threat of caveman was so minimal that there was no need to build such devices just yet. But I would still think it could of been useful against a tyrannosaurus-rex or against a couple of hungry raptors.
Yautja armor back in the Jurassic period must of been collected by the bones of there kills. PREDATORS probably knew they needed armor when they noticed cavemen were using stones with sharp edges either on there spears or on there hand made knives.
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When PREDATORS started to hunt cavemen, I would think there armor would look a lot like this PICTURE of the bone hunter. Cavemen have hunted dinosaurs also I'm sure, along side with other people in there TRIBE as well. (Like in the movie 10'000 bc) For fair game maybe ONE predator would of been selected from there TRIBE to kill man for a trophy.. collecting Human skulls or ripping the spines from there bodies were only the beginning of there customs. Perhaps after the dinosaurs man kind became the next alpha PREDATORS of the land. And the yautja species were advancing there skills to kill them as there prey.
In a time where necessities were to survive, for cavemen hunting meant for clothing and food, while for young blooded yautja meant hunting for sport and trophies.. when did the code of honor come to play?
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Now that the PREDATORS have come to our planet for a good hunt. There weapon of choice be most likely a bladed spear. In fairness this was a weapon most common with caveman as well
whether or not humans bear witness to these creatures tools for killing them and dinosaurs adapted to there set of skills is entirely unknown. I would of doubted if yautja species have already taught themselves the honor code at this time. Single handedly killing caveman being unarmed. Being chased and probably running away is most likely the PREDATORS still took pleasure killing them anyway.
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hanging there bodies that perhaps scared humans that ran did not deserve to wear the skin on there backs. And turned cowards into examples. Stand and fight us or die worthless. Still the thought of the honor code must of been thought of by trail and error. Especially around the Jurassic period. There could be a possibility I'm sure at least one young PREDATOR stayed to teach a fellow human hunter certain skills and had him pass it down to his clan. But then again i don't think man was that brave enough to understand the logic of yautja hunters and most likely would try and kill the PREDATOR teacher. It goes with out saying trust has to be earned, selection is key.

What do you guys think of the honor code, when do you think PREDATORS started to teach early creation of man to hunt or be hunted!?