Yo Pros and any one else, your opinions?


I'm painting up a McFarlane Predator figure, I primered the armor in gold and then went over it with bits of black for a burn or laser blast effect and some brown to make it look somewhat bronze in areas. I then went over with some dashes of oxide yellow to give it a 'rusting' look...on the gauntlet that houses the wrist blades, I went over it with black where they emerge, to have a kind of 'poof!' gun powder effect... I changed his hair color to a kinda' green color called baltic green. Take a look at some of the in prog shots, any advice on the armor's paint job, anything you'd change?

Now for the main question, what would be the best mix of colors to compliment his color scheme? I'm thinking green, with some orange circular patterns, maybe something like a toad. What do you guys think?