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Discussion in 'Predator Costumes' started by tusky, Nov 20, 2007.

  1. tusky

    tusky Hunter

    Hi Everybody
    After various design all nighters'(too many to count) i have decided to start on my suit.
    It will be based on the original Broken tusk design in the 1st Dark Horse comic.
    As the design changes in the run of the 4 issue series i have added a few things that make sense and will add to the characters history and presentaion.
    Will start from the ground up aka the body suit.
    My budget is in the minus and will be for a long while so its scratch build time. ;)
    Will use tights and a strechy top and make the hands and feet out of rubber gloves and boots with platforms.
    Still haven't fiqured out the prob with my limit on pic posting so it will be only text for a start.
    Will try to keep you guys and gals updated. (xmas is coming so i will be busy @ work)
    Cheers :p
  2. Paintninja

    Paintninja Blooded

    Do you own a Dremel? If so you can carve/sculpt the foam into lots of cool stuff, GreatStuff foam @ Home Depot. Werewolf hands are only 19.95 at many retailers, strip the fur and repaint. Just some ideas, hope they help.
  3. axeman

    axeman Unblooded

    HAHAH I`m planning to do the same mate & like you the budget dictates more of a hands on approach to making the costume. Though I am going to get a Usurper Pred head.

    I`ve actually sketched a way to sort out the Armoured torso that looks like it`ll work. If interested in banging heads on ideas pm me mate.

  4. tusky

    tusky Hunter

    Hit another snag!!!! work.
    Too dam busy at home or work to even touch materials to start.
    I have my old paper mache/latex head at work trying to get me inspired, not workin too well.
    Reading coments and revues of AVP-R have put me in a slump, Grrr
  5. punhulk

    punhulk Hunter

    man you should go with and ignore the comments bout the movie the movie was bad ass
  6. tusky

    tusky Hunter

    Aha!!!, i have been inspired finally to start.
    I have started reconditioning my old pred head that i had built up on an old Jason Voorhees hockey mask 18 years ago.
    I have cut up 60 deads from old foam mattress material. and will need to colour them.
    I inserted an old pair of sith eyes that i used on an Anakin dummy for an ROTS display at work.
    I still what to get started on my body suit but i have to wait.
  7. tusky

    tusky Hunter

    Started cutting out the forms for the upper arm armour today, using large size poster tubes that we receive cinema advertising materials in.
    This suit will be a generic/hybrid predator. part P1,P2, AVP and comic.
    It is changing all the time.
    Annoying but that is the nature of costumimg sometimes :D
    Pics soon
  8. tusky

    tusky Hunter

    Left the arm stuff today and begain work on the chest armour,...this will be fun. :D
    I don't think i will need to worry about a muscle suit, not to be vain but it would bulky me out too much (AVP) i am quite lean??? so i might go with skin tight clothing coloured.
    Thats what i did on my last Pred, a lot cooler too.
  9. tusky

    tusky Hunter

    Not too sure now on what the hell the chest armour will look like ;) , so give it a rest and made a quick dread ring will post a how to tomorrow, with pics....
  10. tusky

    tusky Hunter

    Over the lasy two days i have been shapping my foam dreads and designing more dread rings slow going but getting there.
    I may even coat the dreads but unsure if it will add too much weight. :)
  11. one and only

    one and only Hunter

    Dreads eh?

    Hey Tusky - Perhaps you could go with what I did -
    I am using old bike tubes on my suit, and they've turned out pretty sweet - Here's a pic.


  12. XpHoBiaX

    XpHoBiaX Blooded

    I notice that alot with my progress as well. :) But that is what makes everything interesting and fun. I love the progress, keep it up!
  13. tusky

    tusky Hunter

    Thanks guys for the comments, no progress still.
    Too busy with other stuff, but hopefully will restart again in a few weeks. :p
  14. Brandon

    Brandon Blooded

    nice mask man! I hate when other stuff gets in the way, but theirs nothing you can do sometimes.
  15. tusky

    tusky Hunter

    Hi everyone :p
    Finally got restarted on my suit.
    Making shoulder armour out of a large piece of 10mm foam (foamies) the first side (right) is styled after P1, have used a soldering iron to texure the foam so that it looks like hammered metal.

    NOTE: Only do this in a well ventilated area or even better outside. This is melting the foam which gives of a horrible chemical stench.

    Looking around today for leather strips to join the arnour together. better luck tomorrow :D
  16. tusky

    tusky Hunter

    Ok more progress, but no pics,........yet :unsure:
    Finished my right shoulder armour, (take on P1) and nearly finished right shoulder (P1ish), one of the plates has a raised sculpt of a face hugger on it.
    Nearly finished the rough assembly of the chest armour (P1ish)
    Starting on the groin armour plates (My design)
    The colour is silver base with a black wash and a hint of metallic green(this may change)
    All made from foamies.
    Glad that i'm making progress finally so will keep it up until something else pops up. :rolleyes:

    And also a BIG thank you to all of my fellow hunters/huntresses for contiuing to inspire me thru your own suits, to contiue this totally insane habit/hobbie.
  17. Usurper

    Usurper Veteran Hunter

    keep us posted dude :unsure:

    like seeing progress shots in suits and general pred stuff :rolleyes:
  18. tusky

    tusky Hunter

    Thanks for the comment dude, i have to get pics up, hopefully soon :unsure:
    Made up my crotch armour and detailed my chest armour, working on my thigh and waist armour tonight,....with luck
  19. tusky

    tusky Hunter

    Painted up the crotch and chest armour today, may re paint the shoulder armour as the current scheme doesn't look that great. :unsure:
    Working on the thigh armour as we speak,......
    Hopefully will start on the back pack/medkit/plasma caster this weekend. :rolleyes:
    I'm on a roll, until i start on the skin and Bio.
  20. tusky

    tusky Hunter

    Finally got some pics of my Chest/torso and crotch armour
    Not too hot on the colour, but can always change later.
    Held together with nuts and bolts :D
    Thinking about either covering the buckle or changing location.The leather needs to be aged as it is too new looking.
    Tried it on with a skin tight top and it moves well.

    Still havent started on the backpack yet.
    Scrapped the thigh armour, it was design to be overlapping plates of alien exoskeleton but didn't look good. Will redesign.

    The crotch armour will either be attached to a flap of leather or assembled into a cod piece.

    The middle plate of the smaller shoulder armour is a etching of a facehugger (pics aren't great)
    All the carving/etching is done with a soldering iron (Phew stink)
    I am not adding too much detail to this suit as this is just to get me an up and running suit.
    The next one will be much better.
    Hope you enjoy the pics
  21. colemotion

    colemotion Blooded

    Thats coming together real nice!
    Good work!
  22. tusky

    tusky Hunter

    Ok a little bit more progress
    Made up my med kit and placed on my torso armour.
    It is a cardboard base with foamies layered on top.
    the two bunbs on the side are plastic peanut containers and the ribing detail is old hoover hose cut up.
    Wires still need to be attached
    Need to do somemore details yet.
    Still ho-hum about colour though
  23. Bovine13

    Bovine13 Hunter

    Looks good man.
  24. tusky

    tusky Hunter

    Thanks Bovine ;)
    I managed to piece my cod piece/groin armour today as well, pics probaly tomorrow.
    Workin on my belt.
    I'm watching P1 in respect to Stan winston at the moment. :) :) :D
    SAD DAY!!!!!!
  25. one and only

    one and only Hunter

    Looking pretty cool so far.

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