Young Xenomorph Queen costume

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  1. HAL1138

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    With Wonder Con coming up next month we got the idea to try to beat Baby Predator from last year. Zoe, our lovely little 7 year old will be debuting her new costume on Saturday at the convention.

    Here is her build.....

    We are using the Deluxe Alien Queen figure from Neca as our model.

    I started off with a cheap top army helmet as the base for the neck and head.
    toy helmet.jpg

    I added padding to the helmet to keep it from sliding around on her head. Just used green foam covered in fabric. I will be adding a chin strap cup for her comfort so the weight of the head won't pull on her neck.

    inside of helmet.jpg

    Added a neck extension to the helmet using a cylinder of 3mm craft foam.
    neck extention.jpg

    William projected an image of the head on oak tag paper. The length from mouth to tip of crown will be 37" long.
    head template.jpg

    I glued six sheets of the 3mm thick craft foam together and will be cutting it out tomorrow. I will also be adding wire support to keep the crown from folding in on itself.
    foam board.jpg
  2. HAL1138

    HAL1138 Blooded

    Added the head support ribs today.



    The front of the head turned out a little too high so I will be trimming it down before adding the outer skin tomorrow. I also hope to work on the lower jaw.
  3. HAL1138

    HAL1138 Blooded

    First skin is on. This is just the foundation for all the detailing so it wasn't important to have it all in one piece.

    I also started the top of the mouth lips and inner gums. This is done with simple application of hot glue.
    unner gums.jpg outer lips.jpg
  4. pred666pain666

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    this is gonna be so cool and adorable
  5. HAL1138

    HAL1138 Blooded

    I tested the weight of the head tonight. Zoe says it is manageable. As far as additional weight, it will only be the lower jaw and outside crown that I will be attaching. The helmet is a little wobbly with the shifting of the weight as she moves, however I am confident that this problem will be solved with a Y shape chin support. If that doesn't work, I will make an attached hoodie that I zip her into that will hug her whole head and neck. Here is the movement test:

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  6. tuskentrooper

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    I want to see this desperately, but the Facebook link doesn't work...might be privacy settings.
  7. HAL1138

    HAL1138 Blooded

    Sorry about that tuskentrooper... Its fixed now.

    I'll be putting all future tests on Youtube from now on.
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  8. KmikzeKen

    KmikzeKen Blooded

    This already looks amazing, I can't wait to see more!
  9. guannihkoute

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    Oh my god this will be so cool.
  10. HAL1138

    HAL1138 Blooded

    Took a couple of days off but really cranked out a lot of details tonight.
    First I put all the detailing in the under crown with hot glue stripes.
    Added rounded stripes to foam.
    Then a sculpted stripe for the spine of the crown.
    P1050587.jpg P1050588.jpg
    With any luck I'll be able to finish the rest of the inner detailing so I can add the outer crown tomorrow.

    5 weeks to go!
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  11. KmikzeKen

    KmikzeKen Blooded

    You continue to impress, nice job with those details so far
  12. venom13

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    This is going to be a great build good luck
  13. HAL1138

    HAL1138 Blooded

    So I was planning on finishing the head today... wasn't even close. :p

    Anyway, last week I cut out the rounded areas of the crown.
    I next heat molded the thin foam into the cut areas.
    Glued the trims pieces in. This ended up a little sloppy, but I didn't put much care into it considering the edges will be covered by the outer crown.

    I added detailing inside the curved slots. Rounded foam inside the front slot.
    And just hot glue in the back slot.

    Now for the work finished today...
    I set down a strip of foam with hot glue on the side front of the head. This will be peeking out of the outer crown that you will be seeing in the next update.
    I also added the outer side detailing to the wings of the inner crown.
    I also began working on the lower jaw today. I first started on a base.
    added a longer level for the protruding chin.

    and a third level for the lip.

    You can see the difference in lengths here...

    I then added a thin strip to act as the gums for the teeth.


    Heat molded thin foam over the frame.. And added hot glue detail with a lower jaw henge.

    I made the bottom detailing of the jaw out of the thin foam.

    I made a change in the upper lip. After all the detailing was done on the front face the lip detail was sort of lost, so today I added a second piece of foam to add a little more dimension to it. I am happier with the result.

    This is the before...
    And now the added foam...

    You can see in this last picture with the lower jaw that the upper lip sticks out more.


    Tomorrow I will hopefully add the outer crown and start work on the underside of the head, along with attaching the neck frame. I really need to push hard if I have any hope of finishing this in time for Wonder Con. 3 weeks... and I haven't even started on the body. Yikes!!!
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  14. DMTDeadpool

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    that.... is the cutest alien queen ever!!!!!

    and hey... least she is not wanting to go as a Frozen character lol
  15. HAL1138

    HAL1138 Blooded

    LOL... Actually DMTDeadpool, she does have an Elsa dress and loves the movie Frozen. But she also has a pirate fairy costume, loves Power Rangers, wears Spiderman shoes, adores My Little Pony, plays with Hot Wheels, Barbies, and castles with warriors. I am very proud to say that she is the perfect combo of both girly princess and awesome butt kicking warrior. She thinks its sad that some kids feel they have to limit themselves to either the girl or boy steriotypes.
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  16. DMTDeadpool

    DMTDeadpool Blooded

    Here here! Destroy the social boundaries of girls only playing with Barbie and dollies! Toys are for everyone.
  17. spgfx

    spgfx Hunter

    This is a great build to follow. I love use of the hot glue as details. It gives a really cool look. Thanks for all the update photos.
  18. HAL1138

    HAL1138 Blooded

    Got the outer crown cut and attached today. I will still be perfecting the fit, but that will have to wait until tomorrow.

    I first use a very old piece of muslin fabric to drape over the head. It was more relaxed than paper would be, so very easy to get an pattern drawn up.

    I then cut out the fabric pattern to double check the fit and make any necessary adjustments using tape and scraps of fabric.

    Next I put the pattern on the foam using chalk. (looks like an exotic mask) ;)

    Attached the foam to the head and heat molded it a bit using the stove burner. This was clumsy, so tomorrow I will be taking it out side and using the heat gun. I forgot to take pictures of one step I did ( sorry about that). I applied strips of the thicker foam on the under crown that will be giving a curved look to parts of the upper crown once I properly heat mold it tomorrow. You can see the beginning of the curves on this last photo if you look close enough. It is a smooth ridge that sweeps from the center of the head and out towards the second "fin" of the crown.
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  19. kithunter

    kithunter Elite Hunter

    so much awesome in this ...loving it
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  20. Fang

    Fang Hunter

    This is amazing so far! Can't wait to see it all finished.
  21. HAL1138

    HAL1138 Blooded

    Sorry for the lack of updates. I'm working really hard to get this done by Saturday. Yikes... this SATURDAY!!!!
    This may be the last night of updates till after WonderCon. It takes too long and I need all the rest of the time for building. Next week I'll post more of the build.

    Since we are planning on adding a working inner mouth, I started preparing the mouth pallet and inner jaw. I hollowed out the extra foam.

    Also cut into the upper pallet.


    With the dremel and a cone sanding bit, I made scoring details into the crown. It worked very well once I got the hang of it. If you plan on trying this, make sure you practice on a scrap of foam. Make sure you have a very steady hold on both the dremel and piece. go with the natural "pull" of the rotation.

    I was a little concerned with some added weight from the hot glue, so I cut into the under crown.


    Heat molded the thin foam to the under pallet and crown.

    For the under details of the crown I glued two pieces of the thicker foam together.


    Then used the dremel to carve out the rounded edges.

    I used stripes of the thicker foam for the rounded lines that connect the "thorns" to the center of the crown. And added the hot glue lines.

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  22. HAL1138

    HAL1138 Blooded

    The chest plate is just a simple vest design which closes in the back with a zipper.

    The front armholes were too open for my taste, so I added some moon crescent shapes to close it up. P1050737a.jpg

    I heat molded a natural curve into the vest. This is very important to do on any piece that wraps around a part of the body. If you do not add this curve, you will put too much stress on the closure and the zippers or velcro will either pull off, or rip the foam. It will also add comfort because the foam will curve with your body, rather than push up against it.

    On the vest base I added foam "bones". These are for any raised detail that will push up through the skin.
    This is the front.
    And the back.

    I started heat molding the skin on by starting with the center front.

    It took a lot of pushing and coordination with the heat gun, but I was very pleased with the effect.
    P1050752a.jpg P1050755a.jpg

    I did unfortunately heat a spot too much and managed to punch through one of the raised areas. ACK!!! I was able to close it up with a little hot glue, and hopefully with some weathering, this little flaw will disappear. This is the front of the chest plate. I still need to trim and mold the top and the bottom left side (your right).
    Side and back skin.

    I am also completing the tail, however I want to put that all in one post, so you'll have to stay tuned. ;)
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  23. Dan007

    Dan007 Unblooded

    Amazing work, can't wait to see more!
  24. sevenstar75

    sevenstar75 Hunter

    SOOOOO cool so far! I am loving this build immensely! :)
  25. HAL1138

    HAL1138 Blooded

    Gaaahhhhhhhhh!!!!!!! I came so close, but was still so far away. Its not going to be done for its debut tommorrow, and I am just devastated.

    I suppose it WAS a little too ambitious planning on building this complicated monster in just a months time, still.....bummer.

    Zoe is being more of a good sport about it than I am. She ever made me a card last night telling me how awesome I am and how its ok because she knew how hard I've been working on it. William thinks I should debut it at the StarWars Celebration in two weeks... give her a lightsaber and have baby predator and her duke it out. But I'm not sure about that. I guess we'll just have to see.

    I'm sad...... :(

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