Young Xenomorph Queen costume

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    I exactly know the feeling, I was wanting to have my full pred done by DC last year, ... and I'm currently still working on it ... would be awesome if you debut it at the Star Wars celebration though!
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    :( sorry to hear that, ... dont beat Yourself up on it its looking Awsome so far im sure once its done it will become a classic just like the mini pred suit!

    And Classics are NEVER forgotten!
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    Rats! Missing a deadline is such a letdown.

    However.. she is right: you ARE awesome! And when this outfit is done it's going to WOW everyone, so don't give up! Keep on plugging :)
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    I know its been a while but...... this was a really cool build. Any updates?
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    Hi everyone! My apologies for not updating in so long. Had to take a hiatus from this build to recharge my batteries..... Now that I am rested, let the countdown for the 2015 ComiKaze debut begin!

    And now with no further delay......
    The Tail

    The tail was an interesting thing to figure out. There were of course some issues I wanted to focus on. Number one being transportation. Not just in route to an event, but moving through a crowd at said event. Building an adults costume, you can sometimes afford ignoring comfort and put all your focus on the "look". Building a child's costume is a little more complicated and requires a bit more sensitivity in its construction. If it is too restrictive, the child will develop a fear of wearing it and all your hard work is null and void. I was concerned with a 7 year old swinging a long tail around while trying to make her way through a crowd. Yes, its would look cool on most occasions, but safety is sometimes an issue. In the end, I feel I have designed it well without sacrificing the integrity of the ending result. As you will see in the next two posts.

    First the base......

    I don't like floppy tails...... They not only look "dead" in photos, but are really cumbersome when walking around. Especially when they are long enough to drag on the ground. They can get dirty or even worse......stepped on. Throw in the craziness of a kid, and add the danger of tripping. So..... I made the tail erect. It will be out of her way and will be posable (with some effort).

    I choose a 9 gauge wire for the support. Yes, this will make it harder to bend, but I was looking for more of a durability in holding up the weight of the tail than pliability. I covered the wire with pipe insulation which will act as the inner spine of the tail. At the base of the tail I bent the wire end into a rectangle joint, which will insert into the harness pocket. (to be shown in next post)


    Next, I started to cut out the vertebra of the tail..... This was tedious work, but easy.
    The piece on the left is the top, while the right is the bottom. You can see the top is more narrow.
    I made sure that the sizes dropped down as they went farther from the tail base. I also cheated and made three vertebra of each size instead of one per size. I knew I was going to shave off a little more once I fitted the pieces onto the wire, so I went with this method. In the end it saved me A LOT of time and frustration.

    I glued the top pieces halfway to form a wedge shape. The center of all four pieces will form a hole to fit the pipe insulation. I was a little more careful in this stage because I wanted a very tight fit around the pipe.

    With the top and the bottom pieces glued, I added an extra piece for the center bottom of the verteba. On the toy, this shows as a thick ridge. When all the vertebra are attached to the tail, I will trim this ridge down with a dremel.

    After the pieces were assembled, I added the hot glue detailing.




    Seek Peek for the next post...... You can see baby preddy running along her future prey. LOL
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    Sorry for lack of updates. The last days of summer were brutal. Barely even needed the glue gun because it was hot enough for the glue to melt in the sunlight. Yikes.

    Anyway, here is how I designed the tail attachment.

    As I stated in the above post, I wanted the option of detaching Zoe,s tail without having to undress her. This is with the use of a simple waist harness. I may add suspenders to the thing later on if I have issues with it riding down on her, but so far I have not seen any evidence of this happening.

    I started off making a standard waistband wrap. Its made of a lycra fabric and although stretchy; has a strong hold on her torso. I also sewn two different velcro strips for ease when she grows.
    For the center back, I made a hard plastic pocket out of komatex pvc.

    View of side and back of the waist support...
    P1070267a.jpg P1070268a.jpg
    As you can see, the wire tab I made on the tail fits easily into the pocket... I made sure it was open enough to allow easy insertion of the tail, but snug enough that the tail will not move around once its in place.

    The top part of the tail is bend down against Zoe's back and then back out were the tail "truly" begins. The section where it is close to the body will be disguised as the lower vertebrae. The reason for all this is to add stability to the structure of the tail harness and put all the weigh at Zoe's back waist and not lower on the hips which would throw off her balance.
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    Aww, she is growing up :'). I love where this suit is going hopefully we can see some 'pretty awesome things in the convention she goes to in the not so distant future!'
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    Was taking a break on the tail so decided to work on the small arms that protrude from the chest.

    I first started out with backer rod for the base.

    I was going to add wire to it for support, but decided against it. The Foam will act as a stiffener, so no wire needed to keep it stiff. Upper arm piece (flat view)

    Upper arm piece, curved and closed with a straight strip of foam... This will slide onto the backer rod.

    Added thin strips for detail and "bones" for some skin detailing.

    The skin added by heat mold method.... plus an elbow hook spike.

    Forearm "armor". I'm adding layers of foam to achieve the plated look.

    For the hands, I was going to use thin backer rod that I would trim with a blade and sandpaper. I was too unsure if I would get the result I wanted, so decided to go with what I know.

    I used two layers of the thicker foam as the base of the hands.

    Added more foam for the palm and finger grooves.
    P1070602a.jpg P1070603a.jpg

    I then used a drimmel to carve and round it out. After it was done, I used the heat of the stove to heat and bend the fingers to the desired curve.
    P1070605a.jpg P1070610a.jpg

    I still need to smooth out some spots, but pretty happy with it so far. I will also need to add the fingernails, but do not know if I will make them from foam or epoxy. Tomorrow I will finish the second hand and hopefully assemble the rest of the arms.
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    Looking awesome!!!
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    Ohhhh I can't wait to see your new alien baby all done!!!
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    Just wanted to let everyone know I am still planning on debuting the queen this Saturday..... I did a lot of painting and she is absolutely beautiful! It takes so long to write up a progress post that I don't have time right now. All my time is going into completing her by tomorrow night. I will post after Comikaze. Please stand by. ;)
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    Better not keep us waiting too long! Lol
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    OK... still not fully recovered for ComiKaze. I went on a 36 hour overdrive to get the dang thing as ready as I possibly could. I still have another 10% of work to do on it, but I completed enough of it to satisfy my inner perfectist monster to allow me to at least debut her at the convention. ;)

    Here is the completion of the tail...

    So, in the previous posts, I had mentioned how I designed the tail vertibra. After the pieces were completed, I glued them to the backer rod.
    While working on the body armor of the costume, I came up with a texture I really liked and now thought the tail detailing was "lacking". So I decided to add to the detailing and got a final result that I am more than estatic about.

    This is the before shot....
    And the ending result...
    The tail spear was rather simple. I glued 4 arrow pieces together on the outer edges and curved the pieces inward to create the center hole for the joint. ( I appologize for the blurry photos, camera was acting up that day)

    After the pieces were secure, I used the dremel to sharpen the edges of the spear. It has certainly proved to be the tool of the trade in this particular build. LOL
    After I got the desired sparpness, I gave it matching detailing with the hot glue.

    The spear has an second layer under the spear. This was mad in the same manner of the tail spear. P1070666a.jpg

    This fits snug into the spear piece. P1070667a.jpg P1070669a.jpg
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    I finished the forearm of the mini chest arms but doing a layered look and sharping the pieces with the dremel.

    The nails were very simple to do. I just cut out a tear shape and then cut it in half. They look really cheezy in the beginning, but after I smoothed out the cuticles, they look more natural. P1070681a.jpg

    After I added the mod podge, the tiny fuzz from the sanding smoothed out nicely. (not shown) P1070683a.jpg
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    Looks Outstanding!
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    The body armor...

    Originally I was going make a duck tape cast of Zoe and work from that. In the end, I decided to not do this because of her age. Asking a 7 year old to stand still for a couple of hours while you cover her in tape is not very feasible. I put all my fashion design training to use and draped the pieces directly on Zoe.
    P1050763a.jpg P1050766a.jpg

    To get the proper curve in the foam, I used the heat gun to molded the foam around her body. Since she had a heavy fabric pant and long sleeve shirt, the heated foam was never uncomfortable for her. After getting a good curve around her, I marked the cutting lines with chalk. P1050772a.jpg

    Upper thigh piece...

    Forearm piece. I added the thicker foam for the 3 dimensional details on the piece. Afterwards, I smoothed and rounded out the edges with the dremel. I also cut into the foam where I drew the chalk lines.

    Upper arm... P1070715a.jpg

    Leg calf.... P1070718a.jpg

    Leg calf with hot glue detail.

    Forearm. P1070729a.jpg

    Upper arm.. P1070732a.jpg
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    The feet...

    I use easy slip on shoes.

    I used three layers of the thick foam to make the foot ridges and toes. I roughly rounded out the edges with the scissors. I didn't put too much effort into this because I knew I was going to cover the foam with the matching fabric of the bodysuit.

    When the fabric was glued onto the feet, I added the toe nails and hot glue to define the ridges.
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    There is still much to be done with the costume, and I will take better photo closeups of the neck and paint job. But until then, here are some pictures from Zoe's debut at ComiKaze!!

    Getting dress...

    Zoe and Kayla played off of each other beautifully. They would start sparring to the delight of the crowd. Kayla would stab with her combi-stick and Zoe would counter attack with swinging her tail at Kayla. The costumes did receive some damage, but it was very minimal and well worth seeing a mini version of AVP.

    The girls with their buddy Dancing Will.... ;)

    Another buddy of ours made a baby xeno so he could play with the girls as well!

    Dancing Will made his daughter this awesome Minion costume!

    Sparring......yet again P1070807a.jpg P1070801a.jpg

    Poor baby Predator.... So many worthy trophies..... so little time.

    This was really cool....... Tested (The TV show) invited us to have tin type photos taken of the girls at their booth. Most Epic! And a great tribute to Baby Predator's final Convention. P1070910a.jpg

    Awwwww..... Sisterly love. Don't tell Zoe I posted this picture. She would be really mad I showed the cute side to her fierce Queen. LOL P1070815a.jpg
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    Stellar job on that queen!
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    The list of things yet to do is still lengthy. This costume has the most pieces I have ever dealt with. So far 18 pieces in all, and I am still adding another 8.

    I still need to add details to the under body suit, suspenders to the tail harness, create a system to secure the neck joint to the chest plate, make the finger extension gloves, and finish the winged back spikes. I also will be perfecting the paint job to bring out more of the details I felt were lost in the shadows of the costume.

    In all, I was very satisfied with the debut, and the modifications are not that bad. So....yay!

    Please stay tuned for the future updates as I complete her and get her ready for her photoshoot at the end of this year.
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    OH MY GOD!!!!!! This is amazing!!!! I am sharing it on my page :D Your kids look so amazing and you have done an amazing job on their costumes <3
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    So, I have some very exciting news! I was told this morning that the 30th anniversary of ALIENS is fast approaching. Many of the actors will be making an appearance at the Los Angeles comic book and science fiction convention, Jan 10. Corporal Hicks, Bishop, Newt, Private Vasquez, Private Drake, and Private Frost will all be there. So of course the young Queen will be making her royal appearance as well. SQUEE!!!!!!

    I will do my best to finish more of the costume in time for the meeting. Hoping I can get a group shot of her with them, but will have to wait and see if they will give us a discount for a group pic. If not, then I will be happy with Zoe and Bishop. ;)

    Was going to work on her today, but woke up with a nasty case of stomachs flu and have been fighting a fever all day. But at least it was good inspiration for the sparring match Pyromaniac and me are having in "the arena".... lol
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    you have 2 of the coolest kids in the world, those awesome kids have 2 of the coolest parents alive
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    After posting the Jan 10 meeting of the ALIENS group I wanted to post this. We went to Son of Monsterpaloosa Convention a few months ago and got to see his truly. Bishop fell in love with Baby Predator and insisted on drawing her a picture of the back of one of his photos. Guess she has a way with people (even out of "uniform") LOL!!!! We are in SOOOOO much trouble. Predator and bishop.jpg
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    OK..... back to work.

    Back Spikes.................................................................

    Haven't figured out how I'm going to attach them to the back of the torso vest, but do have a couple ideas to play with. William thinks I should make them attach with velcro for easier storage and I agree, however, I am positive they will not have the proper support surface to holdup the weight. We'll just have to see what works.

    I cutout the "fan" using the thicker 3mm craft foam. It is roughly cut with scissors, but I will easily smooth it down with the dremel and add hot glue details that will cover any flaws.

    I glued this to a piece of backer rod with a 9 gauge wire support.

    Added a second raised detail.

    I heated the "fan" and curved it to get the look I needed.

    Made sure to do the mirrored partner for each spike.

    I then cutout a total of 24 long arrow shapes for the spike ends. P1080462a.jpg

    I glued four of each group of arrows together to form the diamond shape to fit over the backer rod. Two of these will be flattened out closer to the tip of the spear to form the needed knife look that the toy has. (will be shown in next post)

    These are the finished spikes.

    Attached to the backer rod. The base of the spikes will be less rough looking once I add on the additional details and hot glue.

    After finishing the spikes, I realized that the "fans" were a touch too small, throwing off the balance of the whole look. I decided to add the thinner foam on top to add an inch length.
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