Young Xenomorph Queen costume

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    Looks like a winner so far. Keep up the good work
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    Finally found the time to sit down and read through all of this, got to say that it's amazing! Very instructive also, hopefully I can learn a thing or two from this :)
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    Here is a picture of the fan extensions on. I sanded down the edge of the under "original" foam before attaching the thinner extension to reduce the bump on the blade end of the fans. There is still a bit of a lift on the top of the fans, (you can see this in the shadow of the green) but this will be further camouflaged with the hot glue detailing, so I didn't concern myself too much. I'm pretty happy with the scaling now, so......YAY!


    There are so many curves and valleys on these damn back spikes. Trying to figure out how to make them only using craft foam and hot glue has proved to be a challenge.

    More stripe detailing.

    Here I ran out of the thicker foam so to reduce waste, I used three strips of the thinner to add this ridge. It looked like cut grass on my worktable before I started gluing them all on. LOL The top strip is smaller in width so it will round out nicely when I put the dremel to it.

    Foam pieces after a quick session with the dremel.

    Hot glue detailing of fan.

    Hot glue detailing of spike.
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    Got back from the Los Angeles comic book and science fiction convention.

    Private Vasquez was AWOL, but the rest were there. ;)

    Kayla AKA Baby Predator, celebrated her 5th birthday today! She had her B-Day balloons tired to her Combi stick all day. It was pretty awesome when a whole group of people started singing Happy Birthday to Predator. :lol:(y)

    Here's some pictures of the day......

    KITTY!!!! YUM..........

    Name that ALIENS star!!!!:eek::cool::p P1080562a.jpg

    Naughty Bishop.... teasing the queen.... we all know what happened the last time he did that. :oops:

    Awesome group of people. That Private Vasquez..... well.... she was a thing of beauty. Brava!!!

    Considering that smile on his face, I would assume he underestimates the tiny huntress........ hope he has candy to bribe her NOT to take his skull...... :rolleyes:

    Adore the look on Kayla's face in this one...... Priceless.
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    What a fantastic update. You are getting the whole experience with these two. You get to build something very cool and share the process with others and then the kids get to wear them and create some lifetime memories.

    You are all blessed - As are we for you sharing this with us - THANK YOU !
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    Cutenesssssss....this is the best day ever for your babies! The queen is phenomenal, and to see Weyland(bishop) and the predator together? Priceless! Lol, her face at the end, she was like too cool for all of them!
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    Simply AWESOME!
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    Sorry for the lack of updates..... These back spikes have been a pain in my hindquarters....damn these things to Hell!!!

    Anyway...... Did some more work on the unitard. Started adding hot glue to it to add under texture to the overall look. After Zoe wore it to WonderCon last month, I noticed I still have to add a bit more, but its a good start. I first added chalk marks where I was going to put the glue. I didn't worry about any chalk residue because I knew I would be spraying the uni with paint.

    P1080850a.jpg P1080852a.jpg

    Glue on the fabric. It took forever and a day to do this because I could only do a small section at a time. I did get impatient and try my luck at covering a larger area, but paid the price in some of the glue lines oozing into one another. Luckly, it ended up on an area that will be covered up by the outer armor.

    Painted unitard. I will still need to add foam panels to the upper belly where the horizontal lines are. There will also be silver highlights to some of the smaller glue ribbing.
    P1080857a.jpg P1080858a.jpg

    Here is Zoe in the almost done unitard..... Its not quite there yet, but so much better than the plain flat black.
    Some pics from WonderCon.....
    We forgot the gloves that day, but luckily a fellow costume wearer lent use some black makeup for her hands. ;)
    The first convention Zoe wore this costume, she was not really sure about the feel of it. She wasn't confident in her movement and mostly stood straight when people took pictures. At this convention however, something clicked and she really embraced the character. She would pull her head down, thrust her tail up, and sway from side to side. The crowd LOVED it, and she soon found herself bombarded by photographers. It was really something to see! She truly tested the boundaries of the costume, and the pictures showed her growth. It was a great day!
    10299526_513379148846520_2738507056720946281_n.jpg IMG_0289a.jpg

    DEAD END..... part 2

    Her with her Uncle Max... <3

    Loved the shadow of her.

    We were having a few issues with the costume that I need to address. First and foremost, I need to make her a hood to keep her hair in check..... by the end of the day, her hair got a bit crazy and kept getting in her face and stuck in the velcro at the back of the neck. Second issue was the neck. I need to redo it to open in the front instead of the back. She sneezed in the neck and we had to take her apart to get her cleaned up. I want to be able to get to her quickly and easily, so the current design is not practical.

    Ok.... now the back spikes.....
    I added the joints that will be the attaching point to the back of the chest piece.
    It was made by using two stripes of the thicker foam and then heat forming the thinner "skin" around it. And of course the added glue detailing.
    Back spikes painted and unpainted.
    Punctured a hole that goes all the way through the back joint circles. This is for the wire filled backer rod at the end of the backspike to make an anchor.
    Awwww........ my little Xeno Queen grew in her spikes........ they grow up so fast.... ;)

    We haven't tested them yet, but will be going to an event tonight for a test run...... we'll see how it goes. Hopefully they won't fall off or tear her back piece apart. Monsterpalooza is tomorrow and I don't feel like staying up all night doing repairs. However, I do have a plan B already prepared just in case.
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    We were on the live feed of Stan Winston today at Monsterpalooza..... It was Epic fun!!! Matt and Eric are awesome guys. <3
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    man that is sooooooo cool
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    Have a Fantastic ALIEN Day everyone!!! Your Queen commands you... ;)
    small alienday 4.26.jpg
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    After all the attention we have gotten from our young queen and baby pred, William (Darth Will) finally realizes that he can't just slap a Predator costume together and call it a day..... He is required to make it EPIC. In the voice of Nelson Muntz from the Simpsons.... "HA HA!!" ;D
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    Both your children are loved by all of us! So great they are into this! LOL
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    Sorry for the long wait for the next post. I've been procrastinating due to my burnout of this damn monster of a costume. I waited till the day before an event to finally work on the hands... LOL

    This is my build of the gloved hands.... they are not yet up to par, but they were good enough to pass for her working the Saturn Award red carpet. ;)

    I wanted to build this quick, easy, and cheap. If I had the equipment, I would have taken the opportunity to make these hands out of latex. But since I do not have money to invest in the necessary tools, I had to make due with what I have.

    It started of course with backer rod. I went with a diameter that fit closest to Zoe's natural finger width. I decided that I would make her finger extension to look like the ending two digits of the queen's fingers and cut the rod to the proper lengths.

    I then cut a small wedge into the center of the rod to make the bent joint. P1090452a.jpg

    Glued the wedge closed and used scissors to trim and rounded off the finger tip. P1090455a.jpg

    I hollowed out the opposite end to fit around Zoe's real fingertip to give the extension solid support on the glove. P1090454a.jpg

    I make very simple gloves for her by tracing her hand with chalk on a spandex fabric. Cut it out and sewed it together using a zig-zag stitch.
    Glued the extensions onto the glove. and roughly trimmed the sharp edges down with scissors.

    As you can see in this picture, I smoothed out the roughness of the trimming by quickly running the edges over with the end of the glue gun. If you ever use this method, make use you use a very light and quick sweeping movement. The backer rod is very fragile to heat and will melt extremely fast with the lightest of touches. I was pretty happy with the end result as far as speed building goes. I added thin strips of craft foam for the hand ribs on the back of the hand.

    Trimmed the finger tip end of the added foam strip so it tappers down to the finger nail location.

    Cut teardrop shapes for the fingernails.

    Added foam pieces for the knuckles and smoothed out the cuticles of the finger nails. added hot glue detailing to the foam knuckles. P1090463a.jpg

    In the next post I will show the paint job and further detailing. I was in a rush to finish the gloves for the event and failed to take pictures, however, I will be repainting some parts and show you the step by step. Until then, HAPPY HUNTING!

    Sneek peek..... Zoe at the Saturn Awards in the dressing room. You can see the gloved hands added so much to the over all look. :D
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    (y) So funny and so good)

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