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Hi, Iaellee!

My name is Cristiano and I´m from Brazil.

I collect 1:18 action figures about Predators (Hiya Toys).

For years I ´m searching the Armor Predator Wolf 3d stl files to print and customize in Hiya Toys figures.

I saw your wolf predator in 3d project in this forum. It´s amazing work from you.

My question is you will sell the stl files of armor?

Thank you anyway!

My english is in progress.
NEW Texas predator tutorials coming up on my YouTube channel! Including NEW easy SUIT ideas for newbie HUNTERS!!
Hello all. I’m completely new to cosplay in general, but I’m attempting to create a wolf inspired predator.
Hey there ! i saw your predator mask you did a really great job! i red your comment that the mask was made out of paper mache could you tell me more about how you constructed the mask ? im planning to make my own predator mask as well from paper mache :)
Hello, my name is Emerson and I`m looking for a pair of P2 1:1 feet. Do you have a pair for sale? Thanks.
Hello, do you still make raw alien costumes? (Latex) if so how much is it shipped?

Also, do you make predator dreads?? If so how much...

Thank you for your time

Good day, vinmanmac.
I'm currently looking for templates concerning weaponry and mask decor. would you have any to provide, then I would be most grateful.
good day, hunters. I'm currently looking for prop templates that DON'T require a 3D printer or suchlike. any materials can be used.
Hi there, I am really interested in your predator masks drop us a line: